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184 – Video Games – Akeelah and the B Hole


Turn out, the Free For All crew cannot stand each other when all 4 of them are in the same room, so it’s Evan’s turn to take a night off.  And what poor timing, because all of the video game news broke this week!  Trey, Josh and Chuck get together and discuss the bomb dropped by Rockstar in the form of viral teasing and the eventual release of a trailer for the long anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2!  Then, it’s time to get into a long discussion about Nintendo’s newly announced console, the Nintendo Switch!  Plus they dive deeper into Mafia 3, Fifa 17 and discuss Gears of War 4.  Check us out!

About Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett
Josh is a professional Nintendo apologist and self-loathing Carolina Panthers fan. He does NOT like long walks on the beach, rather he prefers strolls through the snow. You can catch him every week on the Free For All Podcast.