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5 Reasons Why Spider-Man Joining the MCU is The Best Thing Ever

Oh boy!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere in the Himalayas without any internet or human communication for the past week, then you know that Monday Marvel Studios and Sony announced that they have come to a deal allowing the wall crawler to appear in the MCU alongside the Avengers!

You’re probably reading the title of this article and thinking, “I already know this is the best thing ever, I don’t need reasons!” Well, you’re right, but it is worth detailing the multiple ways this deal is awesome. You know, just in case you have to explain the situation to someone else.

So with the deal, Sony Pictures will allow Marvel to use Spider-Man in their movies, starting with an appearance in an unspecified film, heavily rumored to be Captain America: Civil War. In addition to that Spider-man will get ANOTHER reboot, (lets leave uncle Ben and the parents out of it this time) to be made by Sony Pictures, but with Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige in the producer’s chair alongside Amy Pascal, demoting former producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach to the basically useless roles of Executive Producers. (Good Riddance.)

The Spider-Man solo films will share a universe with the rest of the MCU properties and Marvel is reportedly eyeing a younger actor to portray the webhead.

So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why this deal is awesome for everyone involved.


5. Sony sucked at making Spider-Man movies

Yep, everyone knows this. With the horrible monstrosity that was Spider-Man 3, and the underperforming yet still very enjoyable Amazing Spider-Man 2, it became clear that Sony didn’t really have any idea what they were doing. With the Sinister Six spinoff that no one really wanted (but is apparently still happening) and the Aunt May Spinoff (seriously?) It was apparent that Sony was really scrambling for ideas on how to make their biggest franchise profitable again. With Kevin Feige’s involvement Sony finally has a clear direction to take Spider-Man, and it is one that will surely please fans.


Seriously, no more of this Sony.




I mentioned earlier about how desperate Sony was to create those god-awful spinoffs that no one really wanted. (Except Venom. Please, we want Venom!) Yes everybody wants a piece of the success of the Marvel shared universe model. Making movies about different individual characters that are essentially sequels to one another. Sony was desperately trying to recreate Marvel’s success but the problem is, Marvel started slow, and has thousands of characters and stories to pull from, and while Spider-Man has plenty of stories, his cast of supporting characters aren’t really cut out to carry a movie alone. So Marvel decided to step in and help Sony out by letting them share in their successful movie universe.



3. More stories to choose from

While Marvel has plenty of non Spider-Man related stories to draw inspiration from, some of the best story lines from the comics involve Spider-Man in some way. Because Marvel lacked the rights some of the stories they used had to be altered and some stories they just couldn’t use outright. For example the upcoming Captain America movie is based on a storyline that heavily involves Spider-Man. While the story will probably be very different from the comic storyline, we now get to see one of the major players from it portrayed in his rightful spot in the story on the big screen. This opens up many other stories for Marvel to pull from as well.

Yes, I picked this image for a reason. Hint Hint Marvel.

Yes, I picked this image for a reason. Hint Hint Marvel.

2. Supporting Characters

Even though Spidey’s supporting cast probably couldn’t carry their own movie (who knows, maybe Marvel will prove us wrong) they provide such a rich background and universe to pull from. Not to mention the various other Spider-Men and Women that aren’t Peter Parker. Many important Spidey villains have very important roles within the larger Marvel mythos. Norman Osborne being the head of H.A.M.M.E.R., Agent Venom joining up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, or Doc Ock leading the Masters of Evil. We get to see many characters important to other stories within the MCU now, expanding the stories, the universe, and giving us interactions that previously weren’t possible in the movies. The same goes the opposite way. MCU characters can now appear in Spidey’s solo movies, making the connections more and more meaningful.

we have money

1. Spidey is home!

And it feels so good! After Marvel was on the verge of bankruptcy some years back (the idea seems like a joke now, huh?) Marvel began selling off the film rights to its characters. Daredevil, X-Men, Fantastic Four over to Fox, Spider-Man over to Sony, Hulk to Universal, etc. Meanwhile Marvel developed an in house studio. A few years and many box office failures later most of the character rights reverted back to Marvel with the exception of a few (Namor may be floating around out in limbo somewhere). While the film rights for Spider-Man stay with Sony, Marvel isn’t hurting for money, and while they help Sony with their character, they also are putting themselves in a great position to eventually re-acquire the character rights. But until then Sony has let Spider-Man come over to play, and while he isn’t 100% Marvel’s, it still feels oh so good.


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