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About Free For All

Free For All is a central network hub for all things geek! Through multimedia such as video, podcasts, and our website here, we strive to bring the best news, information, and opinions to keep you informed. Founded in 2012 in what has been named “The New Silicon Valley” (Chattanooga, TN), Free For All strives to be a reliable “go to” source for geeks and gamers worldwide.


Free For All Staff

Trey Elliott, Editor-in-Chief and Podcast Co-Host


Evan Swafford, Senior Film & TV Editor and Podcast Co-Host


Josh Barnett, Senior Games Editor and Podcast Co-Host


Justin North, Senior Tech Editor


Chuck Nalley, Senior Staff Writer


Colin Tilley, IT Director


In addition to the core group of staff, Free For All also features guest and freelance contributions from various writers as well.

We also have a press kit available that you may download in .pdf form here. If you need the press kit any another file format or would like to contact us directly please use the please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page or simply click here.

  • Walter T Elliott

    The “All Things Geek” is also used by other websites. At one time while searching for your site, I found that to be a commonly used term.

    • Hi Walter, again just wanna say thanks for the feedback. You’ll notice that we have made some updates to the About and Contact Us sections on the site. Hope we were able to address some of your concern!

  • Walter T Elliott

    Your name is misspelled in the staff listing under the “about” link at the bottom of the page.

  • Walter el

    Is it “free for all” or “free4geeks” or “all things geek”?
    Please explain

    • Hi Walter, thanks for the comment! The name of our organization is Free For All, our website is Free4Geeks.com, and “All Things Greek” is something of a slogan. As we continue to grow we are working to make the site more streamlined and user friendly. Thanks again for the feedback!