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Abrams’ Star Trek Successor Announced

J.J. Abrams was able to take one of the most beloved science fiction series, turn it on its head, and breathe new life into it. With the wildly popular reboot of the series in 2009, Abrams set the stage for a new saga in the franchise, introducing an alternate timeline and bringing a new take on the series that fans and critics both enjoyed.

2013’s “Into Darkness” was a little less loved by fans and critics, but regardless was still a great movie. There is no doubt that the franchise was in good hands with Abrams. But now, Abrams has moved on to bigger and better things, taking the helm of possibly the most popular sci-fi franchise of all time, Star Wars.


So where does this leave Star Trek? Anyone with a brain knows it would be impossible for Abrams to juggle two of the hugest franchises in the history of entertainment. For a while we have speculated who would take over the Star Trek franchise for Abrams, and it looks like we finally know who that will be.

Paramount announced yesterday that writer Roberto Orci, writer for the first two Star Trek films in the reboot franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The first Transformers movie, among many others. This will be his first outing as Director, and with such a huge debut, it will be interesting to see how Orci handles it.

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