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Alien: Isolation Looks To Redeem Franchise In 2014

Take this trailer with a grain of salt.  Heck, take this entire announcement with a gigantic grain of salt.  Fans of Ridley Scott’s and 20th Century Fox’s Alien franchise haven’t had much to be excited about in the way of video game adaptations…ever.  There have been some notable games that have captured the spirit of James Cameron’s action-packed follow up to the original sci-fi horror film, for me the best being Alien vs Predator on the Atari Jaguar, but for the most part, games based on the series have been major letdowns.

The most publicized and recent disappointment came just one year ago in February, when SEGA collaborated with Gearbox to release Aliens: Colonial Marines.  With impressive early trailers and an advertising campaign that focused heavily on the developers working with Ridley Scott on the franchise for the first time in decades, conveniently when Scott himself returned to the franchise for the film Prometheus, many fans of the series thought this could finally be the game to really get it right.

But as many of you know, that never even remotely happened.  The game was fraught with problems, not the least of which were major technical issues and the fact that those popular trailers were all lies, being from early build footage before the developer had to cut resources without making it public information, resulting in a far less visually impressive and underwhelming title.

This is pretty much it.  You don't have weapons, just a busted old motion tracker.

This is pretty much it. You don’t have weapons, just a busted old motion tracker.

So I understand if you want to stop reading here.  I get it, but you shouldn’t.  SEGA is back in the Weyland-Yutani world and this time, again, they look like they might be getting it right.  Alien: Isolation has a lot to make up for, and even more to live up to.  The new game puts you in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the series protagonist Ellen Ripley, who was portrayed for almost 20 years by Sigourney Weaver, as she ventures to the deep recesses of space to try and retrieve the black box from the infamous Nostromo, to find out what happened to her mother.

The game is taking a survival horror angle, and doing so in the best way possible for fans.  Only one of the nefarious Xenomorph creatures is featured in the game, and it cannot be killed.  This game is the truest form of survival.  Perhaps this is why most Alien games fail, as they take the basic approach of a first person shooter and tend to base themselves closer on the action-packed sequel Aliens, rather than the original masterpiece.  Not many details are available on release date other than “late 2014” but take a moment view the trailer below and keep checking back for more info as we crawl closer to Alien: Isolation’s release.


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