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CES 2014: Alienware Reveals Steam Machine


Alienware is known for their high-end performance PC products. So it should come as no surprise that they, along with many other companies, have revealed their first Steam Machine at CES 2014. Valve and Alienware have worked closely together to develop this impressive looking machine, and there seems to be little doubt that they will be a flagship partner as Valve moves forward this year with its march on the living room. We’re reporting from the fringes this year when it comes to CES 2014, but IGN has a great video showing off the new gear, which you can check out below:

Alienware says that their Steam Machine will be very powerful when it comes to specs, and while they’re keep tight-lipped on the details for now, they have confirmed that it will be more powerful than either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 in terms of raw power. They are also planning to have games running at a native 1080p. Maybe most impressive though is the footprint in which this little guy assumes. Coming in at a mere 7′ by 7′ and only 3′ tall, the box is extremely tiny for what it seems to offer. It will have an external power brick, but that hardly seems surprising considering it’s size. Lastly, while there are no details on what exactly it will be used for, the box will also feature HDMI pass through just as the Xbox One does now.

There’s a lot still to learn, including price and release date, as well as many details missing from above, but the reveal of this Steam Machine, along with the many others today, shows that 2014 should be an incredible year for gamers, with more choice than maybe ever before.


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