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Amazon Black Friday Deals start….Sunday?

a.com_logo_RGBSo you rushed home with that shiny new console you stood in line hours waiting for, got everything setup, but when you started to play something seemed a little off. That new game with cutting edge graphics looked like something from the 8-bit era thanks to that old tube television set you’ve been using from your days living at home with your parents.

Luckily, Amazon is giving you something else to say thanks for. In a press release  on Thursday, Amazon announced they would be starting their Black Friday deals on Sunday, Nov. 24th. Yes, Sunday. That means, when you factor in the Cyber Monday shopping period Amazon customers will have eight whole days of deals. A new deal will be released every 10 minutes. This years deals include the usual suspects of large LED TVs, Blu-Ray players,toys and video games that can help you complete your collection from your last console or help increase your collection for your new shiny.

Have something you’re excited to get during Black Friday? Have special traditions for getting the best deals? Let us know in the comments.

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