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Amazon Introduces Prime Air

Ever wanna watch a movie and wish someone would just drop it by your house? In an unmanned drone? In less than 30 minutes? Well then today is your lucky day good sir! Last night on an episode of CBS’s 60 Minutes, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showed the world what he and the rest of the team at Amazon have been working on — the future of what same day shipping might look like. In the video below they show a pretty amazing scenario where a guy orders a part via Prime Air and then we see that part placed in a yellow, plastic container and picked up by an unmanned drone. Ya know, just another day at the Amazon factory. The drone then flies the box to the customer, drops it off, and flies away. Easy right? Well, maybe not so much.

While the idea in theory is incredibly cool, there is some skepticism about whether or not Amazon could really pull something like this off. The issue is not really one of technology. The drone you see in the video below is real, and it works. It even has eight blades on it so that if one were to be damaged during flight, your package could still be delivered. The limitations come in the form of the FAA’s current restrictions for unmanned drones. Bezos told CBS, “The hardest challenge in making this happen is demonstrating to the standards of the FAA that this is a safe thing to do. This is years of additional work at this point…”. Amazon is hopeful that those issues could be solved as early as 2015, but have also spoken to expectations as far out as 4 to 5 years.

While this all might be a bit dreamy for some, I for one think that this is just what Amazon needs to do. They are already so good at what they do, to innovate like this is fantastic. Especially when they could just as easily have sat back and spent all their time just raking in the cash. Now watch this video, I have to go practice ordering blow up goats and Jello shot makers for 30 minute delivery.



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