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Are You Kidding Me?!?! – Top 10 Biggest 2014 Emmy Nomination Snubs

Those of you that follow my writing know this, but for you first timers let me tell you the two things you need to know about me. 1: I watch an unhealthy amount of TV. 2: I am obsessed with competition. So when Emmy season comes around it’s like Christmas for me. It’s an awesome event that let’s you cheer for the shows and actors that you have come to love over the course of the past year. But there is one constant every year. There will be MAJOR snubs when the nominations come out and the internet will rage. So why not join in?? Here are my top ten biggest snubs for the 2014 Emmys.

**Note** The list is in no particular order. All of them were equally robbed.


1. Arrow – Outstanding Stunt Coordination

ArrowSeriously?!? Arrow currently has the best fight choreography on TV and it’s not even close. It is consistent throughout the entire season and the stunt coordination in the season finale was big budget action movie level. You just don’t see that on TV. Many people were predicting Arrow to win this category before today. And it didn’t even get nominated?!? That is insane. Shame on you voters.  At least Stephen Amell has taken the high road. And he speaks the truth:






Well said Mr. Amell


2. James Spader – Outstanding Actor in a Drama

james spaderJames Spader is one of the finest actors on TV and he has been for over a decade. So when I saw The Blacklist included some of his best work, you know that it is really high praise. The Blacklist was a really good show and even in it’s first season, it became one of the most watch scripted shows on TV. The show had a few pacing issues throughout but the one thing that was consistent throughout was Spader being brilliant. I love Jon Hamm, but Spader deserved his spot.






3. Michael Sheen – Outstanding Actor in a Drama

michael sheenI will be honest. I don’t even really enjoy Masters of Sex. I think it’s dumb that Lizzy Caplan is nominated. What’s even more dumb? The fact that Michael Sheen didn’t get nominated. I haven’t watched a ton of this show, but it doesn’t take long to realize that Sheen is brilliant on it.







4. The Americans – Outstanding Drama

the americansThe Americans is flat out one of the best shows on TV. The acting is brilliant (see below), the costume and set designs are spot on, and the story is absolutely riveting. In this day and age of DVR and streaming services, The Americans was absolutely appointment television. It had to be watched as soon as possible each week, and that says something. Mad Men is an all time great show, but it hasn’t been what it used to be. The Americans absolutely should have had that spot.







5. Keri Russell – Outstanding Actress in a Drama

Keri RussellFor a very long time I didn’t like Keri Russell as an actress. Then I saw The Americans. Then I realized she is f*#@$g amazing! She is so very good on that show. Not only is her acting amazing, she does quite well with the stunts that she actually does. I would take her over Robin Wright any day for this nomination.







6. Matthew Rhys – Outstanding Actor in a Drama

matthew rhysMatthew Rhys suffers from becoming a star during one of the best times for TV in history. Seriously, has there ever been a more loaded category that best actor in a drama this year? It needs to have at least 10 nominees! From the very first minute of The Americans, I have LOVED Matthew Rhys. In a show filled with great acting, he is the best. The subtle changes he makes in his demeanor and mannerisms when he is in disguise is awesome. He is the most underrated actor on TV right now and he absolutely deserves to be mentioned with all the other great actors in this category.




7. Trophy Wife – Outstanding Comedy

trophy wifeHas a cancelled show ever been nominated for one of the best show categories?? If not, Trophy Wife should have been the first. Critically acclaimed yet mostly unwatched, Trophy Wife was sadly cancelled a few months ago. Yet is was quietly the funniest show on TV this past season. Filled with great performances and brilliant writing, it absolutely deserved to get a nomination. I love The Big Bang Theory and Silicon Valley, but I would have take Trophy Wife over either.






8. Vera Farmiga – Outstanding Actress in a Drama

vera farmiga

I’ve said often that NOBODY plays crazy as well as Claire Danes, but Vera Farmiga as Norma Bates made it a super close race this year. Her performance in Bates Motel is nothing short of brilliant. Not only should she have been nominated, she should be a front runner to win.






9. Tatiana Maslany – Outstanding Actress in a Drama

Tatiana MaslanyHave you ever even heard of Orphan Black?? Don’t feel bad. I only did a little over six months ago. And admittedly, I have even officially begun to watch the show yet. But due to the glowing praises that Maslany and the show were receiving from people that I really trust when it comes to TV, I have checked out numerous clips from the show. That’s all I needed. This girl can flat out act. She would be great if she was just playing one character. But the way she plays many characters on the show? Forget about it. She should be nominated and you should join me in watching this show immediately.






10. Maisie Williams – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

Maise WilliamsI’ve gone on record many times with the fact that I don’t like almost all child actors. Maisie Williams is the exception. She is better than most adults. Her performance as Arya in Game of Thrones is spot on and she is getting better each year. Fellow cast member Lena Headey received her first nomination this year for her role as Cersi Lannister and it was absolutely deserved. I would have taken Maisie Williams over her about half of the other nominees. In a show that is arguably the best all around acted on TV, not only does Maisie Williams keep up, she stands out.






Bates Motel – Outstanding Drama

Freddie Highmore – Outstanding Actor in a Drama

Malin Ackerman – Outstanding Actress in a Comedy

Annet Mahendru – Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

The Goldbergs – Outstanding Comedy

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