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Batkid: Redefining the Meaning of Hero

Late last week, a new superhero was born on the mean streets of San Fransisco: The Batkid! Batkid fights for Truth, Justice and the right for all kids to have a fighting chance against terminal disease! With one fell swoop, Batkid not only beat the dreaded foe known as Leukemia, but he also filled the hearts of the nation with the most potent superpower of all…hope.


A real superhero...and a super organization

A real superhero…and a super organization


All kidding aside, this story could be the greatest underdog superhero tale of all time. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown: A 5 year old boy by the name of Miles Scott who has been battling leukemia since he was 18 months old was granted his wish. This past Friday, Miles’ Wish (from the miraculous Make a Wish Foundation) came true. What was said wish? Little awesome Miles wanted to be Batkid. Seems pretty impossible, right? The dreams of a little kid that is just…well, folly. Shows what we know! Thanks to Make a Wish, the City of San Francisco and a swarm of supporters (yes, even the President of the United States, Barack Obama), Miles got to live out his dream.



This amazing day started off by the San Fransisco Chief of Police, Greg Suhr, asking for the help of the Batkid against the villainous likes of The Riddler and The Penguin. So Miles, with the help of his kid brother “Robin”, hopped into a Lamborghini Batmobile with his mentor Batman. Their first act of heroism was to save a damsel in distress. Next up for this super team was to stop The Riddler from making off with some ill-gotten cash; The Riddler was last seen struggling in the grips of the local police as he was tossed into a paddy wagon. Now, we all know no hero in his right mind would fight crime on an empty stomach! So Batman treated Batkid to some burgers and fries before facing off against the evil Penguin! After rescuing San Fransisco’s mascot, Lou Seal, from the foul clutches of The Penguin, Batkid was whisked away to receive the key to the city and the adoration of thousands of screaming fans.

First of all, if this story doesn’t warm your heart…well, you can just get the heck outta here! Even while writing this story, my eyes well up with tears just thinking about how amazing Make a Wish and everyone involved in this project are. I have children, and just thinking about something so horrific as cancer being in their lives just twists a knife in my heart. Just knowing that Miles had spent the majority of his life having nothing but varying degrees of bad days and then living out his dream of being a living, breathing superhero…it’s just very inspiring.



What could be the best part of this story is that this is just the beginning. How many more little kids who have been suffering for a lifetime will know what it’s like to be a superhero to their city? Miles was already an inspiration for children suffering from leukemia and everyone he knows, but now he is a beacon of hope for people all over the world. As over 12, 000 (!!!) people crowded the streets of this makeshift Gotham City, banners and voices were raised to  the Batkid but were heard all over the world. The message? Fight the evils of childhood cancer and, with the help of loving supporters, send it back to the darkness from whence it came!

I would like to say a personal thanks to the city of San Fransisco. It takes some real stones to not only set this mega project up, but to shut down most of a major metropolis for a single child is just about the most impressive thing a city can do. The police department, the mayor, the Justice Department and even the San Fransisco Chronicle (nay, the Gotham City Chronicle) got in on the action of fulfilling this long shot wish for someone who deserves it a million times over. Kudos to you, San Fran…you put the other cities on notice for how a wish gets done.

To anyone who wants to donate to this worthy cause, follow this link and help out…making wishes come true ain’t cheap! Also, if you want to show your support for the world’s newest superhero, buy a shirt! Let’s band together as Geek Nation and help some more wish kids be hero kids!


Buy a shirt and support Make a Wish!

Buy a shirt and support Make a Wish!


On November 15th, Miles Scott was a superhero to the city of San Fransisco; but for the rest of his life, he’ll a be a real hero for so many more. And for those keeping score at home: Batkid 1, Leukemia 0.

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