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Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed

In what could be considered one of the most disappointing news I’ve ever heard in my entire life, the highly anticipated game Batman: Arkham Knight has been officially delayed until 2015. There has not been a specified date set for the triumphant return of the Dark Knight, but the wait will be excruciating. I will say that even though there was no specific reason for the delay, I will say that I am okay with this…if it make a quality game. Even though I adored Arkham Origins, I will say that it would have made the game the undeniable best in the series up to this point if the rough edges were smoothed out; this would only have been possible with more time.

I would say that early Spring, say mid-March, will be the new expected release date. Even though all of the other Arkham games have come out in October (it is the month of Halloween after all), March has seemed to be another big release month and would give Rocksteady plenty of time to get us the finale that Arkham Knight should be. I am disappointed but I can wait for a few months to get the experience that I come to expect from the Arkham series; look what we got from waiting a while out of Bioshock Infinite. Look for more information soon from free4geeks,com…and be patient for Pete’s sake!










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