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New Batman Screens Reveal the Arkham Knight

A slew of new screenshots have surfaced from Rocksteady today, revealing the first look at the games newest antagonist, the titular Arkham Knight.  The character has been revealed to be one of Rocksteady’s own creation, something which the developer has said was “terrifying”.  The Knight seems to be the anti Batman, in much the same way that Jason Todd became when he took up the mantle of Red Hood.  This, coupled with his appearance which is stunningly close to Batman’s own gear though it nixes the cape and goes for a more tactical approach, lends credence to the wild fan speculation that the Arkham Knight may actually be Batman’s former sidekick, Jason Todd rather than an entirely new creation, or even Azrael, who was last seen in Arkham City.

I choose, however, to believe that this is indeed an entirely new creation, and as it appears that he is wearing gear close to that of SWAT Tactical gear, I believe this will be an ex-member of the GCPD in some fashion, turned into his own crazed vigilante, one who’s not afraid to go where Batman refuses.  Either way, check out the stunning screens below.  Arkham Knight is slated to release this Fall for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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