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Big 10, PAC 12 Also Out of EA College Football

In a follow up to this mornings report that the Southeastern Conference would not be participating in the new NCAA-free EA College football game to be released next year, two more major conferences, the Big 10 and the PAC 12 have also announced that they are not going to be allowing their properties in the game as well.

With the exit of the Big 10 goes major schools such as recent National Champions Ohio State University, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern and the recently troubled Penn State University, as well as others.  Some of these are the biggest names in the history of College Football.

The PAC 12 consists of the UCLA Bruins, Oregon Ducks, Cal Bears, Stanford Cardinal and the University of Southern California Trojans.  In total, this mornings news can only be seen as a near death-blow for EA’s next title, as each of these three conferences has held recent national championships, and in total, they represent the large majority of the national fan base.  Seeing as the major allure of playing sports titles is to take over your favorite team and lead them to victory, lacking the ability to play most of the 20 most popular schools in the nation tends to defeat that purpose.

Will even more conferences follow?  We will continue to update Free4Geeks.com as more news drops.

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  • rest in peace, NCAA football. we hardly knew ye.