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April Fools: ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star to Play Steve Jobs

In a shocking revelation Latino Review, known for accurately relaying reliable “leaked” information pertaining to movie castings, announced that Big Bang Theory star Jim Parson will play the role of Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic written by Aaron Sorkin.

“Jim has spent the last several years showing us that he’s comfortable playing characters that have trouble relating to ‘normal’ people, and that’s something that Steve had trouble with his whole life” Sorkin said when asked about what seemed to be an odd casting decision. When asked why Parsons was tapped for the role over prospective director David Fincher’s first choice of Oscar winner Christian Bale, Sorkin stated plainly, “Christian is a really talented guy, no question. We were up late a lot of nights on this one, I can tell you, but at the end of the day we wanted people to see Steve Jobs on screen, not Bruce Wayne.”

It remains to be seen if Parsons can pull off alternating between Jobs’ two sides of entrancing charisma and brutal coldness effectively, but one thing remains an absolute certainty: anything written by Aaron Sorkin will be miles better than the festering turd of a movie Ashton Kutcher starred in.

 Read Latino Review’s full interview with Aaron Sorkin here.

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