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Big Download Release Dates

Yesterday and today were giant release dates for some massive downloadable titles. If you have a PC, PS3 or an Xbox 360 then read on and find out what you’ll be spending your money on…


Minecraft is FINALLY coming for all those creatively starved PS3 owners!

Minecraft is FINALLY coming for all those creatively starved PS3 owners!


Yesterday, the most downloaded game of last year and one of the biggest of all time, Minecraft, was finally released for the PS3 on the Playstation Network. The title, which has been available for quite a while on the PC and for download on the 360 for over a year, has made Notch and Mojang a mint already and looks to be a huge title for those who are Playstation fanatics. Unfortunately there are three problems: 1) This is still a downloadable title only and has no release date for disc…for now (ask 360 owners about that particular issue). 2) With the PS4 recently releasing and consumers still clamoring to get their hands on one, this excellent game may fly under the radar. 3) When was this announced?!? I feel that sales will not only suffer from the previous two points, but people can’t buy what they don’t know about. There is still a huge contingent that plays PS3 on a regular basis and Minecraft is the biggest time filler of all time (I myself had to ween myself off of this drug-ish title) and people are going to want to play it. Hopefully this is just a precursor to a disc based Minecraft on PS3 and is maybe just a tune up for the PS4 Minecraft launch. We’ll see…


Wanna find out what happens with Clem and the gang....got $5?

Wanna find out what happens with Clem and the gang….got $5?


Also, a little game called The Walking Dead made a huge splash last year in the form of a graphic novel style format. People fell in love with the story of Lee and Clementine and the game received more than a few Game of the Year awards. Well, part two of this excellent franchise by TellTale Games came out yesterday for the PC and PS3 and today for the Xbox 360. Want to know what happened to Clem after leaving Savannah? What about whatever happened to Omid and Krista? Well, strap in and download this game for just $5 (or $20 for the Season Pass)…if you can find it. The fact that as of this morning, the title and the Season Pass are hidden (at least on the 360 version) is more than a little baffling. Mixed with the fact that very few people knew that this game had a date until late last week may hurt sales a bit. TellTale’s other title, The Wolf Among Us, was getting articles, commercials, ads and the all important “Word of Mouth” for months before release…hopefully The Walking Dead Season 2 will be another smash hit, but I doubt TellTale will have any problems making sales goals.

Either way, go grab some PSN/Xbox Live credit and buy both of these excellent game…and don’t make any plans for a while.

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