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BioShock: Infinite
Irrational Games returns to Bioshock, this time going into the clouds, rather than under the sea.

Return to Rapture in Bioshock Infinite DLC

News has finally broken this morning about the long-anticipated Bioshock Infinite DLC schedule, which fans have been asking for updates on since the game was released in March of this year.  Ken Levine has revealed that the first piece of the previously announced 3 DLC content updates is available today, and is titled Clash in the Clouds.  The pack, available for $4.99 individually or as part of the $19.99 season pass that will include all 3 of the content updates, is a combat-based set of challenges that takes place across 4 different maps set throughout the fictional city of Columbia.

The four maps are titled The Ops Zeal, Duke and Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome and Emporia Arcade, and each feature 15 waves of enemies, individual leader boards and unique challenges for the players to achieve.  Additionally, the update comes with the Colombian Archaeological Society, which is similar to other games inclusion of character models and concept art viewers, but is a nice way for fans to be able to appreciate the aesthetic and marvel in the beauty of the world Irrational Games created in Columbia.

The most exciting news for fans, however, comes from the announcement of the final two updates to come at some point before the games one year anniversary in March 2014, both of which are tied together as story content, titled Burial at Sea.  In Burial at Sea, players will first return to the familiar persona of Booker Dewitt, who will again be accompanied by Elizabeth as seen throughout Bioshock Infinite, on December 31, 1958, the day before the infamous fall of the under-water Utopian city of Rapture.  In the second part of Burial at Sea, the focus will switch to playing as Elizabeth for the first time, in what is described as a different play style and more survival horror feeling game.

This news is especially exciting as fans will finally be able to experience what Rapture looked like in it’s full glory, hopefully as full of life and energy as the beginning to Bioshock Infinite provided with Columbia.  See the very stylized and noir styled trailer below, each of the individual Burial at Sea packs will be available for $14.99 at a future date, making the total savings of the season pass a significant $15.



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