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Brian’s Announcement = Not News

Lat week, we brought you an article about Family Guy offing one of their lead characters, Brian (the dog for the unenlightened). Towards the end of the article, which you can read here, we talked about a suspicious Fox website called briansannouncement.com; well, long story short…the site wasn’t what it appeared to be.


A very sad scene...

A very sad scene…


After hearing/seeing what happened to one of Family Guy’s most beloved character, we all wanted to believe that Brian wasn’t really gone for good. If you listen to the podcast (and if not…GET WITH IT AND LISTEN!) then you know that even The Boys didn’t buy it and expected this “authentic” website to announce Brian to have his own show or, at the very least, a time-travelling style episode to save their friend. Well, briansannouncement.com turned out to be sort of a ruse; the site was a fan created page that was designed to have Seth McFarlane reverse his decision to kill Brian. If you travel to the site now, you’ll see a petition where fans can digitally sign and try to convince Mr. McFarlane to change his mind and bring Brian back.


See? Anyone could have been fooled by this...right?

See? Anyone could have been fooled by this…right?


It does say something that over 3mil people have visited Brian’s Announcement and only 1mil have “signed”…maybe people are p.o.’d about being tricked and getting their hopes up for a Brian return. I myself feel foolish for publishing an article about this as being a legit Fox based website. To be fair, the site was very well crafted and seemed pretty authentic. But as W once said, “Fool me twice…never, um, never gonna fool me again!”

If McFarlane and Fox do decide to reverse this decision, we’ll let you know more. In the meantime, you can visit briansannoucement.com or use #SaveBrian in your Tweets. Maybe we can all come together and pull a Chuck-style, driven reversal of fortune…

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