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Bryan Singer Drops Out Of DOFP Press Tour

Allegations of sexual abuse by the director of The Usual Suspects and the popular X-Men franchise, Bryan Singer, have been brought to light this week by actor/model Michael Egan. Egan claims that Singer and others lured and forced sexual abuse upon the then 17-year-old in Hawaii and California in 1999 between August and October. These allegations come at a very unfortunate time for singer who is preparing to release his latest X-Men film, Days of Future Past.

Because of these allegations, Singer has canceled his appearance at Wondercon this weekend, and  announced that he will be dropping out of all press for the remainder of the press tour for DOFP, and producer/screenwriter Simon Kinberg will be stepping in to fill Singer’s place while he deals with the lawsuit.

Bryan Singer

Both Singer and his lawyer Martin Singer (no relation) deny any such abuse took place, claiming the story is “completely fabricated” and claiming an alibi that states Singer was in Toronto during that time shooting and prepping for the first X-Men film.

20th Century Fox has yet to release any comment on the matter, and it is unclear how the lawsuit, regardless of the outcome, will affect Singer’s future career with Fox, with DOFP to debut soon, and X-Men: Apocalypse on the horizon.

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