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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Release Date

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The second piece of story content for Bioshock Infinite finally has a release date.  The follow-up to Burial At Sea Episode 1, which saw Elizabeth and Booker return to the setting of the series’ first game, Rapture, will be coming to Xbox 360, PC and PS3 on March 25.

Burial at Sea Episode 2 continues to follow the noir-style telling of the fall of Rapture before the events of the original Bioshock, putting you in the shoes of Elizabeth and looks to conclude the story as well as that of Infinite itself.  While the first episode featured very little combat and lasted around 2-3 hours, series creator Ken Levine revealed on twitter that the final episode is going to be significantly longer than that, around 5-6 hours to be specific.

Be sure to check back with Free4Geeks.com the week of March 25 for our review and impressions, as well as any updates leading up to its release.

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