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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a Real House of Cards

The biggest game of the year…every year just keeps getting bigger.  In the wake of some recent leaked images and casting details, Activision along with developer Sledgehammer Games have seen fit to release the first ever trailer for the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, named Advanced Warfare.  Ghost Recon title similarities aside, this trailer features everything you’d expect from a Call of Duty reveal, big action, pretty next-gen graphics and, as has become the usual in the series as of late, some near-future tech that certainly looks cool.

Interestingly though, the trailer does focus more heavily on the story element than previous reveals have, which could bode well for the game should it take it’s story a bit more seriously than before.  The Call of Duty games have always had big moments in their single player campaigns, but those stories have always been so short that they’re a mere footnote to the games legacy.  The hope is that this time, Sledgehammer will put more than 4 hours of content into Call of Duty, and they very well might, considering the star of the trailer.  Francis Underwood has arrived!  Alright, not really Francis Underwood, but it may as well be him.

Fresh off of becoming a new age political bad ass in the Netflix original series House of Cards, Kevin Spacey has been seeing an influx of popularity as of late, including him giving a nice nod to fans during the Oscars presentation this year, when he presented an award using the charming southern twang recognizable from his character in House of Cards.  The Advanced Warfare trailer features dialogue and a digital version of Kevin Spacey, who appears to be the president throughout the campaign, and he certainly sounds eerily similar to Spacey’s turn as Francis Underwood.

Check out the trailer and decide for yourself if this new direction for Call of Duty is an exciting one.  The game has also been given the release date of November 4, keep it tuned to Free4Geeks.com as more details are released.


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