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CoD: Ghosts Collector’s Editions/Multiplayer Details

Call of Duty, the biggest game of the year for the past six years, is a money making juggernaut for Activision and Ghosts seems like it will be no exception. Recently, developer Infinity Ward released information on it’s upcoming cash cow’s collector’s editions. There will be two versions of said CEs: The Hardened Edition and the Prestige Edition.

Here are the specs:

For the Hardened Edition, you’ll get a copy of Ghosts in a fancy steel case, access to the CoD: Ghosts Season Pass, a fancy pants Paracord strap/bracelet and some DLC (player patch, card and background and official soundtrack). You’ll get this for $119.99.


$119.99 for the Hardened Edition

$119.99 for the Hardened Edition


If you’re feeling froggy, you can always go for the Prestige Edition. Here you’ll get all of the content in the Hardened Edition, but you’ll also get a nifty 1080p wearable camera (featured in the game itself) that is water resistant and comes with a 4GB memory card, three attachments, batteries and editing software. You can have this all for the low, low price of $199.99.


$199.99 to be Prestige...worth it?

$199.99 to be Prestige…worth it?


Also announced was some more details on the much anticipated Multiplayer mode on Ghosts. Battlefield 4, CoD’s main competition for FPS supremacy, showcased their wares during E3. Well, last week CoD brought their tickets to the “Gun Show” and laid down the law. Here you’ll see some of the destructible environments/dynamic game environments as well as some new modes and some truly bada$$ new weaponry. Check out the magnificent trailer below and holla back!



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