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Can Steam Have Too Many Games?

According to reports by Gamasutra, during the first 20 weeks of 2014, Steam has added more new games to its digital storefront than it did in the entire year of 2013.

While we all love games, this does pose a very big, and very real, problem for developers and publishers of smaller titles. The Steam New Release page, where they might have once been featured for days or even a full week, now might only feature them for a matter of hours. Steam Greenlight alone has added as many as 75 games to Steam in a single day.

To Steam’s credit, the default page shown is now the Top Sellers page instead of the New Release page, they have added programs like Steam Tags, and have also added the ability for users to report inappropriate content. But the fact remains that there are thousands upon thousands of games to dig through on Steam, meaning that it can sometimes be difficult to find the games, or even types of games, that you want. It also means that unless you devote some serious time every day to digging through Steam’s library, you’ll never see every game that the service has to offer you.

So I leave the answer to this question to you, can Steam have too many games? Or are more options always better for the consumer? Let us know your answer in the comments below, and share this with your friends online to keep the discussion going!

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  • I don’t think it’s Steams fault everyone wants to sell their game on it. They’re just a store after all. They could do things to improve their interface and indexing sure. But it’s not Steams job to market the games.

    Does the same problem not exist in the mobile market already?

    • Chris Patterson

      David, I agree with you. The marketing needs to be done by the game developers. While Steam acts as a fantastic marketing program in itself, if the game developers market appropriately there should be no issue.

      Darkfall Unholy Wars is an example of a game that has a special niche that many have not heard about unless they follow MMORPG.com. It came to Steam and still got very few subscribers due to the marketing not being very good on the front page. This was approximately 1 year ago.