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Can This Insane Spider-Man Rumor Be True?

Things have been pretty crazy for (the Marvel That Is Not Marvel) Sony Marvel since the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here’s a few of the hits: A soft reboot of Spider-Man within the Sinister Six movie, The Venom/Carnage movie is on again…and off again, an all female Spider-verse movie, Gwen Stacy returning for a triumphant (non-zombie) return, etc. But this tops them all in my humble opinion: Aunt May is getting her own movie! Bwaaaah?!?

As crazy as the octogenarian adventures of Aunt May may sound, there’s more. Sony sounds as if they have some envy regarding (the Marvel that is) Marvel’s upcoming Agent Carter; Aunt May is getting the same treatment. According to the uber-reliable Latino Review, the “movie [would be] about Aunt May as a youth, before she was shouldered with the responsibility of raising Peter Parker. The target mood is some sort of espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men, which sounds like a way of saying ‘classier Agent Carter’ without name-dropping Marvel’s upcoming series.” Yikes.

I’m hoping that this, and the other rumors, don’t come true… but I’m not holding my breath. Sony is in a tailspin right now in regards to this highly coveted franchise and they keep making some truly head scratching decisions. Spider-Man is such a cool character and can be a truly fun experience if done well; Sony seemed to be on the right track with the reboot a few years ago with Amazing, but things are looking bleak. Listen to the podcast for some unabashed commentary on this and others in the coming weeks!


Maybe we'll see some spinoffs if Aunt May: The Movie takes off!

Maybe we’ll see some spinoffs if Aunt May: The Movie takes off!

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