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Casting the Uncharted Movie

Video game movies have had a tough time making the transition to the big screen. Movies such as Resident Evil, Bloodrayne, Max Payne and Hitman (among others) have been much maligned and for good reason: they are terrible. Sure, some hardcore fans would argue that point…but they’d be wrong. A certain upcoming trend could turn the tides as far as bad video game movies franchises, however. Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed are both getting supposed movie deals and will feature young acting standouts Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender respectively. These are just rumors of course, but promising nonetheless.

For anyone who has ever played the Uncharted series, they would know that this game franchise is just set up perfectly for a string of movies. The high velocity action, huge set pieces and quirky one liners all lend to throngs of movie goers rushing to their local theaters. Oh, and don’t forget the love triangle and surrogate father/son relationship…yeah, it’s perfect. So, who would I cast in this epic retelling of a classic video game come to life? I’m glad you asked…

Nathan Drake: Chris Pine

Runner Up: Bradley Cooper

Here’s Nathan Drake in a nutshell: A smarmy, wise-ass that is very athletic and charming but has an underlying heart of gold. Since we can’t have Nathan Fillion from 15 years ago, there was only one name that came to mind: Chris Pine. Pine’s portrayal of James Tyberius Kirk in the re-imagined Star Trek films equals what Drake is all about. A brash, incredibly handsome young man that will do whatever it takes to get things done while being very (inwardly) protective of those he cares about. The blonde hair may throw some people off, but if Daniel Craig can be a blonde Bond then Chris Pine can be a blonde Drake. Besides, how could you possibly say no to those deep, blue eyes? What?!? He’s a good lookin’ dude! Anyway, if you play Uncharted and haven’t watched the J.J. Abrams Star Trek, then do yourself a favor and imagine what could happen when Pine straps on the twin gun holsters and the ring necklace…it fits. I will say that voice actor Nolan North has voiced Nathan Drake in every iteration of the Uncharted franchise and does a superb job. I would love for North to be able to act the part (he does favor Drake after all), but in order for this movie to get off of the ground it has to have some name recognition which, unfortunately, North only has in gamer circles. That being said, give the role to Pine; it would be amazing.


 Victor Sullivan: J.K. Simmons

Runner Up: JK Simmons…come on, he’s Sully!

Victor “Sully” Sullivan is a crabby old man who is still living his adventuring youth through Drake. His trademark voice and mustache makes me think of J.K. Simmons. Simmons, probably most know for his perfect take on J. Jonah Jammeson in the Sam Raimi Spider-man series (but should be for his immaculate take on Cave Johnson in Portal 2), would make a PERFECT Sully in my oh-so humble opinion. Simmons trying to keep up with Chris Pine and yelling about how he’s too old for this sh*t just brings a smile to my face. However, Sully’s greatest asset is his ability to lend his voice of reason to whatever crazy scheme Drake has gotten himself into. JK Simmons has been in plenty of roles such as this (including Growing Up Fischer) but this is not what he is known for. I do believe, however, that Simmons IS Sully and that this is the only obvious choice in this casting.


Elena Fischer: Maggie Lawson

Runner Up: Kristen Bell

Sooooo many people (too many in my opinion) have no idea who the hell Maggie Lawson is. For those of the uninformed, Maggie Lawson played the female lead in the USA series Psych. To quote fellow Free for All writer Justin North, Elena Fisher “has to be strong but feminine at the same time…Maggie Lawson has that in spades”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Add to the fact that Maggie Lawson can sling a quip with the best of them also helps her case. Playing the role of the voice work for Elena for all of these years is Emily Rose. Rose lends her voice well to Drake’s love interest and keeps him in line when he gets a little carried away. Rose would also make a great casting choice since she already has the voice down and favors Elena quite a bit. That being said, no one knows who she is and even though she is gorgeous, that makes a big deal for a movie franchise to successfully get off of the ground. The biggest detractor for Maggie Lawson is essentially the same thing as Rose: name recognition. The fact that she doesn’t have the name recognition (unfortunately) of someone else who could have made the cut puts her as a stretch to get the gig. I still prefer Lawson, however, due to her cuteness mixed with her ability to kick ass and be funny (she had plenty of practice working alongside James Roday in Psych) she is an obvious choice.


Chloe Frazer: Olivia Wilde

Runner Up: Megan Fox

This may be the biggest stretch of all of my casting decisions. Can Ms Wilde pull off the sexy, exotic nature that is Chloe Frazer? Most certainly! Olivia Wilde exudes sexuality and that is exactly what this casting needs. The one concern I had about Wilde was her acting ability. Sure she had been in lower profile shows/movies but never really proved her worth in the acting department…until last year when she was in Rush. Sure she still laid all of the sexy out there, but I never thought that I would say “Wow, that Olivia Wilde can act!” Chloe Frazer needs to not only be super sexy, which Wilde can most certainly be, but Chloe is also the very definition of an opportunist. Chloe can turn on a dime to protect her own assets, but still has a soft spot for Drake. This will take an incredible amount of acting chops and I am fairly certina that Wilde can pull it off…just not 100% certain. I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt though as long as I can see Wilde messing with a clearly flustered Pine as she gets him to bend to her will.


Harry Flynn: Benedict Cumberbatch

Runner Up: Edward Norton

Benedict Cumberbatch is the man! I love pretty much every thing that he has ever done (that I’ve seen) and he is a supremely talented actor. No offense to Steve Valentine, who voiced Flynn in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but Cumberbatch is just too good. Harry Flynn is almost as charismatic as Drake but Flynn would stab his own mother in the heart to get the fame and riches he feels he so rightly deserves. Harry Flynn is what would have happened to Nathan Drake if he wasn’t guided by the caring hand of Sully: a sneaky, conniving snake that isn’t afraid to let people take the fall. Most people know Benedict Cumberbatch from the BBC show Sherlock but he was also the very greasy villain Kahn in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I think, knowing how he portrayed the legendary Trek baddie, that he would do an exceptional job portraying the weasel Flynn. Then again, I loved Cumberbatch and Pine squaring off against each other so much in ST: ID that I’d love to see it again. What can I say…I’m greedy!


Zoran Lazarevic: Gerard Butler

Runner Up: Dave Batista

Lazarevic is a mountain of a man. He’s brutal, crazy and more than willing to ax someone when they get in his way. Gerard Butler is also a big dude and has a very tangible sense of intimidation. Of course, he would have to shave his head and have some serious makeup work to do but he would be perfect. Lazarevic is also very Russian so there’s that. I’ve never heard Butler do anything other than British and swarthy, but he’s a pro and I’m sure that he would be fine. He had dramatic rage swings in his more famous roles as Leonidas in 300 and that would be imperative to what he could bring to the bipolar Lazarevic. And, of course, he would need to be imposing. All the time that Drake aquared off against Lazarevic, he barely escaped with his life and depended on luck and quick thinking to defeat him in the end. Butler (especially considering his 300 physique) would dwarf Pine and be physically dominant in any confrontation that they would have.


So there ya have it. I’m sure that there are people screaming at their computer screens right now telling me how wrong I am. This is all opinion, so I’m okay with that. If you have some other casting decisions, shout it out in the comments below…I’d love to tell you how wrong you are! In the meantime, I’m off to Hollywood to become a professional casting director. Stay tuned for even more dream casting throughout the year here on!

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