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Castle Season 6 First Impressions

ABC has it’s full staple of top-notch shows. Castle has stood out for more than five seasons now, but does season six continue that trend? There’s only one way to find out: Keep reading!


The gang's all here! The cast of the amazing Castle

The gang’s all here! The cast of the amazing Castle


Castle has been a darling of the ABC network for both fans and critics for more than five years now. Rick Castle, Kate Becket and the rest of the stellar cast has been through more than  their share of trials and tribulations over these 100+ episodes. The sexual tension between Castle and Beckett eased a bit last year when they finally…uh, hooked up. The big stress point of last year’s excellent season saw Beckett contemplating, and ultimately accepting, a job with the Feds in Washington DC. The final moment of Season Five had Castle make the unexpected move of getting on bended knee and popping the proverbial question. What a cliffhanger, right?!?


Castle and Beckett contemplate their future

Castle and Beckett contemplate their future


The start of Season Six takes place right where Five left off. Beckett is skeptical of the proposal and questions Castle’s intentions. After Castle pours his heart out and convinces Beckett that he is not just asking to keep her from going, but wants to work out a long distance relationship. Once her fears are calmed, and after five years of fans panting heavily, Beckett says yes!


Fillion and Katic share an amazing chemistry on screen

Fillion and Katic share an amazing chemistry on screen


The first two episodes (and everyone knows no show on TV does two parter episodes better than Castle) revolve around the struggles of not only a long distance relationship, but also Beckett trying to fit into her new federal role. As always, Beckett (played expertly by the very lovely Stana Katic) is the consummate professional with ironclad morals, which could prove problematic in the world of federal crime busting…but we’ll get into that a little more later.


Beckett will find herself in more than a few moral dilemmas while working for the Feds

Beckett will find herself in more than a few moral dilemmas while working for the Feds


Even though Beckett has told Castle (masterfully portrayed by the legendary Nathan Fillion) that he can’t partake in any of her investigations due to secret government stuff and whatnot. Does that stop Castle? Yeah, right. Of course Beckett and her new partner Agent Rachel McCord (played by Lisa Edelstein…you may know her as Cuddy from House) run into Castle (while he researches his own leads) on more than one occasion so McCord subsequently bans him from any part of the investigation. Castle obeys his ban, but gets abducted by a mystery man. Well, the dude dies while he’s driving Castle away. The next scene shows Castle in an interrogation room where he believes he’s going to be blasted for butting into the investigation again. Beckett, however, tells him why he is really there: the guy in the car dies from poison gas…and Castle got a lethal does. Uh-oh!


Beckett and FBI agent Lisa McCord busting perps

Beckett and FBI agent Lisa McCord busting perps


The second part of this two parter finds Beckett and her federal pals (not to mention some help from Ryan and Esposito back in NYC) trying to solve the rest of the case and get an antidote for Castle before he croaks and they have to change the name of the show. While digging into the case, Beckett and McCord find some government conspiracy stuff and the guy they dismiss in the beginning winds up being the killer…shocker! Anyhoo, they stop the bad guy save Castle and all is well. Yay!


Captain Gates chewin' some butts over Castle being back in the precinct

Captain Gates chewin’ some butts over Castle being back in the precinct


Episode three finds an out of work actor from an 80’s sitcom (think Saved By The Bell) is murdered. Castle weasels his way into the investigation (much to the dismay of Esposito, Ryan and Captain Gates) and helps in usual quirky way. Well, the death of this C-list actor has some sort of tie to the Feds so Beckett and McCord show up in NYC; finally, the gang’s back together! After figuring out who the killer is, Beckett tries to make some anonymous moves to keep someone from being used by the CIA for the rest of their life. It gets hers fired from the FBI. Oops.


Beckett finds herself with a bit too much time on her hands after episode three...

Beckett finds herself with a bit too much time on her hands after episode three…


My last episode starts with Beckett out of work and Castle being called in to help with a case. To his chagrin, the reason why he’s called is because someone who has taken a bunch of people hostage in a dentists office is his biggest fan and wants only him. She tasks Castle with finding the real perp who killed her boyfriend. Castle gets in deep trying to find the real killer and even gets shot in the process; don’t worry ladies and Mal Reynolds stalkers, he’s fine. Beckett, even though not working in the department anymore, is crucial in catching the real killer and it helps her to get back her old job.


Castle's number one fan may be more than she appears

Castle’s number one fan may be more than she appears


My overall impression of this season is that, well, it’s great! If you have ever watched any episodes of Castle, you know what makes it fantastic watch: consistency. This show has one great episode after another, without having any “down” shows (even the clip shows are awesome!).  Another of Castle’s trademarks is the humor. Fillion is an expert at comedic timing and he nails everything perfectly. You’ll often find yourself laughing out loud while you’re scratching your head trying to figure out “whodunnit”. The cast has great chemistry and it shows with the intricate timing. I will say that I was not a big fan of the gang being split up; yes, it helped build a little tension and made it that much sweeter whenever Beckett came back, but it still irked me some. This is just a small blip in what is otherwise a stellar start to Castle’s sixth season. In short, the season has started off great and shows of no signs of slowing down. If you have not watched an episode of Castle or if you’re a little behind, catch up. It’ll be worth the grinding…

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