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China Doesn’t Like Us (or Battlefield 4)!

So in a “shocking” turn of events, China has decided to ban the sale of the American made Battlefield 4. According to China’s Ministry of Culture, the game contains content that “threatens national security”. For those who haven’t played Battlefield 4, the majority of the game takes place in China fighting a threat to the US. In addition, this news comes directly after the release of the China Rising expansion pack which just happens to contain four multiplayer maps on the Chinese mainland.


China Rising: Causing international relations problems since...ummm, yesterday

China Rising: Causing international relations problems since…ummm, yesterday


All this aside, the Wall Street Journal pointed out that this will not negatively effect sales of Battlefield 4 in China due to the fact that EA doesn’t sale Battlefields in that particular continent. Also, a Chinese newspaper recently accused Battlefield 4 of “discrediting China’s image” and “distorting the truth in an effort to mislead young people.” Nice. Little do these people know that this “negative” publicity will just increase the sales of BF4 Stateside and abroad.

If you haven’t played Battlefield 4, go ahead…it’s good. The multiplayer is very good and the single player has an adequate storyline (unlike the other BFs…blech). However, I HIGHLY recommend purchasing it now just to stick it to da’ man!

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