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Colin Farrell in Next True Detective?

For anyone who has seen True Detective (and if you haven’t…what’s wrong with you?!?) you have eagerly been awaiting any new news on season 2. Casting rumors have been pretty hot and heavy ever since May, so why not add some fuel to the fire? Hello, Colin Farrell!

Even though the last rumors revolved around Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain for the two detective leads, grabbing someone like Farrell seems like kind of a let down. For me, True Detective is an amazing story that is delivered by spot on acting. I’m not sure that Farrell is what gets me excited considering his recent string of duds at the box office. True, I would have said the same thing about MatthewMcConaughey (at least before his stellar run of acting that includes Mud and Dallas Buyers Club) before I saw his amazing performance in season one. 

Also heavily rumored to be alongside Farrell is Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins, Friday Night Lights) as the second lead of the show. Again, not super excited here; even though Kitsch is not a bad actor, he doesn’t lend to the same sort of cred as someone like Woody Harrelson brings to the table. Again, I could be (and probably will be) wrong about all of this and the new duo be superb. Or, equally likely, that these rumors are just that and the actors will be totally different. Either way, the script is done and is “more exciting” than even season one, according to according to HBO President Michael Lombardo. At a Q & A panel during the recent TCA press event, Lombardo also went on to say

We’re in conversations now on the cast. And I assume at least some announcements will be happening in the next week. 

This is extremely exciting news and it’s looking more and more like we won’t have to wait long in order to find out for sure. We’ll keep you posted here for more information. By the way, if you think I’m full of crap…let me have it (in the comments below)!


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