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Destiny Beta Allows Your Friends to Join

…even if they didn’t preorder. That’s right, we’re a mere days away from one of the most anticipated beta releases of the summer. Yes, beta. The MMO-FPS-RPG from Bungie will begin it’s beta phase on July 17th on PS4 and PS3. Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will get their chance starting July 23rd. Anyone who preordered the game is encouraged to signup at the Official Destiny Website where they can choose their preferred platform and connect to other people excited about this game.

But I said something about played in the beta if you didn’t preorder. If you’re one of those folks, chances are you may know someone who did preorder this game. If so, go out and buy them some tacos, maybe a case of Mountain Dew, or just be a really good suck-up and then ask them for a code. Each person that preordered the game will be getting two additional beta codes that they can give out to their friends, long lost relatives, or complete strangers. So if you happen to be one of those that doesn’t have friends, watch websites,especially this one, social media, blogs, even your email and you will probably see codes popping up from all over.

The official Destiny release will be September 9th for all platforms, so there’s still plenty of time to like this game. And from the coverage of the alpha, a lot of people have been swayed into actually liking this game.

Are you already excited for this game? Tell us why, what platform you’ll be playing on, or what your favorite guardian is. And maybe we’ll see you in the beta!

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