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Destiny Giving Free Upgrades to Next-Gen

Have you pre-ordered Destiny for the Xbox360 or Playstation3? Do you hesitate to spend your hard earned cash on that next-gen console because you don’t want to lose all your sweet loot? Do you lie away at night wondering if you’ll be left out of the group when Ol’ Saint Nick brings them a new console down the chimney?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, pay attention this announcement. From now until January 15, 2105, Activision and Bungie are allowing those who buy the digital versions of Destiny ( Standard or Guardian editions) as well as expansion packs or season passes for the Xbox360 or Playstation3 to upgrade to the next-gen version for the low, low price of …wait for it…free. Simply login to your PSN or XBL account on the new console, navigate to the page, add to cart, complete transaction, wait bajillion seconds for the download and install to complete and voila, you’re playing on the next-gen console for free! Certain restictions do apply – this is only allowed between the same family of consoles (ie. PS3-PS4 or XB306 -XB1). Additionally, if you buy a physical version of the game, you will have to purchase a copy of the base game for the next-gen console, but the expansion pass will be available for free.

As a bonus, according to the Destiny Upgrade FAQ, all of your fat loot will still be available when you upgrade. All save data is shared between console families. This could be more useful to others if they were to spend time somewhere that had a PS3, like their old room back home when visiting mommy, and back home was the PS4.

Stay tuned to next week for more details on Destiny. And remember, release date is coming fast – 9/9.

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