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Destiny Headlines Activision’s Record Q3

Activision makes money. A TON of money. Case in point, the mega gaming company set a new record for a quarter…the third quarter. They did break their own record, however, so this is just icing on the proverbial cake. The new mark for them to beat, is a whopping $1.7 billion…BILLION! And Q3 is the typically boring months of August, September and October. And their previous record was a (then) impressive $657 million just the year before. Of course, the main reason for this impressive boost is for the mega hit Destiny. The new IP brought in a crazy $500 in revenue, well on its way to becoming a billion dollar franchise.

Activision also released some pretty interesting tidbits regarding Destiny. According to statistics from Bungie, players average three hours a day playing the sci-fi shooter on weekdays, adding an hour on the weekends. Since its release, 9.5 million registered users and current players have logged on to Destiny servers. Now will we see a sequel? Oh, yes! Plans are already well under way for not only more content but a sequel as well. SHOCK! Stay tuned for all of your Activision makes more money than you news!


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