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April Fools: Disney Announces Star Wars/Marvel Crossover Trilogy

Today, Disney officially announced it’s first Star Wars film outside of the new trilogy. Star Wars 616, with the name coming from the name of the universe in which Marvel exists, Universe 616, Debuting in late 2016, will feature a crossover between the universes of Star Wars and it’s Disney owned cousin Marvel.

Comedian Patton Oswalt spawned the idea of a Marvel/Star Wars crossover in a monologue on the popular NBC comedy “Parks and Recreation”, and the idea quickly gained attention as nerds everywhere cried out for the idea of a universe crossover to become a reality.


Disney CEO Bob Iger and the studio heads Kevin Feige and Kathleen Kennedy must have taken notice as well, but when something like this gains a lot of positive steam, it’s hard to ignore. Iger released a statement confirming the crossover trilogy today.

“We saw this monologue gaining popularity online, and then it hit us. We have two hugely successful franchises that people would love to see on the big screen together. We started talking to our creative teams at Lucasfilm and Marvel about it and they were on board. We want to make this a trilogy, and we are still in the planning stages right now, but expect more news later this year.”

Iger also hinted at the possibility of hiring Oswalt as a writer, but didn’t give any hints as to who would helm the crossover trilogy.

For now we can only speculate. Oswalt’s Infinity Gauntlet Idea certainly is the most sensible way to connect the two universes, perhaps even bringing back popular deceased characters such as Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Vader to fight alongside Iron man, Thor, and Marvel’s other leading superheroes.

For more info on the new trilogy click here

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