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Dr. Strange Director Announced

There’s no disputing that Marvel rules the cinematic universe at this point. With such huge successes as The Avengers and, most recently, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Marvel movies are just raking in the cash by the boat loads. With all of the uncertainty surrounding their Ant-Man movie, Marvel needed a win with their other niche future franchises, Dr. Strange. Even though none of the lead actors have been cast, Marvel has chosen it’s director for the good doctor: Scott Derrickson.

Scott Derrickson, known more for some recent horror flicks such as Sinister and the upcoming Deliver Us From Evil, should bring a much darker tone to the Sorcerer Supreme. I know most Marvel comics/movie fans were expecting directing news of a different sort but this is still news…I haven’t personally seen any of Mr. Derrickson’s films, so I’ll reserve the title of “good”  for the news for now. We’ll see what further direction the film takes after the cast, plot and dust have settled; for now we will have to wait and see.



Scott Derrickson’s oh-so-subtle Twitter post…


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