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Dragon Age Inquisition Adds Co-op Multiplayer

EA and Bioware have announced today that the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition will be the first in the series to feature a Cooperative Multiplayer mode, although it may not exactly be what fans have wanted.  The mode comes in the form of specialized missions made specifically for multiplayer, rather than the full game’s campaign mode.  Instead, up to four players will be able to take one of three Inquisition classes; Warrior, Rogue and Mage through missions that will have no bearing on the games single player story.

Three missions will be able to be accessed when the game launches, and each features randomly generated areas and enemies.  The focus will be more on the RPG elements of the series, with a heavy emphasis on group battles and looting.  The game is slated to come out on November 18, 2014 and be sure to check back with for our full review that week.

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