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E3 2014 – Devil’s Third Multiplayer and Campaign Gameplay Trailers Debuted

Our friends at IGN revealed today a brand new game from Vahalla Games, Itagaki’s new studio, called Devil’s Third. Devil’s Third is a third person online shooter with several interesting game mechanics. Vehicles, melee combat and first person sniping were all shown as well as a brutal combat style not normally seen in Nintendo games. I saw a man cut in half for Pete’s sake! There were some very weird game modes also that involved chickens and/or melons being hurled into a giant blender…? This is a far cry from what is typical Nintendo (and probably why it was debuted off of the Nintendo Direct), but it is a much needed addition to the current WiiU library. Check it out and see for yourself…

[Video courtesy of IGN]

Also shown (after an awkward interview with Itagaki) was a campaign trailer for Devil’s Third. There was plenty of action to be shown in the highest resolution I’ve seen on a WiiU game up to this point. For WiiU owners who has been looking for an adult shooter for a while, this is for you. It’s VERY bloody for a WiiU game though so warn the kiddies! Here’s the trailer:


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