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E3 2014 – Nyko Unveils New Xbox One and PS4 Accessories

During this years E3, accessory maker Nyko unveiled a new lineup of accessories built to work with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Many of these accessories are part of what Nyko is calling their “Modular Line”.

“The Modular Line was built to augment the console’s functionality, ease of use, and convenience,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing at Nyko Technologies. “Each Modular item is designed to attach to the console and provide a specific function while working in tandem with one another. This allows users the ability to customize their system as much or as little as they please.”

The “Modular Line” consist of the following:

There were also several other accessories shown including:

Whether or not anyone really needs an Intercooler or a brush attached to their new console is highly debatable, but none the less, if you want them, Nkyo is making them for you. Will you be getting any of these accessories? Let us know in the comments below!

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