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EA E3 2014 Press Conference – Live Blog

We’ll be back at 3:00p EST (12:00p PDT) on Monday, June 9 for complete coverage of the EA press conference at E3 2014!

2:21 Josh Barnett

That does indeed wrap up Square’s show from E3 2015, some good games but overall a very dry conference.  Thanks for following along with us, be sure to check out our E3 podcasts posting later on this week.

2:18 Chuck Nalley

Montage #3…>groan<

2:16 Josh Barnett

One final announcement, Tokyo RPG Factory is a new studio for Square Enix, and their new game codenamed Project Setsune.  Just some concept art but no further information.  Slated for 2016.  Sounds like that’s going to wrap up the show for Square Enix.

2:12 Josh Barnett

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is out Early 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

2:11 Josh Barnett

At least there’s this Deus Ex footage.  This game is beautiful.

2:03 Josh Barnett

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness will be out in 2016.

2:01 Chuck Nalley

The new Hitman game seems to be an ever changing, evolving world with new added missions, weapons, locales and hits can appear at any time and for a limited time. Sounds super cool…but I wonder about the practical application and the initial launch content

2:00 Josh Barnett

New Star Ocean game.  Integrity and Faithlessness is the subtitle.

1:51 Josh Barnett

Hitman on stage now, coming 12/8.

1:50 Chuck Nalley

Okay, Kingdom Hearts 3 was cool (albeit too short) and all…but this? All you have to say is “World of Final Fantasy is coming out. Now, here’s something else…”

1:47 Josh Barnett

This conference is incredibly dry, other than Kingdom Hearts and Just Cause, nothing has been necessary as it has all been shown this week with better presentations.

1:45 Josh Barnett

KH3 is beautiful and the combat looks intense.  Still no release date.

1:40 Chuck Nalley

Okay, FINALLY some Kingdom Hearts 3!

1:40 Josh Barnett

Finally, Kingdom Hearts 3 footage is about to be shown.

1:39 Josh Barnett

Kingdom Hearts Unchained coming for mobile platforms.

1:39 Chuck Nalley

This Kingdom Hearts game looks fun and all…but what the hell???

1:36 Josh Barnett

No, instead they show the same FF7 footage from yesterday.

1:35 Chuck Nalley

Yes, Square Enix…we’ve already seen this exact FF7 trailer

1:34 Chuck Nalley

Ummmm…where’s the interpreter??? I don’t know Japanese!

1:33 Josh Barnett

Kingdom Hearts 3 time?

1:31 Josh Barnett

Lara Croft Go coming to mobile platforms.

1:29 Josh Barnett

And there was no real new footage of Tomb Raider…and instead we will talk about new Mobile Games…

1:29 Chuck Nalley

That’s it on Tomb Raider?!?! That was GARBAGE!

1:25 Josh Barnett

More Tomb Raider.  Let’s get some new footage and not just repurposed footage from Microsoft’s showing.

1:25 Chuck Nalley

That much time dedicated to a Nier sequel…REALLY?!?

1:21 Josh Barnett

A new Nier game coming to PS4, only production artwork being shown now.  Cool world, but I’ve never played the original.  Anything Platinum wants me to play I will give a shot.

1:13 Josh Barnett

Just Cause 3 launches December 1, 2015.  Pure insanity in an open world.

1:13 Chuck Nalley

Looks like Just Cause 3 debuts this year! 12/1/15!!

1:09 Josh Barnett

Hopefully there is at least one surprise from Square Enix today.  Please give me a new Sleeping Dogs!  This conference is very quiet and intimate.

1:07 Josh Barnett

Square opens up with Just Cause footage.

12:53 Josh Barnett

A nice 30th anniversary Mario video to end the show.  Nintendo did not come strong this year.  StarFox was great, but with no Zelda, Nintendo needed something big to make up for it.  We will be jumping over to Square here in a moment, be sure to join us for their announcements as well!

12:47 Josh Barnett

Mario Maker coming out 9/11/15.

12:45 Josh Barnett

Mario can take costumes from other Nintendo characters if you use the corresponding Amiibo.

12:43 Josh Barnett

I just want to play all of the crazy levels Mario Fans can make in Mario Maker.

12:42 Josh Barnett

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam coming in 2016.  Looks to be half Paper Mario half Mario & Luigi series.  Also fun.  Only on 3DS.

12:39 Josh Barnett

Yoshi’s Wooly World drops in October 2015.  On to Yokai Watch, the new Pokemon-style craze in Japan.

12:38 Chuck Nalley

Yoshi Wooly World looks clever, charming and CRAZY fun! The Amiibo integration looks interesting as well

12:36 Josh Barnett

The yarn games are gorgeous and Yoshi’s Wooly World looks like a ton of fun, too.  Plush Amiibo is a smart move.

12:35 Chuck Nalley

I get that Animal Crossing is SUPER popular, but both House Maker (or whatever) and Amiibo Gathering (or whatever) are suuuuuper weird and look like the biggest bandaids

12:33 Josh Barnett

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is Mario Party for Animal Crossing, using Amiibo without mini-games.  Not sure I see the point to this one.

12:32 Chuck Nalley

Huh, a 3 player co-op 3DS Zelda game…it actually looks really fun! Co-op looks to be a big part of both puzzle solving and combat

12:30 Josh Barnett

Xenoblade drops 12/4/15.

12:30 Josh Barnett

New Xenoblade Chronicles X footage.  Giant worlds with amazing scale.  Any JRPG fans should find a way to play this game.

12:26 Josh Barnett

Surprise Metroid announcement for 3DS, Metroid Prime Federation Force featuring Metroid Prime Blast Ball, not much info other than that it’s coming in 2016.

12:23 Josh Barnett

Hyrule Warriors on 3DS, it’s just really sad that there’s so many Zelda announcements without the hope of the REAL Zelda being shown today.

12:18 Josh Barnett

Surprise new 3DS Zelda.  Bringing back the feel of Four Swords adventures, in the Link Between Worlds universe.  The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes.

12:15 Chuck Nalley

Woh! Nintendo Amiibo’s in Skylanders…with vehicles?!? That’s a BIG get for Activision!

12:14 Josh Barnett

Very smart of Nintendo to partner with Activision and get Amiibo into Skylanders, bring some real use to those great looking collectibles.

12:11 Josh Barnett

Lots of cool info on Starfox, hopefully I can get used aiming with tilt controls.  Arwing can transform into multiple different vehicles with the touch of a button.

12:11 Chuck Nalley

Starfox: Zero isn’t going to win any graphics awards…but who cares? It looks fun and the Wii U needs it

12:06 Chuck Nalley

FINALLY an actual Star Fox game…looks like some very intersting, and FUN, gameplay mechanics. This is a solid start!

12:06 Josh Barnett

Starfox Zero coming Holiday 2015.  Fans of the franchise should be very pleased with the footage.

12:05 Josh Barnett

Beginning with Starfox Wii U footage.  Smooth 60 Frames, your Arwing can basically turn into a Chocobo.

12:02 Chuck Nalley

Well, Nintendo knows how to make a weird ass entrance…

12:01 Josh Barnett

Nintendo is underway.  Muppets style intro in pure Nintendo fashion.

11:57 Chuck Nalley

Looking for some surprises here from Nintendo: Star Fox, Metroid … but what they really need is a new IP that is fresh and exciting. Come on, Nintendo; WOW me!

11:46 Josh Barnett

After a blistering days 1 and 2 of press conferences, we’re just 15 minutes away from Nintendo’s Direct briefing.  Keep with us for all of the news!

10:35 Josh Barnett

Thanks for following everybody!  That’s going to wrap our live blog coverage of day 1 of E3.  Be sure to catch up with us tomorrow for Nintendo and Square-Enix!

10:35 Chuck Nalley

Sorry…I should have been blogging there but I couldn’t take my eyes off of that AMAZING Uncharted gameplay!

10:35 Josh Barnett

Great way to end the show with a blistering demo of Uncharted, interestingly focusing more on the car chase than the cover-based shooting.

10:32 Josh Barnett

An insane car chase with fully open paths, multiple ways to evade your pursuer.

10:29 Josh Barnett

The world seems to be completely destructible.  Gone are the days of endlessly hiding behind cover.

10:27 Josh Barnett

Little hiccup there, demo restarts.

10:27 Chuck Nalley

And now Uncharted 4 gameplay…Oops

10:25 Josh Barnett

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to close out the show.

10:24 Josh Barnett

This game is gorgeous. Large scale battles with explosions and chaos all over.

10:23 Chuck Nalley

A bunch of Sony exclusive Star Wars stuff…also, SW: Battlefront is amazingly gorgeous!

10:21 Josh Barnett

More Battlefront footage, Patrick Bach from Dice on stage to debut new footage.

10:17 Josh Barnett

Star Wars time, starting with Infinity.

10:15 Chuck Nalley

Call of Duty is now partnered with Sony…that’s a BIG get. Well done, Sony. Well done

10:14 Josh Barnett

Call of Duty DLC deal has swapped houses from Microsoft to Sony.  First on PS4 now.

10:11 Josh Barnett

Black Ops 3 also gets a Multiplayer trailer and is playable on the E3 show floor.

10:08 Chuck Nalley

Is Call of Duty using…Plasmids???

10:08 Josh Barnett

First time ever, co-operative campaign for Call of Duty.  Up to 4 players at a time.

10:05 Josh Barnett

Black Ops 3 on a Sony stage.  It’s crazy to see something like this.

10:03 Josh Barnett

Leave it to Andrew House to bog down what has been a spectacular show with talk of things like Playstation Vue and Playstation Music.

10:02 Josh Barnett

Touting multiplayer with Morpheus, up to 4 people on screen with 1 on the headset at the same time.

10:00 Josh Barnett

Time for Project Morpheus.  Interesting to see how VR gets demoed on stage.

9:59 Chuck Nalley

Batman: Arkham Knight opens with The Joker getting cremated…or was that really Mr. J???




also, new Scarecrow effects gameplay!

9:56 Josh Barnett

New Arkham Knight trailer.  Opens with Joker being cremated.

9:54 Josh Barnett

Shenmue 3 finally coming, launching through Kickstarter.  This is the conference of gaming comebacks.

9:53 Chuck Nalley

Wow! Shenmue 3 is actually happening

9:52 Josh Barnett

4 new titles from Independent Studio Devolver Digital.  Ronin, Eitr, Mother Russia Bleeds and Crossing Souls coming to Playstation platforms.

9:51 Josh Barnett

Final Fantasy 7 finally gets it’s full remake, first on PS4, though no word on release date yet.

9:50 Chuck Nalley

Final Fantasy 7 remake…now that’s the FF game people were expecting

9:49 Josh Barnett

World of Final Fantasy console exclusive to Vita and PS4.

9:48 Chuck Nalley

World of Final Fantasy…not really the FF game people were wanting

9:48 Chuck Nalley

Dreadful Crimes expansion for AC: Syndicate exclusive for PS4

9:47 Josh Barnett

Exclusive missions for PS4 from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

9:44 Josh Barnett

Destiny: The Taken King expansion out 9-15-15.  New subclasses and super abilities for each class and new areas.

9:42 Chuck Nalley

Is that it for Firewatch??? Disappointing…

9:41 Josh Barnett

Adam Boyes out on stage to talk about Destiny.  Time for the next expansion.

9:37 Josh Barnett

New game is called Dreams, another creation suite that seems to be controlled entirely via the move sensors in the dual shock 4.

9:37 Chuck Nalley

Why is someone as bid as Media Molecule not getting good air time?

9:36 Chuck Nalley

So….many…English accents

9:34 Josh Barnett

Media Molecule back on the stage.

9:33 Chuck Nalley

Scanning and record keeping (of your galactic exploits) are very cool…but the destructible environments were ugly and underwhelming

9:31 Chuck Nalley

Yuck…this developer didn’t seem overly confident that this demo would work

9:31 Josh Barnett

Sigh of relief as he warps to a planet and the game doesn’t crash.  Always a good sign.  The ambition of No Man’s Sky is absolutely insane.

9:29 Chuck Nalley

No doubt about it, No Man’s Sky is freaking MASSIVE!

9:29 Chuck Nalley

Exclusive beta for pre-order on Street Fighter V and the new Hitman on PS4

9:27 Josh Barnett

Welcome back Hello Games.  No Man’s Sky demo, hopefully we see the combat.

9:26 Josh Barnett

Console exclusive beta for Hitman coming to PS4.  Next up is Street Fighter V.

9:24 Josh Barnett

Square Enix reveals a new Hitman trailer.  Simply titled “Hitman”.  Welcome back, Agent 47.

9:23 Chuck Nalley

The dialog was kinda crap but the Horizon is a game I plan on picking up

9:22 Josh Barnett

Game title revealed.  Horizon Zero Dawn.  No release date yet, but you better believe it’s on my radar.

9:20 Chuck Nalley

Woh…the design and uniqueness of this Guerrilla Games IP has me very intrigued

9:19 Josh Barnett

Gorgeous post societal world.  Vegetation has taken back the planet, indigenous people hunt cybernetic animals.  Full gameplay trailer.

9:17 Chuck Nalley

No doubt about it…Guerrilla Games makes some damn pretty games

9:16 Josh Barnett

Guerrilla Games out on stage, time to finally see Project Horizon?

9:15 Chuck Nalley

Last Guardian is almost all about an emotional relationship between a young boy and his dog/bird thing. Yep, that thing is going to die

9:14 Josh Barnett

The Last Guardian comes out 2016.  About time.

9:11 Josh Barnett

This world is still as beautiful as ever.  The detail in the level design is amazing.

9:09 Chuck Nalley

Bird Dog! I’m still not 100% sold that this game (Last Guardian) is ever coming out, but Team Ico makes some damn fine games

9:08 Josh Barnett

And I’m right, right off the bat!  Last Guardian finally appears!

9:05 Josh Barnett

Mark my words, Last. Guardian!  It will be here tonight.

9:02 Josh Barnett

And here we go, Sony is underway at E3 2015!

9:00 Chuck Nalley

Wrapping up our killer Monday coverage with Sony’s conference! Getting stoked!

8:57 Josh Barnett

A little under 5 minutes until Sony’s press briefing!  Countdown starts now!

7:14 Josh Barnett

That closes out a great Ubisoft conference.  Check back with at 9 PM EST for Sony’s show.  Thanks everyone!

7:11 Josh Barnett

Ghost Recon is back!  Ghost Recond: Wild Lands! That trailer was spectacular!

7:08 Josh Barnett

Whatever this is, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

7:06 Josh Barnett

Time to close out the show with one more secret game.

7:04 Chuck Nalley

SO, can you increase your gang by recruitment in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate? That’s cool if so

6:59 Josh Barnett

Time for Assassin’s Creed.  Ubi has a LOT of work to do to gain my trust back after Unity.  The world of Victorian London helps a lot.

6:56 Chuck Nalley

Looks like Trackmania Turbo, a crazy F1 racer with crazy Trials style track creation, is coming to console with 4 player local co-op!

6:54 Josh Barnett

Track mania always has the best player created levels.  Happy to see it finally coming to consoles.

6:52 Chuck Nalley

Look for the Rainbow Six Seige beta on September 24th!

6:49 Chuck Nalley

Is it just me or do Rainbow Six and The Division look way scaled down graphically?

6:47 Chuck Nalley

Looks like Terro Hunt is team based MP vs very difficult AI…? If so, cool!

6:46 Josh Barnett

After a lot of pomp and circumstance with Angela Bassett, we finally get a gameplay trailer for Rainbow Six.

6:44 Chuck Nalley

Dear Ubisoft: Please just show the Rainbow Six gameplay…PLEASE!

6:41 Josh Barnett

Interesting story trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, didn’t expect that much of a story involved at all.

6:39 Chuck Nalley

Nevermind, Ubisoft just put the air brakes on their show with Just Dance

6:35 Chuck Nalley

Impromptu dance party…ENGAGE!

6:35 Josh Barnett

It’s time for the yearly dance party with a celebrity I’m too old to know!  Go Just Dance 2016!

6:34 Chuck Nalley

“F___ YOU KINECT!” – Just Dance

6:31 Chuck Nalley

The cinematic trailer was cool…but does the world really need another SimCity game in Anno 2205?

6:31 Josh Barnett

Anno 2205 debuts with a crazy science fiction trailer showing moon colonies.  Gameplay trailer reveals a Sim City style game that spans between Earth and The Moon.

6:29 Chuck Nalley

Take note, EA…Ubisoft is showing you how to run an E3 presser

6:28 Josh Barnett

March 8, 2016 release date for the Division.  Finally, a release date, bring on Q1.

6:27 Josh Barnett

Brian, NO!  One team mate abandoned his squad and turned on them at the last second, leaving the group and killing every unsuspecting person.

6:26 Chuck Nalley

Wow! Turning rogue at the end of a mission?!? AWESOME!

6:25 Josh Barnett

Long gameplay demo, lots of headset chatter as 4 players go through a desolate New York, a ton of cool gadgets being used to determine threats and potential battles.

6:22 Chuck Nalley

I want The Division. Now. Badly

6:20 Chuck Nalley

DAMN! That Trials Fusion expansion trailer took me by COMPLETE surprise! I’m sure I’ll download that again…

6:20 Josh Barnett

The Division is up next, still cannot wait for this game.

6:19 Chuck Nalley

The Crew, even though not for me, is super popular…good on ya, Ubi

6:16 Josh Barnett

The gameplay demo ends with a brutal special kill of another player-controlled character, swords slicing through limbs and decapitating his foe to huge applause.  No word on release date.

6:16 Chuck Nalley

For Honor looks like a more refined (fun) Dynasty Warriors…I’m in!

6:14 Josh Barnett

4 v 4 melee combat with large-scale Dynasty Warriors style battles.

6:12 Josh Barnett

The title is For Honor, an intense action-heavy trailer showing three different ancient ages.  Viking, Medieval and Feudal Samurai warriors clash with their enemies.  Very effective trailer.

6:09 Josh Barnett

Ubisoft is coming out strong.  Following the biggest surprise announcement of South Park with an entirely new IP in a “new genre”.

6:05 Chuck Nalley

What is wrong with those Ubisoft mics???

6:04 Josh Barnett

South Park: The Fractured But Whole may go down as the best video game name of all-time.

6:03 Chuck Nalley

Fractured butthole…I mean But Whole…good lord, I love South Park!

6:01 Josh Barnett

South Park: Stick of Truth sequel opens the show!

6:00 Josh Barnett

Ubisoft are coming up here in just a few minutes, stay tuned everyone!

5:27 Josh Barnett

And that will close out EA’s media briefing for 2015.  Definitely an interesting one with some hiccups toward the end.  We will be sure to get those fixed and make sure you see us back here at 6:00 EST for Ubisoft’s conference as well!  Thanks everybody.

5:26 Chuck Nalley

Regardless of what you think about space battles, limited maps and what have you…that gameplay trailer was freaking insane! Hurray Battlefront!

5:25 Josh Barnett

The battle spans all over Hoth, eventually leading up to Luke and Darth Vader clashing lightsabers on the field of battle.  Title reveal, and I cannot wait to play Battlefront this November!

5:22 Chuck Nalley

Sorry for the glitches folks…even with the SUPER laggy video, this game looks crazy fun and very frenetic

5:22 Josh Barnett

And we are back, in the middle of a hectic battle on Hoth in Star Wars: Battlefront, gorgeous gameplay and action everywhere.  Rebels taking down Imperial Walkers.

5:18 Josh Barnett

Technical difficulties with our live stream, we will be back up in a moment, everyone.

5:12 Chuck Nalley

Mixing NFL Legends with current players is cool, but nothing new

5:10 Josh Barnett

We are back on sports, this time it’s the NFL and we’re focusing on Fantasy drafting within Madden.

5:09 Chuck Nalley

REALLY?!? Back to sports??? This is stupid

5:06 Josh Barnett

February 23, 2016 for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the origin story for Faith.

5:05 Josh Barnett

Mirror’s Edge is still, hands down, the best free running game on the market.  Catalyst should be on everyone’s radar.

5:05 Chuck Nalley

Good lord, Mirror’s Edge is crazy beautiful; mixed with the speed of the game, this is very impressive!

5:04 Chuck Nalley

Okay, back to relevant games…YEAH MIRROR’S EDGE!

5:04 Josh Barnett

Finally! Mirror’s Edge time!

5:01 Chuck Nalley

Fifa is adding in women’s soccer this year…which is honestly pretty cool

4:55 Chuck Nalley

From sports to mobile and now back to sports?? Who planned this?!?

4:50 Chuck Nalley

I mean, this Minion game could potentially be fun…but at E3?!? This is not the vehicle for this type of game

4:49 Chuck Nalley

“Literally everyone still watching this is just waiting for Battlefront” – Evan Swafford

4:48 Josh Barnett

Time to focus on mobile gaming, Star Wars Battle of Heroes is a new Collectible Card Game and Minions Paradise is a tie-in with Dreamworks’ ultra popular Despicable Me franchise.

4:42 Josh Barnett

Implementing EA’s Gameface with an app that takes a quick model of your face and puts it in the game.  I really hope we get the same alien-like creations that we saw in NBA 2k15.

4:40 Chuck Nalley

Another year, another failed NBA Live game…sigh

4:39 Josh Barnett

EA is just going to keep on trying with NBA games.  Live is up on stage again.

4:38 Chuck Nalley

This EA presser is seriously not well put together

4:38 Chuck Nalley

This EA presser is seriously NOT well put together

4:36 Josh Barnett

Bring on the Canadians!  NHL time.  Now we move into the gratuitous EA Sports segment.

4:32 Chuck Nalley

I actually really liked PvZ: Garden Warfare 1…very fun and cleverly designed. GW2 should be even more of the same

4:30 Josh Barnett

Four player co-op mode shown off and highlights the new zombie character classes.

4:26 Josh Barnett

Unravel is SUPER charming and seems to really nail the concept and mechanics.  And from that we go right into…a guy wearing a zombie superhero suit.  Plants vs Zombies up next.

4:26 Chuck Nalley

Okay, no lie…I had a big, dopey grin on my face during the Unravel gameplay trailer

4:23 Chuck Nalley

Wow…I feel bad for this guy. He is SO nervous!

4:22 Josh Barnett

New IP shown.  Unravel.  So far we’ve only seen the main character who is made of yarn and unravels as you move.  Interesting concept.

4:21 Chuck Nalley

Crickets…literal crickets during this EA presentation

4:16 Josh Barnett

New Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire focuses on more Bioware-styled storytelling and releases this October.

4:15 Josh Barnett

There’s no denying the beauty of this new Need for Speed game, I just hope there’s enough to differentiate it from previous titles.

4:14 Chuck Nalley

I will say that this arcade racer is pretty as hell with a TON of customization

4:13 Josh Barnett

Gameplay trailer focuses on the wide variety of tuning options for full car customization.

4:12 Josh Barnett

Need for Speed focuses on 5 gameplay modes.  Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw.  Seems to be bringing together elements from all of their past titles.  Out this November 3.

4:09 Chuck Nalley

Can’t tell you how much I could give a sh!t about Need for Speed…

4:09 Josh Barnett

All of the wet roads in Need For Speed, reflections all over the game.

4:07 Trey Elliott

I need so much more Mass Effect in my life…

4:05 Josh Barnett

Mass Effect Andromeda coming Holiday 2016!  Gorgeous, short trailer, hopefully we get more today.

4:04 Chuck Nalley

WOW! Opening strong for EA!! A new Mass Effect!

4:04 Josh Barnett

And we are under way with EA and a BANG, Mass Effect right up front!

4:00 Chuck Nalley

Getting ready for the EA E3 press conference! Show…me……..MASS EFFECT!

2:03 Trey Elliott

That’s it for us guys! We’ll see you at 4pm EST for the EA event!!

2:02 Trey Elliott

Phil Spencer is now closing out the show. That was a solid showing by Microsoft!

2:00 Trey Elliott

Very long gameplay for what is now titled “Gears 4”. I personally can’t wait! It’ll be here Holiday of 2016!

1:58 Chuck Nalley

Gears of War 4 gameplay! Darker, prettier and super tense! Man, dat tornado, doh!

1:56 Trey Elliott

Seeing Gears of War 4 in action now. Looks amazing so far!

1:54 Trey Elliott

Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming Aug 25th, with a beta starting today!

1:51 Trey Elliott

Man, this tech is so impressive…

1:50 Josh Barnett

Hololens, welcome to the crazy future of augmented reality!  Building a 3D gamespace that can be controlled with gesture or voice commands.  Shown off with Minecraft.

1:50 Chuck Nalley

Holy crap…that is damn impressive. Hololens: the future is NOW!

1:47 Trey Elliott

We’re about to get some Minecraft and Holo Lens news

1:47 Chuck Nalley

I am very intrigued by Hololens…I need a price point though

1:46 Trey Elliott

Oculus will work closely with Windows 10, and you can play XBO games via streaming if you have a good rig and a XBO.

1:44 Josh Barnett

New trailer for Fable Legends, coming this holiday, finally.

1:43 Trey Elliott

Sea of Thieves looks like a pirate MMO, complete with ship combat! That looked pretty cool!

1:42 Josh Barnett

A shared-universe pirate adventure from Rare?  YES PLEASE!

1:41 Trey Elliott

New Rare title being shown now. XBO exclusive.

1:39 Trey Elliott

We’re getting Rare Replay! 30 Rare games for . And 10,000 achievement points to boot!

1:38 Trey Elliott

We’re seeing a bunch of Rare games now…

1:38 Chuck Nalley

The tenseness in that trailer, and the amazing background visuals, are just stupendous

1:35 Josh Barnett

A harrowing climb up the side of a frozen cliff as Lara chases down an ancient temple.  LOTS of weather effects and cinematic moments, including an avalanche!

1:32 Chuck Nalley

I am SOOOOO excited for Tom Raider!

1:31 Josh Barnett

Tomb Raider time, first gameplay footage features Lara in an icy cave, great environment effects.

1:30 Josh Barnett

Another Game Preview game, Ion being shown.  Massive universe and space exploration.

1:30 Trey Elliott

This but really likes his “o” sounds…

1:29 Chuck Nalley

Nice accent, Dundee…

1:28 Trey Elliott

Wow. Xbox Game Preview is basically Steam Early Access. That’s a really smart move!

1:27 Trey Elliott

Tacoma, Beyond Eyes, Cuphead, and Ashen are all premiering exclusively on XBO. I am happy to see Microsoft still pushing indie!

1:26 Trey Elliott

We’re now seeing Cuphead, this game looks amazing!!!

1:25 Josh Barnett

Beyond Eyes now being showcased.  A game where you take the role of a blind girl experiencing a new world.  Super stylized and ethereal.  Great design choice with the world building around the player.

1:23 Trey Elliott

Aurora44 is showing off their new game Ashen. Really liking this art design!

1:21 Trey Elliott

Getting a look a Tacoma, from the Gone Home dev

1:20 Chuck Nalley

New ID@Xbox sizzle reel…YEAH CUPHEAD!!!

1:18 Josh Barnett

ID@Xbox showcase time, so excited!

1:16 Chuck Nalley

I’m getting pretty excited for Rainbow Six: Seige…especially now that I get Vegas/Vegas 2 for free!

1:16 Trey Elliott

I cannot freaking wait for Siege!

1:15 Josh Barnett

Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 confirmed backwards compatible as part of Xbox’s new initiative, and they will be included with all copies of Rainbow Six Siege.

1:14 Trey Elliott

Exclusive beta for The Division will be on XBO in December!

1:13 Trey Elliott

For a game they announced 2 years ago, I still don’t really know what the hell The Division is…

1:12 Chuck Nalley

Sweet! New The Division trailer!

1:11 Josh Barnett

Extremely atmospheric trailer featuring a titanic enemy.  Dark Should 3 confirmed for early 2016.

1:09 Josh Barnett

Dark Souls 3 being shown now.  Get hyped, From Software fans!

1:09 Chuck Nalley

Man, game makers can make racing games look SO pretty

1:09 Trey Elliott

It’s crazy how good Forza 6 looks

1:07 Chuck Nalley

Are they gonna raffle that GT off? I’ll buy a ticket…

1:07 Trey Elliott

Get your Ford on in Forza Motorsport 6!

1:05 Trey Elliott

New orange dude in PvZ was badass!!!

1:05 Josh Barnett

Cars! Cars! and more cars!  Forza 6 time.

1:03 Trey Elliott

They will also be adding Titanfall and Dragon Age: Inquisition to EA Access this year!

1:03 Josh Barnett

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 confirmed.  New characters and new modes, coming next spring.

1:02 Trey Elliott

EA Access will be free this entire week for all Gold members. That service is vastly under-rated.

1:00 Trey Elliott

You get a free copy of Fallout 3 exclusively with the XBO copy of Fallout 4 too!

1:00 Josh Barnett

Mod support for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, mods shared on PC can also be accessed on Xbox.  Great news for a booming community on the PC side!

1:00 Chuck Nalley


12:58 Trey Elliott

Laying waste to some dudes in a giant armored suit?! Yes please!!!

12:56 Chuck Nalley

Fallout 4 gameplay demo??? Yes, please!

12:56 Trey Elliott

Some of this is a bit redundant from last night’s Bethesda event.

12:54 Trey Elliott

Getting to see some of the first Fallout 4 detail!!

12:53 Josh Barnett

New Elite controller fixes a lot of issues I had with the original controller, specifically the trigger placement.

12:53 Trey Elliott

Fallout 4 time! Maybe we get some exclusive DLC?

12:52 Trey Elliott

They’re showing off some kind of pro level controller now

12:52 Chuck Nalley

That was huge! Well, game on Sony…

12:51 Trey Elliott

You’ll be able to play with others playing on their 360, and you’ll get the features of the Xbox One like screen shots and broadcasting

12:49 Chuck Nalley

WHAT?!?! Backwards compatibility?!?! Play 360 games on #XB1

12:48 Josh Barnett

Sci-fi worls, female protagonist with a robotic dog companion.  A battle ensues as she explores sand-covered ruins and the dog is killed. The hero puts the brain of the dog into another robotic body and the games title is revealed.  record, the mechanic seems to be based on moving your companion’s brain between multiple different bodies.  Exclusive, first party title.  Spring 2016.

12:48 Chuck Nalley

#Recore, a new first party IP,  looks to bring a very interesting mechanic…super interesting

12:48 Trey Elliott

Man, Recore is a serious get for Xbox!

12:45 Josh Barnett

New game being shown, from Keiji Inane, the creator of Megaman and developers from Retro studios that worked on Metroid Prime, this looks awesome!

12:44 Chuck Nalley

Wow! Warzone is 4x the size of normal Halo maps and will have Enemy AI fighting you while you fight other players!

12:42 Josh Barnett

Nice Spartan Abilities being shown.  Air dashes, ground pounds and stomps and what appears to be a Metal Gear showcased in a cinematic trailer to finish the demo.  Halo 5 10-27-15.  Gonna be a crowded winter.

12:42 Trey Elliott

10.27.15! I can’t wait!!

12:41 Chuck Nalley

Damn! The Guardian looks awesome!

12:41 Trey Elliott

That was awesome!!! Great villain moment there!!!

12:41 Chuck Nalley

The story beat here seems super interesting

12:39 Josh Barnett

Covenant causing chaotic destruction, tons of beautiful lighting effects as the world crumbles around the players.

12:38 Trey Elliott

Really liking the scale of this level they’re showing!


12:38 Chuck Nalley

The story beat here seems super interesting

12:37 Josh Barnett

Spoilers, Halo 5 is gorgeous, single player demo showing off the 4 player co-op campaign.

12:37 Chuck Nalley


12:36 Josh Barnett

We open up with Halo 5 Guardians, first time in a while I can remember we did not see Call of Duty to start the show!

12:35 Josh Barnett

One last test of the feed, we will see you in a second.

12:33 Josh Barnett

Microsoft is getting started here in just a moment.  Stay with us for our live coverage of their E3 press briefing!

11:00 Trey Elliott

Just testing the feed guys! We’ll see you all in a few hours!!

11:00 Evan Swafford

Thats going to wrap it up for us folks. Thanks for joining us! Hopefully you did better than us! #Emmys

11:00 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – I hate that awards shows cannot manage their time better…more time for the big awards please

10:59 Evan Swafford

Evan- Final seasons count! Breaking Bad cleaned up in its final year! Chuck wins with a sad score of 9-13. We were just even sadder.

10:58 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – NICE! So glad @BreakingBad_AMC got the clean sweep in the major categories…well deserved! #Emmys

10:57 Chuck Nalley

Best Drama series goes to – Breaking Bad


10:57 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Sit down, Josh…she will be done in a bit

10:56 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – I am still confused by curved TVs…why are they better again?

10:52 Evan Swafford

Evan- Me, 5-16 Chuck 8-13, Trey, 3-18, Josh 4-17

10:51 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – What’s the count up to now, Evan? #ChuckWins

10:51 Chuck Nalley

The winner for Best Comedy Series goes to – Modern Family


10:50 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – So happy for @BryanCranston for his portrayal of Walter White in @BreakingBad_AMC ! An amazing actor in the most stacked category in #Emmys history

10:49 Evan Swafford

Evan- Chucks lead just became permanent. Congrats. It being Breaking Bads last season has led it to destroy this awards season.

10:49 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – YES! So happy for @BryanCranston for his portrayal of Walter White in @BreakingBad_AMC ! What an amazing actor in the most stacked category in #Emmys history

10:48 Evan Swafford

Evan- Dont get me wrong, Cranston is great, but McConaughy was just ROBBED.

10:47 Trey Elliott

Trey – Never has a category been so stacked!

10:47 Chuck Nalley

Best Actor in a Drama Series goes to – Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad


10:41 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – I was really pulling for @RealRobinWright for this category… #EmmyRobbed

10:40 Chuck Nalley

Best Actress in a Drama Series goes to – Julianna Marguilies for The Good Wife


10:39 Evan Swafford

Evan- Robin Wright was ROBBED!! #Jenny #Emmy

10:37 Chuck Nalley

Best Writing in a Drama Series goes to – Moira Walley-Beckett for Breaking Bad


10:37 Evan Swafford

Evan- Halle Berry is almost on stage. Josh is breathing heavy.

10:36 Chuck Nalley

Best Guest Actor in a Drama goes to – Joe Morton for Scandal

Actress – Allison Janney for Masters of Sex


10:35 Evan Swafford

Evan- We all missed on all of those.

10:30 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Good to see one of my favorite shows of all time doing so well at the #Emmys…GO @BreakingBad_AMC !!!

10:28 Chuck Nalley

The #Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series goes to – Anna Gunn for @BreakingBad_AMC


10:28 Evan Swafford

Evan- Me and Chuck nailed that one. 5-11 trailing Chucks 7-9.

10:26 Chuck Nalley

The award for Best Directing in a Drama goes to – Cary Joji Fukunaga for True Detective


10:24 Evan Swafford

Evan- The Mysteries of Laura is going to be cancelled in record time.

10:20 Trey Elliott

Trey – Man that was tough to watch. So much amazing talent was lost this year.

10:16 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Super heart warming to see this memorial for Robin Williams; being delivered from Billy Crystal is very fitting

10:14 Evan Swafford

Evan- I get so sad watching this.

10:14 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – We lost a LOT of great actors, actresses and the people behind the scenes in entertainment this year…maybe more so than any other year

10:12 Trey Elliott

Trey – Sara Bareilles is so wonderful, its just silly.

10:12 Evan Swafford

Evan- 4-11-5 now. Chuck still leading at 6-9

10:09 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Sooooo happy for @aaronpaul_8 …well, WELL deserved!


10:09 Trey Elliott

Trey – So happy Paul won! That was a hell of a category.

10:09 Evan Swafford

Evan- Not a shocker. Aaron Paul goes out with a bang.

10:09 Chuck Nalley

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama goes to – Aaron Paul for BreakingBad_AMC


10:06 Evan Swafford

Evan- Its because you are a terrible person Chuck

10:05 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – for some reason, this rotating platform thing is very funny to me…

10:01 Evan Swafford

Evan- 3-11-5 now.  Beer me!

10:00 Evan Swafford

Evan- Not really shocking Chuck. Colbert has been the favorite like the past 4 years. And THIS is the guy leading right now… sheesh

9:59 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – WOW! That was the biggest shock of the night so far…but the acceptance was damn funny!

9:59 Evan Swafford

I love Colbert, but damn Jimmy Fallon deserved that.

9:58 Trey Elliott

Trey – This is amazing!

9:58 Evan Swafford

Evan- Too many picks with my heart this year…

9:57 Chuck Nalley

Best Variety Series goes to – The Colbert Report


9:56 Trey Elliott

Trey – Adam Levine likes weed…

9:55 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Cool…an Award for an Awards Show from an Awards Show

9:55 Evan Swafford

Evan- I love how he acted shocked and there was a guy standing next to him in the producers truck with an Emmy. #Emmys

9:55 Chuck Nalley

Best Directing for a Variety Series goes to – Glen Weiss for the 67th Annual Tony Awards


9:54 Trey Elliott

Trey – Chris Hardwick… not that funny tonight.

9:51 Evan Swafford

Evan- Random Key and Peele appearance….

9:47 Trey Elliott

Trey – I enjoy Sarah Silverman

9:46 Evan Swafford

Evan- We didnt pick this one. And now Im happy about that

9:46 Chuck Nalley

Best Writing for a Variety Special goes to – Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles


9:45 Trey Elliott

Trey – I’m back bitches!

9:43 Evan Swafford

Evan- Can Trey do it?!? And by that I mean not finish last…. #TreyWatch

9:42 Evan Swafford

Evan- Chuck 5-8, Evan and Josh 3-10, Trey 2-11.

9:42 Evan Swafford

Evan- 3-10-5. The climb continues…

9:41 Evan Swafford

Evan- That was the biggest lock of the show.  #TheNormalHeart is fantastic.

9:40 Chuck Nalley

Best Television Movie goes to – The Normal Heart


9:35 Evan Swafford

Evan- Well Im up to 2-10-4. Chuck with the lead at 4-8. My comeback starts now…. #Emmys

9:34 Evan Swafford

Evan- TREY IS ON THE BOARD!!!! #TreyWatch #dontcallitacomeback

9:34 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – FARGO! Sweet! way to go @FargoFX

9:33 Chuck Nalley

Best Miniseries goes to – Fargo


9:33 Evan Swafford

Evan- They seriously should reconsider the spoilers they are throwing around.

9:32 Josh Barnett

Josh – Weird Al needs to stick to parodying pop songs, that whole segment was painfully unfunny.

9:31 Evan Swafford

Evan- I love Weird Al but this is not very good  $Emmys

9:31 Josh Barnett

Josh – I love Weird Al, but he is being destroyed by South Park when it comes to GoT parody songs…

9:29 Evan Swafford

Evan- #TreyWatch 0-11  #Emmys #thetreyhole

9:29 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – WEIRD AL!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

9:28 Evan Swafford

Evan- Chuck with a commanding lead. at 3-8…..

9:27 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-10-3.  Im going to turn to alcohol now.

9:26 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – HA! The lead grows!

9:26 Chuck Nalley

Best Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie goes to – Jessica Lange for American Horror Story: Coven


9:22 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Hey! An AARP commercial…finally, a commercial that speaks to my demographic!

9:22 Evan Swafford

Evan- #TreyWatch 0-10  #Emmys

9:21 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-9-3. Sigh….

9:21 Josh Barnett

Josh – It would be that the only category I picked right would be the one where Big Bang wins. #Emmys

9:21 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – GAH! I was REALLY pulling for Billy Bob Thornton…crap!

9:21 Evan Swafford

Evan- I am legit speechless right now. NOBODY is doing well with predictions tonight! #Emmys

9:20 Chuck Nalley

Best Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie goes to – Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlock: His Last Vow


9:18 Evan Swafford

Evan- Dammit I love Woody and McConaughey #Emmys

9:14 Evan Swafford

Evan- TRUE story Chuck

9:13 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – HA! I took the lead…with two predictions correct. #TakeThatEvan #ShortLived

9:12 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Not sure how I feel about these #Emmys presenter countdowns…

9:12 Evan Swafford

Evan- #TreyWatch 0-9 #Emmya

9:11 Chuck Nalley

Best Director for a Miniseries or Movie goes to – Colin Bucksey for Fargo


9:09 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-8-3.  This is crazy. LOTS of upsets so far #Emmys

9:08 Chuck Nalley

Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie goes to – Martin Freeman for Sherlock: His Last Vow


9:06 Josh Barnett

Josh – Everything needs more Stephen Colbert.

9:05 Evan Swafford

Evan- Trey is 0-8. How long can it go?!? #TreyWatch #Emmys

9:05 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – is @treyelliott22 on the board yet? We’re already an hour in!

9:04 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-7-3 so far. And Im still tied for the lead. This is a bloodbath folks.

9:02 Chuck Nalley

Chuck: Super surprised and a little disappointed that Alison Tolman didn’t win for @FargoFX…man; she was SUPERB!

9:02 Evan Swafford

Evan- I mean I love Kathy Bates, but damn EVERYONE thought that was Julia Roberts or Allison Tolman. That was a huge shocker

9:01 Chuck Nalley

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie goes to – Kathy Bates for American Horror Story: Coven


9:00 Evan Swafford

Evan- WHAT?!?!?!

8:59 Evan Swafford

Evan- One of those guys just got up and walked away when he didnt win…… #Emmys

8:58 Chuck Nalley

Outstanding Writing in a Miniseries or Movie goes to – Sherlock: His Last Vow


8:51 Evan Swafford

Evan- Will Trey get one pick right tonight?!? #Emmys

8:51 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-6-3 so far.

8:49 Evan Swafford

Evan- and ANOTHER should win for me! My heart is loving this. My competitive side is not….

8:49 Josh Barnett

Josh – Awesome, because we need every single person ever born to get on stage for The Amazing Race…

8:48 Chuck Nalley

Best Reality Competition goes to – The Amazing Race


8:48 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-5-2 for me so far. My worst start in a LONG while.

8:47 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – The @OfficalJLD and @BryanCranston dynamic is hilarious!

8:46 Evan Swafford

Evan- Should have gone with the safe pick. JLD certainly deserves this though! She was my should win!

8:46 Chuck Nalley

Best Actress in a Comedy Series goes to – Julia Louis-Dreyfus for @VeepHBO


8:46 Josh Barnett

Josh – Bryan Cranston wins the night, that was hilarious!  Still sad Taylor Schilling did not win.

8:44 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Again, Seth Myers is the least funny person on stage up to this point

8:42 Evan Swafford

Evan- So far, none of us tearing it up. Evan 1-4-1 Trey 0-5 Josh 1-4 Chuck 1-4. Trey sucks

8:41 Chuck Nalley


8:41 Chuck Nalley

Lead Actor in a Comedy goes to – Jim Parsons for @BigBang_CBS



8:40 Evan Swafford

Evan- Josh gets on the board with his safe pick. Coward…

8:39 Evan Swafford

Evan- Damn. I picked with my heart. Should have gone with my head. Jim Parsons always wins. #Emmys

8:39 Josh Barnett

Josh – I like Jim Parsons, don’t love the show, but I like the guy.

8:36 Evan Swafford

Evan- That segment will NOT be topped tonight! #Emmys

8:36 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – I love Billy on the Street!

8:34 Evan Swafford

Evan- This is AMAZING

8:34 Chuck Nalley

Best Directing for a Comedy Series goes to – Gale Mancuso for @ModernFam


8:33 Evan Swafford

Evan- Chuck is on the board. Lucky pick….

8:32 Evan Swafford

Evan- 1-3-1 so far. The guest actors and actresses are hard to pick!

8:32 Josh Barnett

Josh – Everyone wants to be so funny this year, amazingly it was Louis C.K. who had the shortest acceptance speech.

8:31 Evan Swafford

Evan- is there a countdown to Jimmy Fallon happening??

8:30 Chuck Nalley

Best Male Guest Star in a Comedy Series goes to – Jimmy Fallon

Female – Uzo Aduba


8:29 Evan Swafford

Evan- Again, we arent picking writing or directing categories tonight.

8:26 Chuck Nalley

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series goes to @AllisonBJanney …congrats!


8:24 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – So, Jimmy Kimmle was way funnier than Seth Myers…like, waaaaay funnier

8:24 Evan Swafford

Evan- Currently 1 for 2. Rest of Free for All, 0 for 2. Sounds about right.

8:22 Evan Swafford

Evan- I didnt want to be right on that one. But I was. 1-1-1

8:22 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – SOOOO happy for Louis C.K.!! I LOVE this show!

8:21 Josh Barnett

Josh – I call BS.  I love Janney, but Mulgrew deserved this award!

8:21 Chuck Nalley

The award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series goes to #Louie !!!

8:19 Evan Swafford

Evan- Man I love Kimmel #Emmys

8:18 Evan Swafford

Evan- I wish the same lineup of awards were shown each year.

8:17 Evan Swafford

Evan- Didn’t even pick this category. It’s to vauge

8:13 Josh Barnett

Josh – Really pulling for Andre Braugher, but happy for Ty Burrell.

8:12 Evan Swafford

Evan- will be keeping score with correct will wins, wrong picks, should wins. 0-1-1 to start #Emmys

8:12 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – first award = first surprise! Wonder if this is a trend for tonight?


8:11 Evan Swafford

Evan- BOOM! Not my pick but he was my pick for who should win. Ty Burrell totally deserves this. One of the best characters on TV

8:11 Chuck Nalley

Best Supporting Actor for a Comedy goes to Ty Burell for @ModernFam …wow!

8:09 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – I LOVE Amy Pohler!

8:09 Evan Swafford

Evan- Well that is pretty much the opposite of Beyonce #Emmys

8:07 Evan Swafford

Evan- Seth has really good delivery #Emmys

8:05 Josh Barnett

Josh – Spoilers dropped in the monologue, interesting choice.

8:04 Chuck Nalley

#Emmys2014 begins NOW!

8:03 Evan Swafford

Evan- I will be keeping track of how we do on our predictions. Follow along with us and see if you do better!


8:03 Josh Barnett

Josh – I love Seth Meyers, but he is not killing it with this intro so far.

8:01 Evan Swafford

Evan- I am a big fan of Seth Meyers

8:00 Evan Swafford

Evan- Here we go!

7:58 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Call me a girl, but I ADORE the red carpet!

7:50 Evan Swafford

Evan- 10 minutes!

7:49 Trey Elliott

This is a test for the 2014 Emmy Awards live blog! Check 1-2-3!

12:50 Josh Barnett

Looks like we are done for now.  More announcements will be coming from Nintendo throughout the day, looks like the next big one is at 3:40 EST.  Thanks for joining us!

12:50 Evan Swafford

If you are watching IGN right now, this is flat out uncomfortable.

12:48 Evan Swafford

I would much rather see a new Starfox game in their main presentation and not an after thought. I dont care about even more Smash Bros characters.

12:47 Josh Barnett

Nope, they teased it for 3:40 EST.  Lame, but that was definitely Star Fox.

12:45 Josh Barnett

Hold on there, Evan.  Star Fox being announced right now.

12:45 Josh Barnett

Palutena from Kid Icarus added to the Smash Bros roster.  Looks like Nintendo is holding back on that Star Fox announcement for their Treehouse events throughout the show.

12:45 Evan Swafford

No new Metroid or Starfox……

12:41 Evan Swafford

I am legit excited for Splatoon.

12:40 Josh Barnett

Splatoon looks like pure multiplayer fun, did not expect this, but its super cool.

12:38 Evan Swafford

Dont bring bullets to an ink fight.

12:38 Evan Swafford

12:37 Evan Swafford

Splatoon looks super cool! Its really creative.

12:36 Evan Swafford

Mario Maker is a cool idea. It will be loved by many I would guess, just not really for me.

12:35 Josh Barnett

Mario Maker looks really awesome for Wii U, create your own Mario courses, smart move that will sell a ton for them.

12:33 Evan Swafford

I know NOTHING about Xenoblade but X looks pretty cool.

12:33 Josh Barnett

X gets officially renamed to Xenoblade Chronicles, coming 2015.

12:31 Josh Barnett

New game for 2015, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, looks to be entirely on the gamepad.

12:29 Josh Barnett

I actually kind of want this Hyrule Warriors game.  I am not really a fan of Dynasty Warriors, but I am a sucker for Zelda.

12:27 Josh Barnett

October 2014 for Bayonetta 2, has an awesome looking special edition of the original game with Nintendo themed costumes.

12:26 Evan Swafford

This game looks AWESOME. Nintendo needs more games like this.

12:26 Josh Barnett

It is well beyond time we get a release date for this game.  It has been teased long enough.

12:25 Evan Swafford

NOW we are talking! Bayonetta 2!

12:25 Josh Barnett

Bayonetta 2 time, hell yes.

12:25 Evan Swafford

And now Pokemon. In wrestling they would call this a cool down match for me…

12:23 Josh Barnett

I really, REALLY like the look of the new Zelda, a blend of Wind Waker cell shading and the Skyward Sword.

12:23 Evan Swafford

Epona almost went to the glue farm there.

12:22 Evan Swafford

A truly open world Zelda where you can choose your own path!

12:22 Josh Barnett

Looks like we are going for a far more open experience with the new Zelda, not bound to specific order in terms of dungeon solving.

12:20 Evan Swafford


12:19 Josh Barnett


12:19 Josh Barnett

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker coming Holiday 2014.  Looks like Mario 3D world but with Toad…

12:19 Evan Swafford

If there is a F’n Toad game and no Zelda, Im going to riot.

12:18 Josh Barnett

Yoshi and Toad back to back, it’s an Evan extravaganza!

12:17 Evan Swafford

HD yarn poop.

12:16 Josh Barnett

There is something really uncomfortable about seeing Yoshi eat a bunch of yarn and poop out a ball of yarn, though…

12:15 Evan Swafford

Yarn Yoshi looks pretty in HD.

12:14 Josh Barnett

Yoshis Woolly World has a very Little Big Planet look, which is a good thing.

12:13 Evan Swafford

Thats a lot of yarn.

12:13 Josh Barnett

Looks like it’s Yarn Yoshi time.  Say what you want about the character, but Kirby Epic yarn was awesome.

12:12 Evan Swafford

I want that Mario lapel pin

12:11 Evan Swafford

Will amibo characters in Smash Bros and Mario Kart over power stock players I wonder?

12:09 Josh Barnett

Reggie detailing their figurine feature, now called Amiibo.  Unique features for Wii U versions of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, a nice touch for people who care about those games.  I want to hear what this means for Nintendo games, though.

12:07 Evan Swafford

To many requests for new characters = just make them yourself. With the amount of fighting customization it could actually be kind of cool though.

12:05 Josh Barnett

Playing as your Mii in Smash Bros seems to have a decent amount of customization.

12:04 Evan Swafford

Sweet! My horrible looking Mii can fight now!

12:02 Josh Barnett

As expected, Smash Bros opens the show.  NFP (nintendo skylanders) makes their debut.

12:01 Josh Barnett

It’s Reggie vs Iwata in an “epic” brawl to open the show!  This is actually pretty funny.

12:00 Evan Swafford


11:50 Evan Swafford

Come on Zelda! Make it happen Nintendo! (Not Hyrule Warriors)

11:49 Josh Barnett

We are just over 10 minutes away from Nintendo’s Digital briefing at E3, what do you want to see the House that Mario Built announce?  Tweet us @FFAPodcast and let us know! #NintendoE3

11:05 Trey Elliott

Nintendo starts in just under an hours guys!

10:53 Trey Elliott

12pm tomorrow for Nintendo. Also check out all the coverage on the site and several podcasts coming soon! Thanks for tuning in guys!

10:51 Torrey Barnett

Thats it for Sony. Keep it posted here for more video content and tune in tomorrow for Nintendo!

10:50 Justin North

Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End will be out 2015, and it appears that it will be Natan Drakes last outing in the series. This is both exciting and sad.

10:50 Trey Elliott

Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End coming in 2015!

10:49 Torrey Barnett

Is that a real person? Or is it CG?

10:48 Trey Elliott

Nathan Drake is back!

10:47 Trey Elliott

One last game….

10:47 Torrey Barnett

Here comes Uncharted.

10:46 Torrey Barnett

WOW! This Batman game is IMPRESSIVE! I’ve not been a fan of the previous, but Arkham Knight is really cool.

10:46 Trey Elliott

Scarecrow looks insane!

10:43 Trey Elliott

Holy shit this city so huge!

10:43 Torrey Barnett

This Batman game is HUGE!

10:42 Torrey Barnett

Batman gets gameplay!

10:40 Torrey Barnett

Fall 2014.

10:40 Torrey Barnett

GTA V coming to Next Gen.

10:39 Torrey Barnett

How many different ways can Snake hold a knife?

10:38 Torrey Barnett

This trailer is looooooonnnnnnnng.

10:35 Trey Elliott

Thats the best looking virtual buzzard I have ever seen!

10:35 Torrey Barnett

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Trailer. Ground Zeroes was fun and left me wanting more, so this is exciting.

10:35 Trey Elliott

Out July 29!

10:34 Torrey Barnett

Original Ratchet and Clank remastered coming to PS4!

10:34 Trey Elliott

The Last of Us: Remastered being shown now.

10:33 Justin North

Naughty Dog logo…. Last of Us Remastered trailer.

10:31 Trey Elliott

Now movies. What is happening….

10:31 Torrey Barnett

Ratchet and Clank movie trailer being shown now!

10:31 Trey Elliott

Powers will be free for Plus subscribers.

10:30 Torrey Barnett

Playstation Plus talk now!

10:29 Trey Elliott

Concept art? Really?

10:28 Trey Elliott

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk………

10:27 Trey Elliott

Powers is a graphic novel about a pair of detectives that investigate crimes involving people wit powers.

10:27 Torrey Barnett

POWERS graphic novel adaptation series coming exclusively to Sony.

10:26 Trey Elliott

Brian Michael Bendis takes the stage. Man I love this man.

10:26 Torrey Barnett

Brian Michael Bendis on stage for Sony.

10:24 Torrey Barnett

These fatalities are INTENSE!

10:23 Torrey Barnett

Go SubZero!

10:22 Trey Elliott

Hot damn Mortal Kombat X looks nice! Love the new characters!

10:21 Torrey Barnett

Mortal Kombat X Gameplay footage.

10:21 Trey Elliott

139 dollars. Sorry folks.

10:20 Trey Elliott

9 gets you a PlayStationTV, DualShock, 3, 8 gig card, HDMI cable, and LEGO The Movie The Videogame.

10:19 Torrey Barnett

Playstation TV is coming the the US and Canada for 99 bucks this Fall.

10:18 Trey Elliott

The Vita talk felt very obligatory.

10:17 Justin North

Vita will continue to be an important part of Sonys focus moving forward. This makes me very happy.

10:17 Torrey Barnett

CoOp confirmed for Minecraft on Vita.

10:17 Trey Elliott

Vita being featured now.

10:15 Torrey Barnett

Playstation Now has the potential to be game changing. Pun intended.

10:14 Torrey Barnett

Playstation Now open beta PS4 in the US coming July 31st. Shortly afterwords for PS3, PSVita, and select Sony smart TVs.

10:12 Trey Elliott

Why on earth are we talking about free to play PC titles right now?!

10:11 Torrey Barnett

Lots of Free to Play games coming to PS4. Including Planetside 2.

10:10 Torrey Barnett

Big focus on Playstation Network. PSN has gotten much better with the PS4, looks like they’re going to keep beefing it up. Streaming interaction coming to PS4.

10:09 Trey Elliott

YouTube coming to PS4, accessed via the Share button. Free For All YouTube channel is about to get legit!

10:07 Trey Elliott

Turns out, Bill Clinton now works for Sony! Who knew!?

10:07 Justin North

Shawn Layden is rocking the Bill Clinton thumbs.

10:06 Trey Elliott

Shawn Layden now takes the stage.

10:05 Torrey Barnett

Project Morpheous being showcased with EVE Valkarie, Street Luge, Jurassic Encounter.

10:04 Torrey Barnett

Sony still taking jabs at Microsoft this year.

10:04 Trey Elliott

The first jab is thrown. Thanks Sony.

10:03 Justin North

No Man’s Sky could have the highest replay value of any game ever released.

10:03 Trey Elliott

This game is gorgeous. No date though, which is lame.

10:03 Torrey Barnett

Open World? Pshhh, not good enough. Open universe!

10:02 Torrey Barnett

No two players start on the same planet. Every experience is unique.

10:02 Justin North

Hello Games claiming that it’s an infinite universe and that no two players will have the same experience is a huge claim, but it looks amazing.

10:02 Trey Elliott

Every player begins a completely different planet. That is insane!

10:01 Torrey Barnett

This is an AMBITIOUS game.

9:59 Trey Elliott

Dinosaurs and spaceships? Im in!

9:59 Torrey Barnett

No Mans Sky is going to take exploration to a new level!

9:58 Trey Elliott

No Mans Sky!!!!

9:57 Torrey Barnett

ABZU, another unique game from the creators of Journey.

9:56 Torrey Barnett

Giant Squid is the developer. Not the game… or is it?

9:56 Trey Elliott

Giant Squid, comprised of folks from That Game Company, showing a new IP!

9:55 Justin North

Let It Die from Suda51 will be out 2015.

9:54 Trey Elliott

Suda51 is a weird dude…

9:54 Torrey Barnett

Suda51s next game is a PS4 exclusive.

9:53 Trey Elliott

Another big screen full of indie titles for Sony this year.

9:53 Torrey Barnett

Strong indie lineup exclusively for Sony.

9:52 Torrey Barnett

Hotline Miami 2! The first one was tough, but sooooo good!

9:51 Trey Elliott

Indie sizzle reel happening now.

9:50 Trey Elliott

Double Fine is bringing back Grim Fandango!

9:49 Trey Elliott

Magicka 2 announced for Sony platforms.

9:48 Torrey Barnett

Sony doing well with the humor tonight.

9:48 Justin North

Magika 2 is coming exclusively to Sony.

9:47 Torrey Barnett

HULK IS IN THE HOUSE! Apparently he hates Destiny.

9:46 Justin North

Disney Infinity 2 on PS4 will be the only place to play as The Hulk.

9:45 Torrey Barnett

I really think this shouldn’t have been a Battlefield game. Should have been a new IP. Battlefield is military, not cops and robbers.

9:45 Trey Elliott

Can we just watch more of the Order 1886 please?

9:44 Justin North

Exclusive new gameplay trailer for Battlefield Hardline showing now…

9:44 Trey Elliott

Dead Island zombies will be featured in Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Ed. this fall.

9:44 Torrey Barnett

More exclusive beta, this time for Sony on Dead Island 2.

9:43 Torrey Barnett

Dead Island 2 trailer was really funny. More zombies from Deep Silver.

9:43 Trey Elliott

Just Kidding! Dead Island 2 announced!

9:41 Torrey Barnett

PS4 and PS3 owners who buy Far Cry 4 will be able to invite their friends to play it with them, even if they dont have the game. This is big, and hopefully the beginning of a new trend.

9:41 Trey Elliott

Deep Silver zombie game, assuming Dying Light.

9:40 Justin North

Mail call….

9:40 Trey Elliott

Adam Boyes takes the stage.

9:39 Trey Elliott

Far Cry 4 showed well folks!

9:38 Torrey Barnett

Player two has entered the game. Coop confirmed. Unsure if it is story mode, but it looks like it.

9:37 Torrey Barnett


9:36 Trey Elliott

Drive Indian taxis in Far Cry 4! ITS HAPPENING!!!

9:36 Torrey Barnett

Yes, Far Cry 4 looks great… but what I really want is a Blood Dragon successor on next gen.

9:35 Trey Elliott

New grapple system looks like it will be super helpful with traversal.

9:35 Justin North

I’ve never played more than 5 minutes of Far Cry, but this gameplay looks absolutely incredible. I want it.

9:34 Torrey Barnett

All of PS4s gameplay has looked amazing so far. Keeping the with the trend with Far Cry 4.

9:34 Trey Elliott

Man Far Cry 4 looks slick!

9:33 Torrey Barnett

Bloodborne is really really creepy looking. I love it.

9:33 Justin North

More Far Cry 4 news coming….

9:33 Trey Elliott

Bloodborne, the new IP from From Software. Coming in 2015.

9:31 Trey Elliott

What if this is a new dance title?

9:31 Trey Elliott

From Software is now showing. New IP though.

9:29 Torrey Barnett

The man, the myth, the legend Shuhei Yoshida takes the stage.

9:28 Justin North

LBP3 will release in November.

9:27 Trey Elliott

Little Big Planet 3: Mumbles Edition?

9:27 Torrey Barnett

Media Molecule should have practiced before playing in front of millions of people.

9:26 Justin North

Again, the added variations in depth in LBP3 looks amazing and like a lot of fun to play.

9:25 Torrey Barnett

Whoever is running the sound for Sonys stream needs to be fired. My mom has never touched audio equipment before and she could do a better job.

9:25 Trey Elliott

The guy running Sonys soundboard won’t be employed in the morning….

9:24 Trey Elliott

LBP3 features several sack animals. Cool?

9:23 Torrey Barnett

Lots of new characters in LBP3.

9:22 Trey Elliott

Lets YELL!!!!

9:22 Torrey Barnett

Really excited to see how LBP3 takes advantage of the PS4 Controller.

9:22 Justin North

Little Big Planet 3 has increased depth which looks really cool. Changes the gameplay in a really fun way.

9:21 Trey Elliott

InFamous First Light available in August. Stand alone DLC featuring Fetch from Second Son.

9:21 Torrey Barnett

Little Big Planet 3! Media Molecule Rules!

9:20 Torrey Barnett

Nine Dollars and ninety nine cents…

9:19 Torrey Barnett

Entwined available now on the PS4 .99

9:19 Justin North

Entwined is now available for .99 on PS4.

9:19 Trey Elliott

You are controlling two characters, one with each stick. Interesing, and abstract as shit.

9:18 Torrey Barnett

Entwined. Lots of colors. ooooh, pretty.

9:18 Justin North

The team developing Entwined is composed of recent graduates from two game development college programs. The gameplay looks beautiful.

9:17 Trey Elliott

Entwined now being shown.

9:16 Trey Elliott

Im curious what the overall pace of The Order 1886 will be.

9:15 Torrey Barnett

This gameplay looks like a cinematic trailer. I’ve never seen a game that looks this good.

9:14 Justin North

This game looks just as good in gameplay as the cinematic scenes.

9:14 Trey Elliott

Hulk angry!

9:13 Torrey Barnett

The Order 1886 new gameplay is looking fantastically like a horror game.

9:13 Trey Elliott

That lighting tho!

9:12 Justin North

The Order 1886 looks really pretty.

9:12 Trey Elliott

The Order 1886 demo now showing!

9:11 Justin North

Exclusive white PS4 Destiny Bundle available September 9th 2014.

9:10 Trey Elliott

Destiny Beta begins only on PS4 on July 17th. Alpha open this weekend to the public as well.

9:09 Torrey Barnett

The best of Halo and Borderlands coming together to create what looks to be an amazing game! Cant wait.

9:06 Torrey Barnett

Sony definitely wins for biggest screen. KEEP UP MICROSOFT!

9:06 Trey Elliott

British voice over for days!

9:05 Trey Elliott

Destiny opens the show for Sony.

9:03 Justin North

Here we go everybody!

9:03 Trey Elliott

Here we go!

8:56 Justin North

Five minutes and counting!

8:21 Trey Elliott

Sony conference begins in about 40 minutes! Stay tuned!

7:02 Josh Barnett

Rainbow Six Siege closes out the show in an impressive way.  Ubisoft is over, be sure to check back with us at 9:00 EST for the final conference of the night, Sony.

7:01 Chuck Nalley

Rainbow Six: Seige…sweet!

6:57 Chuck Nalley

Lighting effects are STELLAR

6:56 Josh Barnett

Shooting holes in the walls, looks like an entirely destructible environment.

6:56 Chuck Nalley

Not sure what this game is, but it’s got a solid Rainbow Six vibe

6:54 Josh Barnett

New game demo to close the show, high tech breakdown of a home invasion, really pretty so far.

6:53 Chuck Nalley

GuilleMOT Money!!!

6:50 Chuck Nalley

I love how VH is based off of actual letters from WWI

6:50 Josh Barnett

The Ubi Art engine makes gorgeous games.  Go play Child of Light if you have yet to.

6:49 Chuck Nalley

SO in for Valiant Hearts!!!

6:48 Josh Barnett

There are no words for how bad this demo is.  Too much time is being spent on this!

6:46 Chuck Nalley

Nice ascot…tool

6:45 Josh Barnett

The sound effects, WHY!?!?!

6:44 Chuck Nalley

Guitar Hero for your feet!

6:42 Josh Barnett

Fitness is boring – this guy gets it.  Now, demo a fitness game for us!

6:42 Chuck Nalley

I had my doubts about the setting at first…but all of the buildings and crowds have absolutely sold me on ACU

6:40 Josh Barnett

The size of the crowds in this game, it is intimidating.  Sound design, everything is immersive.

6:38 Chuck Nalley

There is a TON of stuff to do herein ACU! Good thing the traversal system has been overhauled…

6:36 Josh Barnett

Player gets shot in a fight, blood splatter and bullet wound appears on his chest, impressive.

6:34 Chuck Nalley

NO one can say that this game doesn’t look good

6:34 Josh Barnett

Another game play demo of Assassins Creed Unity, engine has been rebuilt to alter the way game is experienced.  This game is beautiful.

6:32 Chuck Nalley

Co-op throughout all of these trailers is super smart!

6:31 Josh Barnett

Everybody is getting stabbed in this trailer!  It is AWESOME!

6:29 Chuck Nalley

More ACU??? Sounds ok to me!

6:28 Josh Barnett

November 11 for The Crew, get in on that Beta now!

6:28 Chuck Nalley

Beta for The Crew at …stay tuned for more at!

6:26 Josh Barnett

The idea of being able to drive the entire length of the United States simply sounds awesome.  Hopefully the game delivers on the fun department as well.

6:22 Chuck Nalley

I am the only person in this room that is not excited for The Crew. At all.

6:22 Josh Barnett

No gameplay for The Division, sad, but that trailer was extremely effective.

6:20 Josh Barnett

The division really sells itself on the atmosphere, the Snowdrop engine seems to be handling weather and environment amazingly.

6:19 Chuck Nalley

Dude! The time lapsed trailer for The Division was powerful…yet brutal. Super excited for this game!

6:18 Josh Barnett

New trailer for the division, this game is too gorgeous, has to be seen to be believed.

6:16 Josh Barnett

The Division time!

6:15 Josh Barnett

Just Dance Now seems to be eliminating the need for a kinect or playstation eye to play the game.

6:13 Chuck Nalley

Just Dance via mobile? Interesting…

6:12 Josh Barnett

Social features coming to Just Dance 2015, players can be rated by the online community on their performances.

6:10 Josh Barnett

No, thank you.

6:09 Chuck Nalley

A little Just Dance anyone???

6:07 Josh Barnett

Aisha Tyler is back, welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway?!

6:06 Chuck Nalley

Far Cry always has the BEST villains!

6:06 Josh Barnett

Great way to start the show, Ubisoft killing it early with Far Cry 4 looking mighty impressive, villain looks truly insane.

6:02 Chuck Nalley

I, for one, LOVED Far Cry 3…if this game is anywhere close to that level, color me stoked!

6:02 Josh Barnett

Got ahead of myself, turns out it is a really pretty Far Cry 4 trailer.

6:01 Chuck Nalley

Far Cry 4 is the opening game seen at the Ubisoft presser…gun jumper!

6:00 Josh Barnett

Ubisoft is ready to go and so are we!  Looks like we’re starting with Prince of Persia!

5:46 Josh Barnett

15 minutes to go!

5:36 Josh Barnett

Just about 25 minutes until Ubisoft takes the stage!

5:13 Chuck Nalley

Ubisoft E3 presser in just 45 short minutes away!

3:57 Chuck Nalley

Check back at 6pm EST for Ubisofts presser!

3:57 Evan Swafford

Thats it! Tune in to Ubisoft at 6 ET!

3:56 Justin North

And thats it. EA is done. Thanks very much for joining us!

3:55 Evan Swafford

In other words, please buy Battlefield 4 still….

3:55 Evan Swafford

whoa!!! Battlefield: Hardline Beta available today on PC and PS4!!

3:54 Justin North

PC and PS4 beta opening today.

3:54 Chuck Nalley

This looks pretty cool….but I dont really see too much of a difference between this and last years

3:54 Evan Swafford

He lost the loot…

3:51 Justin North

Gameplay footage shown shifting back and forth between police and criminals. After seeing automatic assault rifles and RPGs, a cop used a taser. Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight…

3:51 Chuck Nalley

I forgot…Do I have the loot?

3:50 Evan Swafford

This feels like a prettier, first person version of what GTA Online was.

3:49 Chuck Nalley

Battlefield always gets the destructible environments right

3:49 Evan Swafford

This Hardline multi-player looks SWEET! Now it just has to work….

3:48 Chuck Nalley

Very interesting faux TV presentation for Hardline

3:46 Evan Swafford

Its really smart of Battlefield to change up their strategy. They were always going to be seen as a second rate COD under their old strategy. If this game will actually work (fingers crossed) then Im in.

3:46 Chuck Nalley

Not too sure how I feel about the Cops and Robbers version of Battlefield…

3:45 Justin North

Battlefield Hardline… aka Gang Related the game.

3:45 Chuck Nalley

Previously, on Gang Related…

3:42 Justin North

FIFA 15 is going to feature new movement physics including new ball physics that react to exactly how the ball is touched.

3:41 Evan Swafford

Man, FIFA physics are fantastic. Cant wait for 15!

3:40 Justin North

New Mirrors Edge still looks like it is in the early stages, but it looks promising. Very intentional design choices.

3:40 Chuck Nalley

Still very early footage, but I’m still excited

3:39 Evan Swafford

Mirrors Edge 2 has been a long time coming. No game-play footage still? Lame…

3:38 Chuck Nalley

Hardcore parkour!!!

3:37 Chuck Nalley

OOOOHHH! Yeah, Mirrors Edge!

3:36 Chuck Nalley

The crazy screaming lady needs to go away

3:35 Evan Swafford

I feel like I would have a panic attack playing Dawngate

3:34 Chuck Nalley

New MOBA from EA = Dawngate!

3:33 Evan Swafford

Im excited about Madden for the first time in a long time. Focusing on defense should be fun.

3:32 Justin North

Madden 15 is sporting a new defensive interface that we are conflicted about. We are all about improvements, but onscreen text laid over the action looks like it would take you out of the experience.

3:32 Chuck Nalley

I’m glad the D is getting a redo. Madden needed it

3:31 Evan Swafford

The most unrealistic thing in this Madden footage is a Redskins player making an open field tackle

3:30 Justin North

PGA Tour Golf looks… weird. A battle cruiser just ran aground in the middle of a hole…

3:30 Evan Swafford

Tiger Woods 15!  Wait….

3:29 Chuck Nalley

This is interesting…but weird

3:28 Chuck Nalley

Frostbite 3 engine…for GOLF?!?

3:28 Justin North

Criterion Games showing an early look at a new property that will feature more than just cars. Skydiving, ATV’s, helicopters all look to play a part in whatever the new property is.

3:28 Chuck Nalley

I’m confused about this direction from Criterion…

3:24 Evan Swafford

Those player graphics were SICK!

3:24 Chuck Nalley

Wow…EA really beefed up the graphics engine for NHL 15

3:23 Evan Swafford

Physics on every player and the puck.

3:23 Justin North

New arenas for NHL 15 look incredible.


3:22 Chuck Nalley

Hartford? The Whale???

3:22 Evan Swafford


3:21 Chuck Nalley

I like the new submission technique!

3:21 Justin North

Animations for the new UFC look pretty stiff.

3:20 Evan Swafford

UFC looks great. Bruce Lee knows no weight class….

3:19 Chuck Nalley

I personally think that Bruce Lee would dominate UFC

3:19 Chuck Nalley

New Sims 4 in September. Tons of people will be shelling out some crazy cash to EA…

3:16 Evan Swafford

This is all awesome if you are into The Sims. I personally am not.

3:14 Justin North

Sims news… Meh.

3:14 Evan Swafford

Sims 4. You can cause a heart attack?

3:14 Chuck Nalley

Uhhh…what was up with that screaming lady???

3:14 Justin North

BioWare teased a new IP at the end of the Mass Effect news, which is super exciting.

3:13 Chuck Nalley

Jeez…the music from this game gets me salivating. Hard.

3:12 Evan Swafford

Trey just had a stroke. Mass Effect!!

3:12 Chuck Nalley

Mass Effect…we just lost Trey

3:11 Chuck Nalley

Nobody suspects the Inquisition!!!

3:11 Justin North

We saw Dragon Age during Microsoft’s conference first, but EA is really showing off a lot of footage and it all looks amazing.

3:10 Chuck Nalley

DA: I looks like a hearken back to the original DA…I likey!

3:10 Justin North

If rotating between party members during combat is that smooth, this game is going to be a lot of fun to play.

3:07 Evan Swafford

Why does Dragon Age remind me of Oblivion?

3:07 Justin North

Beautiful footage that appears to be gameplay being shown while a cellist plays the theme.

3:06 Chuck Nalley


3:05 Chuck Nalley

The first EA buzzword of the conference is…???

3:04 Evan Swafford

Nobody is more jaded about Star Wars than I am, but that game looks really great.

3:04 Justin North

The team from EA went to the original movie locations to truly capture the environments for Star Wars Battlefront.

3:02 Chuck Nalley

WOW! The early graphics on Battlefront are impressive!

3:01 Justin North

Kicking it off with Star Wars news.

3:01 Chuck Nalley

The EA conference BEGINS!

2:59 Evan Swafford

What are you guys excited about for the EA Conference? Tweet us and let us know!

2:43 Justin North

We’ve got just about 15 minutes before EA takes the E3 stage! Keep it locked here for all the coverage.

2:04 Andrew Boone

Thanks for tuning in folks. Check back with us at 3pm EST for our live blog and news coverage for EA!

2:03 Evan Swafford

Thats if for Microsoft! Exciting stuff!

2:02 Andrew Boone

Three words for me. Assassins Creed Unity. I am there.

2:01 Evan Swafford

Stressing multi-player and co-op is very smart.

2:00 Evan Swafford

This was REALLY well done by Microsoft.

1:59 Trey Elliott

Xbox wants you to know that they really like games. A lot. A whole lot.

1:58 Trey Elliott

No 3 on Crackdown, also no subtitle. Interesting.

1:58 Trey Elliott

Crackdown… Blow stuff up!

1:57 Andrew Boone

Crackdown only on Xbox.

1:55 Evan Swafford

That was interesting….

1:54 Andrew Boone

Platinum Games comes out with Scalebound only on Xbox!

1:52 Andrew Boone

Hideki Kamiya is up now.

1:52 Evan Swafford

I dont know if I have ever wanted a game more than I want The Division.

1:49 Evan Swafford

That map system blows me away. Every. Time.

1:49 Andrew Boone

The Division is right up my alley of gaming! Love what they did with the way the map is shown.

1:47 Andrew Boone

Tom Clancys The Division, pleeeeease come out soon!!!!

1:47 Evan Swafford

That should have been a new Conker.  Just saying…

1:46 Trey Elliott

Only on Xbox One, Phantom Dust….

1:45 Trey Elliott

Cinematic for an old franchise now playing.

1:43 Trey Elliott

Ken Lobb on stage.

1:43 Evan Swafford

That looks like a scene from After Earth. Except shorter. And better.

1:42 Trey Elliott

That thing looks pissed! Kill it with fire!

1:41 Andrew Boone

Combat for Witcher 3 looks sweet!

1:40 Evan Swafford

Ive never played a Witcher game but this looks spectacular.

1:39 Trey Elliott

Now a live Witcher 3 demo! SO pretty!

1:38 Evan Swafford


1:38 Andrew Boone

Rise of the Tomb Raider coming the fall of 2015!

1:37 Andrew Boone

New Tomb Raider!

1:37 Evan Swafford

I know nothing about it, but 10 seconds of White Night made me want it!

1:36 Trey Elliott

Wow they just showed A LOT of games. 25 at least, probably more.

1:36 Evan Swafford

Mighty Number 9!!

1:34 Trey Elliott

Sizzle reel of a ton of indie games coming to Xbox

1:33 Trey Elliott

ID@XBOX time. Indies will abound!

1:32 Trey Elliott

The new Playdead Studios game, Inside, will be on Xbox in early 2015.

1:30 Evan Swafford

Talk about a system seller! Well done 343!

1:30 Trey Elliott

Halo: Nightfall also comes with the MC Collection? Sort of unclear. Confirmed in production though!

1:29 Andrew Boone

Halo 5 Guardians beta coming in December with pre-order of the Master Chief Collection!

1:28 Evan Swafford

This is HUGE for XBOX!

1:28 Trey Elliott

Up to 4000 Gamer Points available in the Collection.

1:27 Evan Swafford

Halo 2 was my favorite multi-player. I CANT WAIT!!!

1:27 Andrew Boone

Over 100 multiplayer maps will be on the Master Chief Collection on their original engines!

1:27 Trey Elliott

That guy did not actually hit that Elite with his sniper rifle. I call BS!

1:26 Trey Elliott

So smart! Halo 2 multiplayer fill look better but be an exact replica. Same physics and all!

1:25 Evan Swafford

WOW!  Master Chief collection is awesome! Can’t wait to play all of Chiefs journey back to back!

1:25 Andrew Boone

Everything will be unlocked for you to play the Master Chief saga wherever you like!

1:25 Trey Elliott

Live demo for The Master Chief Collection now rolling.

1:24 Andrew Boone

November 11, 2014 you can play the entire Master Chief story with The Halo Master Chief Collection!

1:22 Trey Elliott

Bonnie Ross from 343 takes the stage.

1:21 Andrew Boone

Halo 5 Guardians cinematic trailer being shown!

1:21 Evan Swafford

That music can only mean one thing!

1:20 Trey Elliott

Halo time!

1:19 Trey Elliott

Only on Xbox One, Moon Studios announces Ori and the Blind Forest. Indie title, and it looks incredible.

1:18 Evan Swafford


1:17 Evan Swafford

Project Spark looks so cool. I wish I was better/more creative with those types of games.

1:17 Andrew Boone

One million creators for Project Spark.

1:16 Trey Elliott

Project Spark being shown for year number two.

1:15 Andrew Boone

Fable are always decent games, but you either love them or not.

1:14 Evan Swafford

Machine gun crossbows?!?

1:14 Trey Elliott

Game looks fun, but framerate is a mess and animations are rough.

1:13 Andrew Boone

You can be the villain and control the environment from a top down view and play against the heroes in Fable Legends!

1:12 Evan Swafford

I enjoyed the first Fable. Fable Legends isnt the game that gets me back into the franchise if this demo is any indication.

1:11 Trey Elliott

Scripted demoes are soooo bad!

1:10 Andrew Boone

Fable Legends only one Xbox One.

1:09 Andrew Boone

Dance Central Spotlight with Fantasia Music Evolved coming this September.

1:08 Evan Swafford

Dead Rising 3 DLC looks like crazy fun!  Very similar to a Far Cry: Blood Dragon feel.

1:07 Trey Elliott

Insane new Dead Rising 3 DLC being shown. Available now. That was hilarious!

1:07 Andrew Boone

I dont know what this is, but I like it.

1:06 Trey Elliott

Sunset Overdrive out October 28.

1:05 Andrew Boone

8 player co-op for Sunset Overdrive on Xbox live.

1:05 Trey Elliott

Grinding on a roller coaster? Yes please!

1:04 Andrew Boone

The Herker kinda looks like Trey.

1:04 Trey Elliott

Live demo now, cartoonish style but looks great.

1:03 Evan Swafford

take THAT fourth wall!

1:03 Andrew Boone

Sunset Overdrive, YOU are the hero. Be who you wanna be.

1:02 Trey Elliott

Sunset Overdrive looks like the right amount of action and comedy.

1:02 Evan Swafford

lots of focus on online multiplayer and co-op games so far

1:01 Evan Swafford

oh HELL YES!!!

1:00 Andrew Boone

Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games looks super fun.

12:59 Trey Elliott

Just a trailer for Dragon Age it seems.

12:58 Andrew Boone

Dragon Age premiere content on Xbox One.

12:58 Evan Swafford


12:57 Evan Swafford

Folks, I’ve never about an Assassin’s Creed game before. I will be buying Unity. That was awesome

12:57 Andrew Boone

4 player co-op people! Get ready to slice and dice with your buds.

12:56 Trey Elliott

Showing all four screens now. Chaos is in full effect right now, in the best way.

12:55 Evan Swafford

This is awesome…..

12:55 Andrew Boone

Assassins Creed Unity is going to be absolutely fantastic! I am totally convinced now!

12:54 Trey Elliott

This is another live demo. Looks fantastic.

12:54 Andrew Boone


12:53 Evan Swafford

Co-op in ACU??  That might get me on board!

12:52 Trey Elliott

Co-op campaign in AC Unity! Demo now.

12:51 Trey Elliott

Vincent Pontbriand for Ubisoft to present.

12:51 Andrew Boone


12:51 Evan Swafford

my GOD, I cannot wait for Evolve!!

12:50 Trey Elliott

Exclusive DLC and beta on Xbox One!

12:50 Andrew Boone

Turtle Rock studios showing Evolve!

12:50 Evan Swafford

1,000 player car clubs. That’s a lot of drivatars

12:48 Andrew Boone

I want one of those cars.

12:48 Trey Elliott

Forza Horizon 2 coming out Sept 30!

12:47 Evan Swafford

Drivatar has already been said four times

12:47 Trey Elliott

Dynamic weather being added to Forza Horizon 2.

12:46 Evan Swafford

Evidently I don’t know a lot about racing. But this track is supposedly a big deal

12:46 Trey Elliott

Nürburging coming to Forza 5 today, for free. Captured with millimeter accuracy.

12:44 Andrew Boone

Forza Horizon 2 coming up next!

12:44 Trey Elliott

Dan Greenawalt from Turn 10 takes the stage, thanks everyone for Forza success.

12:44 Evan Swafford

As ever, COD looks amazing

12:43 Trey Elliott

Sledgehammer knows how to make some great looking virtual faces.

12:41 Trey Elliott

Wonder if this is running on a PC? I’m guessing so. Great framerate.

12:40 Andrew Boone

Cycle grenade!

12:40 Trey Elliott

WOW! Swarm of robot things, a la Matrix, looks crazy!

12:40 Evan Swafford

That jetpack double jump will change a lot in COD multi-player

12:39 Evan Swafford


12:38 Andrew Boone

Love the look of this game.  Outstanding.

12:38 Evan Swafford

New futuristic gun designs are SLICK

12:37 Trey Elliott

This is actually a live demo, not a trailer. Apologies.

12:36 Trey Elliott

This trailer for CoD: Advanced Warfare looks really sharp!

12:35 Andrew Boone

Microsoft opens with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare first! Their best seller.

12:35 Evan Swafford

All games today.  Smart by Microsoft

12:35 Trey Elliott

Call of Duty opens the show with Advanced Warfare, all add ons first on XBO, as it has always been.

12:33 Trey Elliott

Shout out to Sony and Nintendo. Humility is smart of Microsoft.

12:32 Trey Elliott

Phil Spencer takes the stage first.

12:31 Trey Elliott

Here we go!

12:29 Andrew Boone

1 minute!!

12:29 Trey Elliott

@FFAPodcast on twitter for those following on the live blog!

12:24 Evan Swafford

What games do you want to see shown at the Microsoft Conference today? Tweet us and let us know!


12:22 Andrew Boone

Lets do this folks!

12:21 Trey Elliott

Show is set to start in about 10 minutes!

11:45 Trey Elliott

45 minutes till show time folks!

11:34 Trey Elliott

Test 1, 2, 3! Stay tuned for live coverage guys!

11:34 Trey Elliott

Test 1, 2, 3! Stay tuned for live coverage guys!

11:34 Trey Elliott

Test 1, 2, 3! Stay tuned for live coverage guys!

11:34 Trey Elliott

Test 1, 2, 3! Stay tuned for live coverage guys!

11:33 Trey Elliott

Test 1, 2, 3! Stay tuned for live coverage guys!

2:59 Justin North

That’s it. Tim thanks everyone from Apple and wishes the attendees a productive week in San Francisco. Thanks for reading!

2:55 Trey Elliott

iOS out today in beta for devs, and to everyone in the fall.

2:49 Justin North

Swift will dramatically reduce the amount of code needed for someone to create an app for iOS.

2:46 Justin North

Apple announces a new programming language and drops Objective-C. It’s called Swift.

2:44 Justin North

Metal is supposed to increase graphics performance in games on iOS by 10x.

2:41 Justin North

“Metal” is new technology that will remove the need for OpenGL for iOS games and will free up power from the processor to run the games. According to Craig, the FrostBite engine will now be able to be ported for use on iOS which is something that no one thought was possible before.

2:37 Trey Elliott

Tech jargon in full effect….

2:37 Justin North

HomeKit API will allow grouping of actions on things like door locks, lights, and more for home automation.

2:34 Trey Elliott

Devs will now have some access to TouchID for iPhone 5S and 5C

2:34 Justin North

Extensions in iOS 8 will now allow custom keyboards from developers to further customize the user experience within their app.

2:32 Trey Elliott

Fully customize your Notification Center. Widgets allow for a lot more to do without ever entering into that particular app.

2:30 Justin North

Third party apps will now be able to create widgets for Notification Center.

2:29 Justin North

The new SDK will feature “Extensibility” which will allow inter-app communication which is something that iOS has needed. The interaction will flow through iOS for security.

2:28 Trey Elliott

SDK talk now. Stand by for things you may not care about. At least not directly.

2:26 Justin North

TestFlight will allow developers to invite users to test their apps and get the results immediately.

2:26 Trey Elliott

Video previews in the app store now an option.

2:25 Justin North

New version of the App Store will support app bundles to get multiple apps at a discounted price.

2:23 Justin North

iOS 8 will feature a version of Siri that will display the words you say as you say them live, which is a huge improvement over the current version.

2:22 Trey Elliott

iCloud storage is now expandable up to 1TB, with monthly payment options, which is nice for me!

2:19 Trey Elliott

Editing happens across devices in real time now. Pretty cool.

2:18 Justin North

Smart editing within photos automatically adjusts all of the lighting and shadow parameters automatically, but can be adjusted manually if desired. Same is true for color adjustments like saturation.

2:16 Justin North

New smart editing controls in Photos in iOS 8 will make it fast and easy to tweak your pics.

2:15 Trey Elliott

Photos now work with iCloud so that every single photo you take is on every device you own. Search is also enhanced to help sort through these.

2:14 Justin North

Family Sharing is a new way to share photos, calendars, reminders, games, music, movies, books, and apps. You can now get all of your purchases as well as all of the purchases of up to six of your family members when used with a single credit card. Kids will now be able to ask permission digitally to buy an app or game, and the parent can approve it or not.

2:12 Trey Elliott

Partnership with Mayo Clinic will communicate directly with doctors and also set up parameters on a per patient basis.

2:09 Trey Elliott

Health. Aptly named!

2:09 Justin North

Craig is talking about the new Device Enrollment Program, which is huge for businesses and education.

2:07 Justin North

iCloud Drive will reduce or eliminate the problem of having to “round trip” data between applications on iOS.

2:06 Justin North

Playing back or recording new audio messages can me done from the lock screen by simply raising it to your ear.

2:05 Trey Elliott

Man, don’t know how I feel about some of the humor today. Its… interesting.

2:05 Justin North

Messages will now support tap-to-talk. You will be able to record and send either video or audio and send it within Messages. Hold the button to record, swipe up and it sends.

2:04 Trey Elliott

You can also share your location instantly on a per thread basis.

2:01 Trey Elliott

Group messaging now works like Facebook Messenger does, Mute conversations, leave group messages, or add other people.

2:00 Justin North

Continuity HotSpot feature mentioned in OS X Yosemite will also work between your iPhone and iPad.

2:00 Trey Elliott

It also is smart enough to change the suggestion based on who you’re talking to

1:59 Trey Elliott

QuickType gives you smart suggestions of what it thinks you want to type, and even suggests replies to texts.

1:57 Justin North

Spotlight in iOS 8 will now search for things that are not on your device, like movies, TV shows, apps, etc that are available from iTunes and the App Store.

1:55 Justin North

iOS 8 multitasking now shows icons of the people you contact most at the top above the view introduced in iOS 7.

1:53 Trey Elliott

Messages in Mail can be moved away so that you can access other messages for reference or the like.

1:52 Trey Elliott

Tab view now works in Safari for iPad. Looks a lot like the new tab view in Yosemite.

1:52 Justin North

Notification Center has been updated and you can now reply to notifications like text messages without leaving the app you are in.

1:51 Justin North

Craig is coming back to talk iOS 8 features.

1:50 Trey Elliott

iOS 8 is now official!

1:50 Trey Elliott

Lots of shots taken at Android. Take that for what its worth.

1:49 Trey Elliott

89% of install base for iOS is running iOS 7. 9% of Android users on KitKat.

1:46 Trey Elliott

But wait! More numbers! 130 million new Apple users this year.

1:46 Trey Elliott

iOS time!

1:45 Justin North

Public Beta will be available this summer. First time Apple has ever done this.

1:45 Trey Elliott

Yosemite will be available this fall for free!

1:45 Trey Elliott

All of these new logos look great, except the Mail logo…

1:43 Justin North

This is the worst rehearsed demo phone call. Ever.

1:42 Justin North

Dr. Dre Apple employee joke. Craig is calling Dr. Dre right now.

1:42 Justin North

Browse to page on Mac, pick it up on the iPad and instantly there straight from a swipe up icon on the lock screen.

1:41 Justin North

Craig is giving a demo of the Continuity by starting an email on his phone, and then using Handoff to pick up where he left off on his Mac.

1:40 Trey Elliott

You can also take and receive calls on your Mac via you iPhone, from across the room. Impressive.

1:39 Justin North

iMessage will now support both iMessages and SMS messages.

1:39 Trey Elliott

All of this is happening seamlessly by the way. Its really nice.

1:38 Justin North

Your iPhone will now be able to instantly create a hotspot for your Mac with no prior set up.

1:37 Justin North

Handoff is part of the Continuity group of features that will allow you to instantly continue working on things when you pick up another device. Working on your Mac, continue on your iPhone or iPad.

1:37 Trey Elliott

Continuity is the new buzzword for communication between devices. AirDrop is the first part of this, and now works between Mac and iOS.

1:35 Trey Elliott

Drawing common images in Mark Up will get you nice, clean looking word bubbles, arrows, and other such items.

1:34 Justin North

Markup will also allow editing of photos you are sharing via email.

1:31 Trey Elliott

Brian Cole takes the stage to demo Safari

1:30 Justin North

Safari also has a new tabs view that gives you a birds-eye view of your tabs and stacks tabs from same sites.

1:29 Trey Elliott

Safari has a completely redesigned tool bar. Address bar basically has favorites and search built in, as well as other smart features for sharing.

1:28 Justin North

Markup is a new feature that will allow you to digitally sign documents either using your iSight camera or your trackpad.

1:27 Justin North

Apple is solving emailing large photos with MailDrop. Sends the message using iClouds servers and will support up to 5GB attachments.

1:26 Trey Elliott

iCloud Drive expands what we now know as Documents in the Cloud.

1:24 Trey Elliott

This new search bar, which Im sure sounds boring, is really slick.

1:23 Justin North

I use the Alfred launcher app for EVERYTHING on my Mac. It will be obsolete as soon as I install Yosemite.

1:22 Justin North

Drag and drop widgets into Notification Center. Awesome.

1:20 Justin North

A lot of translucent texture similar to iOS 7.

1:20 Trey Elliott

Not Batman’s butler mind you… That’s a different thing

1:20 Justin North

Demo time.

1:19 Justin North

Spotlight will now show up in the middle of the screen in a box, very similar to Alfred.

1:19 Trey Elliott

Notification Center is getting expanded greatly. Widgets and more information generally.

1:17 Trey Elliott

Dark mode will be awesome for folks who work on a Mac

1:17 Justin North

The new icons for Mac OS X Yosemite are flat, but distinct from iOS.

1:15 Trey Elliott

Video playing now. They have the flatness of iOS going strong here. Wow.

1:14 Justin North

Craig is talking about how OS X has evolved over time and showing the new look.

1:14 Justin North

The new version of OS X will be named Yosemite.

1:13 Trey Elliott

Weed jokes. Oh Apple, you’re so progressive!

1:13 Justin North

Craig is making some really funny jokes about names of California locations to name the new version after.

1:12 Trey Elliott

Craig Federighi takes the stage.

1:11 Justin North

The Mac grew by 12% last year while the rest of the PC industry declined by 5%.

1:11 Trey Elliott

Mavericks has fastest adoption rate of an PC OS in history – 51%.

1:10 Trey Elliott

Developers will have an entire section in the keynote today. Something Apple usually doesn’t do.

1:09 Trey Elliott

9 million registered developers now at Apple, a 47% increase over last year. Not too shabby.

1:07 Justin North

Tim thanks all of the developers and hopes that the video communicates how important they are to Apple.

1:06 Justin North

Tim Cook takes the stage and welcomes the crowd.

1:05 Trey Elliott

And of course the variety and diversity of what you can do with apps. Which is nuts if you think about it.

1:04 Justin North

Apple is taking time with this video to acknowledge how important developers and their apps are.

1:02 Trey Elliott

Intro video. Cause developers!

12:41 Trey Elliott

We’ll be getting underway in about 20 minutes folks! Stay tuned!

1:03 Trey Elliott

Well thats it for us here at Free For All guys! Thanks for following along and tweet us your thoughts on tonights winner! #Oscars

1:03 Evan Swafford

Evan- Final tally. Out of 24 categories. Evan- 20 Josh- 12 Chuck- 10  #domination #OscarPredictions  How did you guys do?!?

1:01 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Nice! A fitting award for such a deserving film. Congrats @12YearsASlaveUK

1:00 Evan Swafford

Evan- 20 correct predictions, 2 Should Win picks won, only completely missed 2. #ohyeah #OscarPredictions

12:59 Josh Barnett

Josh – I’m so happy right now, 12 Years was just a trainwreck of emotions, congratulations! #Oscars

12:58 Evan Swafford

Evan- WOOOOO!! It SO deserves it! Well deserved 12 Years a Slave! 20-2-2!! #OscarPredictions

12:58 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestPicture goes to #12YearsASlave! Congratulations!

12:56 Trey Elliott

Trey – Will Smith has very shiny hair…

12:55 Trey Elliott

Trey – Leo was ROBBED!!! #Oscars

12:53 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- AWESOME! So happy for @McConaughey for his blessings #Oscars

12:52 Evan Swafford

Evan- The Year of McConaughey!!! Very happy! 19-2-2! One more! #OscarPredictions

12:52 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestActor goes to Matthew @McConaughey for #DallasBuyersClub!

12:49 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Congrats to the ever-so elegant Cate Blanchette. Well done! #GreatActress

12:48 Trey Elliott

Trey – I like this idea that were not gonna play anyone off. #LetThemTalk! #Oscars

12:46 Evan Swafford

Evan- Thank God for no Sandra Bullock win!  18-2-2! #OscarPredictions

12:45 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestActress goes to Cate Blanchett for #BlueJasmine!

12:36 Evan Swafford

Evan- Again, I dont agree, but I called it. Thats the last award for Gravity. Calling it. 17-2-2 #OscarPredictions

12:35 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestDirector goes to Alfonso Cuarón for #Gravity!

12:34 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Wow! Sidney Poitier looks great! #MrTibbs

12:30 Evan Swafford

Evan- Time for the big 4 of the night!

12:29 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- I’m really bad at this #OscarPredictions thing… 8-11

12:28 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestOriginalScreenplay goes to #HerMovie and Spike Jonze!

12:28 Evan Swafford

Evan- Whew! I was nervous about that one! Spike Jonze deserves this. Amazing film. 16-2-2 #OscarPredictions

12:27 Josh Barnett

Josh – YES!  Spike Jonze FTMFW!  #HerMovie #Oscars

12:26 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestAdaptedScreenplay goes to @12YearsASlaveUK!

12:26 Evan Swafford

15-2-2. Lets bring it home strong! #OscarPredictions Well deserved for 12 Years a Slave

12:24 Josh Barnett

Josh – Time for the honorary Aaron Sorkin awards.  #Oscars

12:19 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Congrats to #Frozen for #BestOriginalSong ! #BestSpeech

12:18 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestOriginalSong goes to Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez for #Frozen!

12:18 Evan Swafford

Evan- SUCK IT BONO!!!!  14-2-2 and sooooo happy! #OscarPredictions

12:15 Evan Swafford

I don’t think it should have won, but of course I knew it would! 13-2-2 so far. 7 to go! #OscarPredictions

12:15 Josh Barnett

Josh – This is the biggest travesty of the night.  #HerMovie deserved Best Score a MILLION times more than Gravity.

12:15 Trey Elliott

The #Oscars for #BestOriginalScore goes to #Gravity!

12:13 Trey Elliott

Trey – @iamjamiefoxx with sweet background vocals! #Oscars

12:12 Trey Elliott

Trey – Monitor issues there? That was unfortunate. #Oscars

12:09 Trey Elliott

Trey – MY TIME HAS ARRIVED!!!! #Oscars #LetitGo

12:07 Trey Elliott

Trey – 12 Years a Slave will hence worth be know as “The Weep Machine” #Oscars

12:02 Evan Swafford

Evan- Bette Midler #remix

12:01 Trey Elliott

Trey – You guys are all the Wind Beneath My Wings…

11:59 Josh Barnett

Josh – That was a depressing 47 names… #InMemoriam #Oscars #RIP

11:56 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- We lost so many special actors this year #InMemoria #RIP

11:55 Trey Elliott

Trey – #Oscars memorial… so many names this year…

11:52 Evan Swafford

Evan- Im doing well with my predictions. Are you guys keeping up? #OscarPredictions

11:52 Evan Swafford

Evan- Through 16 categories so far the count is Evan-12 Josh-8 Chuck-6.  #domination #OscarPredictions

11:47 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- That was surprising! Congrats @GatsbyMovie for #BestProductionDesign

11:46 Evan Swafford

Evan- Yeah! #Gatsby with 2 #Oscars!   12-2-2  Happy for my Should Win on that one! #OscarPredictions

11:46 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #ProductionDesign goes to @GatsbyMovie!

11:42 Trey Elliott

Trey – No #Resurrection, Im not coming home!!! #StopitABC

11:42 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Haha! That @GodzillaMovie @SNICKERS commercial was awesome!

11:39 Chuck Nalley

Chuck- Very nice performance by @Pink at the #Oscars

11:36 Trey Elliott

Trey – She’s doing a great job though! #Oscars @Pink

11:36 Trey Elliott

Trey – So @Pink is at the #Oscars…. #Random

11:32 Evan Swafford

Evan- Isaac Newton is proud. Gravity powers on. 12-1-2

11:32 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestFilmEditing goes to #Gravity!

11:29 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -Thank you #BillMurray… that was super classy #RIPHaroldRamis

11:29 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestCinematography goes to #Gravity!

11:29 Evan Swafford

Evan- That was the lock of the night. #Gravity is rolling. 11-1-2 for me so far.  #OscarPredictions

11:28 Trey Elliott

Trey – Hell yes Harold Ramis shout out!

11:27 Evan Swafford


11:22 Evan Swafford

Evan- Twitter. Its broken

11:16 Evan Swafford

Called. That! Lupita is so deserving but Jennifer should have one again. No repeats that young. 10-1-2   #killingit #OscarPredictions

11:16 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – @ESWAF should do this for a living #OscarsSeer

11:16 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestSupportingActress goes to @Lupita_Nyongo for 12 Years a Slave!

11:13 Josh Barnett

Josh – I have never been so happy to be wrong.  Congrats Lupita! #Oscars

11:12 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #SoundEditing goes to Glenn Freemantle for #Gravity!

11:11 Evan Swafford

….. Not unexpected.  Still would have liked to have seen #LoneSurvivor win.  9-1-2.  #OscarPredictions

11:10 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -And the #Gravity onslaught continues…

11:08 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #SoundMixing goes to Skip Lievsay for #Gravity!

11:08 Evan Swafford

And the #Gravity technical award domination continues.  8-1-2.  #OscarPredictions

11:06 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -OK, that photo thing was good #BravoEllen

11:04 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -OK, that photo thing was funny #Oscars #PhotBomb

10:59 Josh Barnett

Josh – Yeah, that was the song that was nominated instead of Please Mr. Kennedy. #Oscars got it wrong.

10:57 Trey Elliott

Trey – @eswaf is so miserable right now…

10:56 Evan Swafford

Evan- I hate Bono. I hate him so much. If they win this category, Im punching Trey.

10:54 Josh Barnett

Josh – Boo. #Oscars

10:53 Evan Swafford

Evan- Im taking Josh and Chuck to school so far. Through 10 categories the tally is Evan-7 Josh-4 Chuck-3  How are you guys doing? #OscarPredictions

10:51 Josh Barnett

Josh – This will be the only time Tyler Perry will be associated with the #Oscars

10:51 Evan Swafford

Evan- 70%!  Not too shabby! #TheGreatBeauty wins and puts me at 7-1-2 so far.

10:51 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #ForeignLanguageFilm goes to the Italian film #TheGreatBeauty!

10:41 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – @KevinSpacey is soooo good! #GreatActor #Oscars

10:40 Trey Elliott

Trey – Why is this happening! WHY?!

10:38 Evan Swafford

Evan- I might have pulled that one out of nowhere……  6/1/2  #OscarPredictions

10:38 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestDocumentary goes to 20 Feet from Stardom!

10:35 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -It’s a good thing we didn’t bet on these #OscarPredictions… #EvansBetterThanMe

10:35 Evan Swafford

Evan- Got one I knew nothing about! #Ladyinnumber6 sounds amazing. Congrats! 5/1/2 now. #OscarPredictions

10:34 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #DocumentaryShort goes to  The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life!

10:33 Josh Barnett

Josh – I’m not doing as well as @eswaf tonight, I’m 3 and 6 in my predictions. #Oscars

10:32 Evan Swafford

Evan-  hmmm  well at least the only two I have missed have been the smallest categories that I havent seen. Good job Helium??  4/1/2 so far. #OscarPredictions

10:32 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -Looks like #UpLiveAction wins this one… #Helium

10:32 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #LiveActionShortFilm goes to Anders Walter and Kim Magnusson for #Helium!

10:30 Josh Barnett


10:29 Trey Elliott

Commercial break! Check out our remaining predictions while you wait!

10:25 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -What is up w/ these presenters?!? #Practice! #Oscars

10:23 Evan Swafford

Evan- Slam. Dunk.  #Gravity deserves it for best #VisualEffects 4/1/1 so far. #OscarPredictions

10:22 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -Great. The first of many #Gravity wins. #Oscars

10:22 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #VisualEffects goes to #Gravity!

10:22 Josh Barnett

Josh – Oh, sorry, was there a DRAGON in that space?  No?  #WrongDecision #Oscars

10:21 Josh Barnett

Josh – No matter what wins, Hobbit wins this.  #Oscars

10:18 Josh Barnett

Josh – PLAY HIM OFF! #Oscars

10:16 Evan Swafford

Evan- Not a shocker #Frozen wins #BestAnimatedFilm  3/1/1 #OscarPredictions

10:16 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #AnimatedFeatureFilm goes to #Frozen!


10:14 Evan Swafford

Evan- #AnimatedShort with a shocker! My first overall miss sadly. #GetaHorse was robbed! #OscarPredictions

10:14 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #AnimatedShortFilm goes to Mr. Hublot by Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares!


10:13 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -Wow! Thought #GetAHorse would win for sure! #SurprisedFace

10:09 Chuck Nalley

Chuck – Sorry @FFAJosh…I was pulling for you there

10:05 Trey Elliott

Trey – #ChanMan!!!

10:02 Evan Swafford

Evan- Great start! 2/1/0! #DallasBuyersClub #BestHairandMakeup

10:01 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestMakeupandHairstyling goes to Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews for Dallas Buyers Club!

10:00 Evan Swafford

Evan- Yeah! So glad my should win won for #BestCostumeDesign ! #GreatGatsby is awesome! #OscarPredictions!

9:59 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -Congrats to @GatsbyMovie …well deserved! #Oscars

9:59 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestCostumeDesign goes to Catherine Martin for the @GatsbyMovie!

9:53 Josh Barnett

Josh – I wonder if that hat @Pharrell wears dispenses Beef N Cheddars. @Arbys #Oscars

9:51 Evan Swafford

Evan- #CancelScandel

9:47 Chuck Nalley

Man, @JimCarrey looks like he hasn’t aged at all!


9:46 Trey Elliott

Trey – @JaredLeto is awesome. That is all.

9:46 Josh Barnett

Josh – This stage makes the winners look like they are in front of a green screen.  #Oscars

9:44 Evan Swafford

Evan- #BestSupportingActor  nailed it! 1/0/0!  follow along at #OscarPredictions

9:43 Trey Elliott

The #Oscar for #BestSupportingActor goes to @JaredLeto!

9:42 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -This category should be a slam dunk
#Oscars #Fassbender

9:41 Josh Barnett

Josh – And the most stacked category of the night goes first.  #Oscars

9:40 Trey Elliott

Trey – There are a million #Oscar ghosts on the stage and I don’t know why…

9:40 Evan Swafford

Evan- Bravo Ellen

9:37 Josh Barnett

Josh – Ruthless run of jokes at the expense of Jennifer Lawrence right now, probably the only person who’ll take it in stride.  #Oscars

9:34 Chuck Nalley

Chuck -The first of many for #DallasBuyersClub tonight #Oscars


9:32 Trey Elliott

Trey – @TheEllenShow is awesome.

9:30 Josh Barnett

Josh – There is a good chance this is going to be the longest speech of the night. #Oscars

9:30 Evan Swafford

Evan- Gonna keep track of how I score on my predictions tonight. Will go will win guesses/should win guesses/missed guess  #OscarPredictions

9:06 Trey Elliott

Trey – 25 minutes till show time folks! #Oscars

8:08 Trey Elliott

#Oscars Red Carpet Live happening now, we’ll be back at 8:15p EST for coverage of the awards!

6:40 Trey Elliott

Trey – Make sure to check out our predictions before hand as well!

6:38 Trey Elliott

Trey – 90 minute to go guys! #Oscar time is upon us!

9:13 Trey Elliott

test twitter

9:12 Trey Elliott

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9:11 Trey Elliott

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9:10 Trey Elliott

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9:08 Trey Elliott

This is still a test

9:07 Trey Elliott

test test test

2:39 Colin Tilley

Testing testing testing, let’s see you work live blog!

10:46 Josh Barnett

That looks like it is it for now, folks.  Nintendo has said there will be a series of conferences, but so far, pretty underwhelming with only a handful of new games, and not much to help in terms of the software drought currently killing the Wii U sales numbers.

10:43 Josh Barnett

Animal Crossing enters the fight with the Villager.  AND MEGAMAN!  FINALLY!

10:42 Josh Barnett

One Final Game…Super Smash Bros.   The 3DS version is Cell Shaded with a Nintendogs level!

10:40 Josh Barnett

Still calling it just X, a large-scale open-world game that players can explore seemlessly.  Comin in 2014.

10:40 Josh Barnett

Awesome scale is still present, mech combat with transforming vehicles and multiplayer.

10:38 Josh Barnett

Next up is Monolithsofts X title.  Let’s just call it Xenoblade 2, ok?

10:38 Josh Barnett

Gameplay trailer, super brief but frantic action.  Bayonetta 2 is coming in 2014.

10:37 Josh Barnett

New Bayonetta trailer looks awesome.  She has short hair now, kicking all sorts of ass.  Platinum just makes fun action games.

10:35 Josh Barnett

We only missed a part of the Wind Waker HD trailer and info that it drops in October, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is coming in Novermber for Wii U.  Bayonetta 2 up now!

10:34 Josh Barnett

New Donkey Kong Country game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

10:32 Josh Barnett

Feed finally starts working without lag, and then jumps ahead to the live feed so we missed about half the show.  Working to fix it soon, sorry folks.

10:31 Josh Barnett

This game looks super smooth in HD.  One of the best games ever, finally in HD.  If you own a Wii U and missed Wind Waker, buy it day one….

10:30 Josh Barnett

New Info incoming on Wind Waker HD.

10:29 Josh Barnett

Oddworld New N Tasty also coming to Wii U.

10:29 Josh Barnett

Iwata is now talking about Indie games on Wii U.  Sizzle reel showing a large assortment of games including the new Ducktales Remastered.

10:28 Josh Barnett

Highlighting Third Party titles.  Assassins Creed IV, Batman Arkham Origins, Arkham Origins on 3DS, Deus Ex Directors Cut, Disney Infinity, Just Dance 2014, Rayman Legends, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Disneys Planes, Shin Megami Tensei IV for 3DS, Skylanders SWAP Force for both platforms, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Sonic Lost World, Watch Dogs all shown in a sizzle reel.

10:25 Josh Barnett

Art Academy will be coming to Wii U.  Some new drawing functions from the game are coming to Miiverse before the game releases.  The features are coming this summer, no word on the actual release date.  Nice to see an update to Miiverse, now can we get updates to Miis?

10:23 Josh Barnett

Nintendo at E3 2013: This game is delayed.  That game?  It is also delayed as well.  Wii Party U is now October, Wii Fit U is December.

10:22 Josh Barnett

Wii Party U gets a new trailer, has been delayed, no longer a summer title.

10:21 Josh Barnett

Mario Kart 8 launches in Spring 2014.  We are now a good 20 minutes behind the actual live feed for this due to the lag and slow streaming.

10:18 Josh Barnett

Mario Kart 8 being shown, Bikes, Karts and now all vehicles can go into Hover Mode to traverse the sides of walls and defy gravity.

10:16 Josh Barnett

Cat Mario can climb walls and has a scratch attack.

10:14 Josh Barnett

Game is called Super Mario 3D Worlds and features a Cat Suit for Mario and his friends.  Lots of 4 player action.

10:07 Josh Barnett

Pokemon X and Y releases October 12, 2013 worldwide.

10:06 Josh Barnett

Horrendous lag for the Nintendo Direct so far, Nintendo is still trying to understand their newest discovery, the internet.

10:05 Josh Barnett

Alright, finally got the stream going, a Pokemon X and Y trailer right now.

9:40 Josh Barnett

Alright, gang.  I am back and ready to do this.  20 minutes until Nintendo has their Direct briefing, its on.

11:09 Trey Elliott

Final conference of the night is done. Stay tuned for out Day 1 wrap podcast going up late tonight and our Nintendo Live Blog tomorrow morning.

11:04 Trey Elliott

PlayStation 4 will be out this holiday for a surprising 9!

11:03 Trey Elliott

Cloud games service on PS3 and PS4 games in 2014, with Vita to come later.

10:58 Trey Elliott

Giant ship just teleported in. Pretty awesome.

10:56 Evan Swafford

Weapon upgrading is nice. Gun detail is beautiful

10:56 Trey Elliott


10:51 Trey Elliott

Destiny looks gorgeous…. few glitches though.

10:50 Evan Swafford

Destiny is pretty.  Its so pretty

10:48 Trey Elliott

PlayStation Plus, we believe, is now needed to play PS4 online. You do however get Driveclub day one for free.

10:45 Trey Elliott

Quick mention of PlayStation Plus continuing.

10:44 Trey Elliott

Also no internet connection needed. Jack Trenton needs a posse right now…

10:44 Evan Swafford

Sony just bent Microsoft over…..

10:43 Trey Elliott

PlayStation 4 fully supports used games. Straight up slapping Microsoft in the face right now!

10:41 Trey Elliott

CGI trailer for new game Mad Max.

10:39 Josh Barnett

Elder Scrolls Online will have a beta that is early on PS4 before its Spring 2014 release.

10:37 Trey Elliott

Elder Scrolls Online now being shown. Surprised to see it on consoles.

10:36 Evan Swafford

King James talking to….. King James!  cant wait for 2k14

10:34 Evan Swafford

Mind. Blown.  I want Watch Dogs sooooo bad

10:32 Josh Barnett

Also, this demo is running much smoother than the Assassins Creed IV one, nice to see.

10:31 Josh Barnett

The hacking in Watch Dogs looks really slick.  Seemless transition into a security camera where you can distract pursuers and walk allies through escaping tense situations.

10:30 Trey Elliott

Love all the hacking animations in this game.

10:27 Trey Elliott

Lets hope the Watch Dogs demo is a little smoother.

10:27 Evan Swafford

I cant wait to be Aiden Pierce

10:26 Josh Barnett

Ubisoft having a rough start with their E3 demo.  A very cool looking naval combat demo was interrupted by freezing and it had to stop entirely.  Not good.  Watch Dogs up next.

10:23 Josh Barnett

The guy demoing Assassins Creed IV does not know how to play an AC game.  Also, if the demo could stop freezing that would be great.

10:21 Trey Elliott

There are a few technically hiccups, freezing and whatnot.

10:21 Trey Elliott

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag live gameplay demo is on now. Looks great.

10:18 Trey Elliott

Kingdom Hearts on screen…. and its Kingdom Hearts III. A lot of happy people in this room right now!

10:18 Evan Swafford

Congrats Josh!

10:15 Trey Elliott

Square giving us an update on the long awaited FF Verses title. Lets see how it looks.

10:13 Josh Barnett

Diablo III on PS3 will have unique items based on Playstation software like Drakes Amulet from Uncharted.

10:12 Evan Swafford

Outlast looks chilling

10:12 Trey Elliott

This indie developer setup with all the screen is really cool.

10:11 Josh Barnett

New N Tasty is a remake of the original Oddworld game from PS1.

10:11 Evan Swafford

Oddworld back?!?!    I’m sooooooooo happy

10:10 Josh Barnett

Oddworld Inhabitants is back with New N Tasty!

10:10 Josh Barnett

Focusing on Indie games with games like Mercenary Kings and Dont Starve.

10:08 Josh Barnett

Indie developers are still able to self publish their content on all Playstation platforms.

10:06 Trey Elliott

SuperGiant Games on stage for Transistor. Cannot wait for this game!

10:05 Josh Barnett

Adam Boyes takes the stage to talk about third party titles on PS4.

10:04 Josh Barnett

Dark Sorcerer turns out to be a bait and switch with the epic looking magic scene turning into a hollywood-style production with video game characters as the actor.

10:02 Evan Swafford

wow…. impressive detail on the facial features

10:02 Josh Barnett

Dark Sorcerer from Quantic Dream, the tech demo from February is brought into play, as the face we were shown is the main character in the trailer.

10:00 Evan Swafford

Killzone, DriveClub, and Knack all to be release titles. Infamous will be available Q1 in 2014

9:59 Josh Barnett

Really short trailer for Knack, inFAMOUS was the star of those four trailers, for sure.

9:59 Josh Barnett

I love inFAMOUS games.  Second Son looks like great fun.

9:57 Josh Barnett

Driveclub follows the Killzone Shadow Fall trailer, then Infamous Second Son

9:56 Evan Swafford

New footage from the 4 games shown back in February. Starting with Killzone: Shadow Fall

9:54 Josh Barnett

The Order 1886 from Ready at Dawn looks like a steam punk survival horror with unique weapons and supernatural creatures.

9:53 Trey Elliott

Looks like Sherlock Holmes with guns.

9:52 Josh Barnett

Game!  I see a game!

9:49 Josh Barnett

Finally, we are getting to the games part of the games show.  Shu Yoshida takes the stage.

9:48 Evan Swafford

Flixster coming to PS4

9:46 Josh Barnett

Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited coming to Playstation 4 on day one.

9:43 Josh Barnett

It’s time to get the entertainment side out of the way, showcasing the movie and television programming coming to PS4.

9:41 Josh Barnett

Playstation 4 box is up, looks like a more angular Xbox One.

9:40 Trey Elliott

Andrew House is now on stage.

9:39 Trey Elliott

PlayStation 4 time is upon us!

9:38 Josh Barnett

Sony also releasing a new Elite Pulse Headset that is GTA V branded.

9:38 Evan Swafford

Sony exclusive PS3 with GTA5 bundle for 9

9:38 Trey Elliott

Troy Baker sounds awesome as Joker and the look is great too! Also exclusive to PS3 are the Knightfall and 1960s Batman skins.

9:35 Justin North

Really impressive looking visuals on these titles coming to PS3. Some of them look better than some of the next gen stuff we’ve seen so far today.

9:35 Trey Elliott

Batman: Arkham Origins time! This game looks amazing!

9:34 Josh Barnett

Gran Turismo 6 still looks pretty, still is about racing cars.

9:31 Evan Swafford

Ellen Page kinda kicks ass. Beyond Two Souls trailer way more combat oriented than I expected

9:29 Justin North

Beyond Two Souls trailer is playing. Looks amazing.

9:29 Evan Swafford

This looks fantastic….

9:29 Justin North

The Last of Us trailer looked amazing, as expected. I just hope this isn’t the last we see of Naughty Dog tonight.

9:28 Josh Barnett

Next up is Puppeteer.

9:26 Josh Barnett

Sizzle Real for Playstation 3 software still coming this year, first up is Last of Us.

9:26 Evan Swafford

New Vita bundle coming this summer with all of the Walking Dead episodes and the new 400 days along with bonus content

9:25 Josh Barnett

The Walking Dead: 400 Days coming this summer.

9:25 Evan Swafford

God of War HD 1 and 2 and Final Fantasy x and x2 coming to Vita

9:24 Josh Barnett

More than 80 games will come to Playstation Vita by the end of the year.

9:24 Josh Barnett

Sony going their normal route.  Jack Tretton is running numbers like crazy right now.

9:23 Evan Swafford

Starting of with PS3 and Vita

9:20 Josh Barnett

After a delay, Sony is up and running.  Jack Tretton is taking the stage to welcome us to Sonys E3!

9:18 Evan Swafford

Playstation 4 going techno!

9:12 Evan Swafford

Sony letting the anticipation build….

9:06 Josh Barnett

Sony is live, developers are talking about the power of system-wide sharing.

8:50 Josh Barnett

Alright folks, the final show of the evening.  10 minutes to go.

7:33 Trey Elliott

Ubisoft is said and done, stay tuned for Sony at 9pm EST!

7:17 Josh Barnett

Tom Clancys The Division.  An Online open world RPG.  Looks intense and fun.  Xbox One and Playstation 4.  No date given.

7:15 Trey Elliott

Massive multiplayer setup, you can see players on tablets in the game. Cool gadgets, really interactive environments. I need this game in my life!

7:12 Trey Elliott

The HUD and interface on this game are insane!

7:11 Josh Barnett

This game is gorgeous!

7:10 Trey Elliott

About to see a gameplay demo…. still not sure what this thing is called…

7:08 Trey Elliott

This trailer reminds me a lot of Watch Dogs from last year. This concept is awesome, lets hope the game is too.

7:06 Trey Elliott

Time for another new IP. Its open world RPG they say.

7:03 Josh Barnett

New Trials game!  Trials Fusion on console, mobile version is Trials Frontier!  This is the best thing that they have shown.

7:00 Josh Barnett

Another trailer, this time it is gameplay.

6:58 Trey Elliott

It is really hard not to get excited about that trailer.

6:55 Trey Elliott

New CGI trailer looks pretty epic. Time to set sail!

6:54 Trey Elliott

Thank goodness thats over. Now on to some Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag!

6:50 Trey Elliott

A rabbid just shoved an egg back into a chicken…. it was disturbing…

6:48 Trey Elliott

Rabbids Invasion announced. A new TV show thats interactive it seems.

6:47 Josh Barnett

It is sad that the Just Dance 2014 trailer is the first time we have seen the Wii U gamepad all day.

6:46 Josh Barnett

Just Dance 2014 trailer.  Confirmed to have Psy and one Direction, up to 6 players dancing together.

6:43 Trey Elliott

Same trailer that we saw earlier this morning. Still looks pretty.

6:41 Josh Barnett

Dominic Guay on stage to demo Watch Dogs.  Last years biggest surprise from E3.

6:38 Josh Barnett

Literally, nothing these cars have run into or run over has slowed them down, even going through water barely phased it.  No vehicle damage.

6:37 Trey Elliott

All four players met up, now have one objestive to take out a AI car.

6:35 Josh Barnett

Seemlessly invite players from all over the map to cooperatively take on missions.

6:34 Trey Elliott

Different cars for different terrains.

6:34 Josh Barnett

Showing multiple people playing in the same world, all racing at different locations at the same time.

6:32 Josh Barnett

Live Demo of The Crew coming up.  So far it does not look very good for a PS4 and XBone game.

6:29 Trey Elliott

The crew, a new driving racer. Coming early 2014, looks to have some cool multiplayer components.

6:26 Trey Elliott

Looks like another new IP, Driver maybe?

6:26 Josh Barnett

Next gen time, more pretty cars!

6:24 Trey Elliott

Self aware Cartman bit at the end of that trailer was great!

6:23 Trey Elliott

Finally! Now for some South Park: The Stick of Truth!

6:22 Josh Barnett

This is pretty painful to watch…The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot barely showed gameplay, and the trailer focused on poor humor.

6:20 Trey Elliott

Think this is for PC… Ubisoft is being a bit short on the details today.

6:19 Trey Elliott

Onto The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot, a new free to play IP.

6:18 Josh Barnett

Trailer boasts 12o levels for Rayman: Legends!  September 3rd is the release date.

6:17 Trey Elliott

Time for a gameplay trailer!

6:14 Josh Barnett

Rayman: Legends time.  Sad to think this game should be in our hands already, but I still cannot wait!

6:14 Trey Elliott

Everything Aisha Tyler says makes me more and more sad…

6:13 Trey Elliott

Trailer is mostly CGI I think, its hard to tell really… looks OK.

6:10 Trey Elliott

Splintercell: Blacklist is up now. Lets see what they have in store!

6:07 Josh Barnett

Good news!  Aisha Tyler is just as annoying this year as she was last time!

6:06 Trey Elliott

Using what we assume is Kinect to navigate menus. Revealed as Rocksmith: 2014 Edition

6:05 Josh Barnett

Ubisoft simply cannot help themselves, celebrity right at the start.

6:03 Trey Elliott

Jerry Cantrell from Alice and Chains opens up the show. Playing some mean guitar!

6:02 Josh Barnett

And here we go, Ubisoft is starting, keep it here for all of your updates throughout the shot.

5:53 Josh Barnett

Just over 5 minutes until the Ubisoft press conference starts!

5:00 Trey Elliott

EA Conference is a wrap! That was pretty awesome overall. Stay tuned, one hour until the Ubisoft Live Blog!

4:57 Josh Barnett

Mirrors FN Edge 2 time!

4:56 Josh Barnett


4:54 Trey Elliott

Really loving all the destructible environmental and the scope of this world!

4:53 Josh Barnett

Jetski combat.  Might not want to drive it on the land next time.

4:52 Josh Barnett

That was BAD ASS.  Saw a tank driving on the street, shoot out the support pillar underneath and the entire street comes crashing down.  COD better watch its back.

4:52 Josh Barnett

The level of detail and debris in Battlefield 4 is absolutely insane.  I’m not a shooter guy, but this is pretty awesome.

4:50 Josh Barnett

64 people are on-stage about to play some Battlefield 4 Multiplayer.  Smart move, should be exciting.

4:50 Trey Elliott

Battlefield 4 Commander lets you use tablets and other connected devices to always stay connected to your game.

4:49 Josh Barnett

Levelution.  That’s a word now, thanks D.I.C.E. and EA!

4:48 Trey Elliott

Trailer for UFC looks impressive. So much realistic sweat!

4:46 Trey Elliott

UFC fighter talking about what it takes to win a fight, now onto a trailer.

4:44 Trey Elliott

Lots of awkward talk about how awesome fighting is…

4:42 Trey Elliott

Heck yeah Bruce Buffer on stage to announce the EA UFC title

4:40 Josh Barnett

Fifa gameplay innovations, Pro Instinct allows your player to accurately react to the action on the pitch.

4:39 Trey Elliott

Drake on stage now… cause ya know, why not?

4:38 Trey Elliott

FIFA 14 now being shown. Lots of subtitles.

4:37 Josh Barnett

If that is actually how the game will look, color me excited.

4:36 Trey Elliott

Madden 25 being talked about now. Mostly talk of new tech and under the hood stuff.

4:35 Josh Barnett

Full-length trailer now, featuring gameplay footage.

4:33 Trey Elliott

NBA Live 14 trailer a little underwhelming…

4:32 Trey Elliott

Stats for players will be pushed to the system hourly. New game everytime you turn on your system they say.

4:29 Josh Barnett

We are ALL excited for the return of NBA Live 14, right?  Footage shown with a spoken-word poem in front of him.  Kyrie Irving of the Cavs on-stage now.

4:27 Josh Barnett

It’s time for SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS SPORTS AND SPORTS!!!!  EA sports director Andrew Wilson on stage.

4:27 Trey Elliott

Oops, Fall 2014!

4:25 Trey Elliott

Dragon Age Inquisition up now. Open World, with new and old characters. Out Fall 2013

4:25 Josh Barnett

Someone tell the guy backstage to turn his microphone off, it keeps interrupting this feed.

4:23 Trey Elliott

Need of Speed behind the scenes footage playing now

4:22 Josh Barnett

It appears they are using Playstation 4 controllers, but someone is also controlling the game with a tablet.  Does this confirm some sort of smartglass style integration for PS4?

4:22 Trey Elliott

Looks like when in single player, you can instantly join in a multiplayer race just by merging into the traffic.

4:20 Josh Barnett

The next generation is ALL about fast cars, yo!

4:20 Trey Elliott

Now onto gameplay for Rivals, looks as awesome as everything else today. Very nice!

4:18 Trey Elliott

Quick tease for Battlefront, now onto Need for Speed: Rivals.

4:18 Josh Barnett

I could not be more excited about Star Wars Battlefront!

4:17 Trey Elliott

Star Wars Battlefront!!!!

4:15 Josh Barnett

No new footage from this morning, but they are focusing more on the world and the feel of the game.  And that is the end of the demo.

4:12 Josh Barnett

After a short Peggle 2 tease, it’s once again time for Titanfall, the highlight of the Microsoft conference this morning.

4:12 Trey Elliott

The mechs in Titanfall are really cool looking. Loving this.

4:09 Josh Barnett

Hectic third person action reminds me of Conkers Bad Fur Day and its multiplayer.

4:08 Trey Elliott

Gameplay demo of PvZ: Garden Warfare is on now. Looks interesting.

4:07 Josh Barnett

Coming first to Xbox One, then to Xbox 360.  No mention of Sonys platform for PvZ Garden Warfare.

4:06 Josh Barnett

Plants vs Zombies 2 is the first game featured by EA, a trailer that starts with a Call of Duty-style tease.  Full game is named Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.

4:03 Josh Barnett

Peter Moore out on stage, looking quite spiffy in his shiny suit.  Everything we will see, 11 games, will be for Xbox One and Playstation 4.

4:02 Josh Barnett

Cue the Techno, it’s EA time!

4:01 Trey Elliott

Here we go! EA is underway!

3:53 Josh Barnett

We are gearing up, we aren’t done yet!  EA live blog is just under 10 minutes out.

2:41 Justin North

WWDC – We have the feed back up and running.

Craig Federighi is showing off the new Photos app.

2:30 Justin North

WWDC News – That being said it does look beautiful.

2:29 Justin North

WWDC News – Pretty impressive stuff at WWDC today. iOS 7 looks amazing, lets just hope that there are a lot of deeper and more meaningful improvements than just the look.

2:25 Justin North

We have been catching glimpses of iOS 7 and it looks amazing.


2:08 Trey Elliott

Well thats it folks! Keep it on for plenty of details throughout the day and the EA Conference live blog at 4pm EST

2:06 Josh Barnett

Titanfall looks intense!  Fast-paced mech combat!  Coming Spring 2014 exclusively to Xbox One.

2:05 Trey Elliott

I now want an eject button on everything!

2:05 Trey Elliott

Traversal in Titalfall is pretty open and different. Mech combat also looks amazing, those things can move!

2:00 Trey Elliott

Titanfall looks great, some really unique looking features for an FPS

1:58 Trey Elliott

Respawn Xbox One elxclusive now being shown to close out the show

1:58 Josh Barnett

Xbox One launches this November at 9.00 in the US.  Get your pre-order in starting today.

1:56 Josh Barnett

Bonnie Ross confirms Halo coming 2014 and will be running at 60 FPS, a first for the series.

1:54 Josh Barnett

Halo trailer is amazingly epic.  Master Chief is a Jawa.

1:53 Trey Elliott

Black Tusk will be developing a title exclusive for Xbox One. If there was a name I missed it.

1:51 Josh Barnett

Trailer for new game, Below.  An indie-looking title that looks like a platform-combat hybrid.

1:51 Justin North

Sorry folks, hopefully we will have the Apple feed back up shortly.

1:50 Justin North

Anyone else having trouble with the live feed from Apple? Oh wait. You are reading this. So that probably means you arent able to watch. Never mind.

1:47 Josh Barnett

This cannot be understated, the graphics of Battlefield 4 are stunning.

1:46 Trey Elliott

First Battlefield 4 map pack will be a timed exclusive for Xbox One.

1:44 Justin North

Apple Maps is now on Mac OS X. I just hope it actually works.

1:43 Josh Barnett

Problem with the video feed from EA, confusion abound and the video takes a minute to load.

1:43 Justin North

Push notifications from iOS come to your Mac. That will be useful.

1:42 Josh Barnett

EA and D.I.C.E. on stage to demo Battlefield 4, a game play trailer in full 60 FPS.

1:42 Trey Elliott

Witcher 3 looks incredible! Kick some wildlife ass with magic!

1:41 Justin North

1Password just crapped their pants. iCloud Keychain keeps everything syncd across your devices. I am sold.

1:40 Justin North

I was wrong, there is more…. iCloud Keychain.

1:39 Josh Barnett

John Mamais is on stage now, talking about Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Xbox One.  Voice controls for spell casting and switching, an exclusive feature for Xbox One.

1:39 Trey Elliott

Dead Rising 3 out this holiday exclusive on Xbox One.

1:38 Trey Elliott

Apparently you can now call in air strikes on the zombie hordes. Pretty Cool.

1:38 Justin North

App Nap will automatically drop the power consumption of an app that is running on your machine when you arent actively viewing it.

1:38 Josh Barnett

Big cheer moment, combine a sledge hammer and a table saw to make a sledge saw, and why the hell not?  Just throw it through a Zombie and cut him in half!

1:36 Justin North

Talking about how much better Safari is vs other browsers when it comes to power consumption. We are looking at you Firefox.

1:35 Josh Barnett

Multiple ways to distract Zombies.  Shoot a flare in the air and the horde will be attracted to it, rather than chase you.

1:34 Justin North

Moving on now to talking about Safari. New features including shared links between friends.

1:34 Trey Elliott

Weapon crafting is back!

1:33 Trey Elliott

Xbox One let you climb on rooftops!

1:33 Josh Barnett

Dead Rising 3 looks great, gameplay trailer being shown.  Your character can run through fences and climb onto rooftops.

1:31 Trey Elliott

Capcom now on stage with Dead Rising 3.

1:31 Josh Barnett

Crimson Dragon trailer plays without sound, but it still looks awesome.  Exclusive to Xbox One.

1:31 Justin North

Craig is now talking about Advanced Technologies that will help power users get the great performance that they need with the battery life they want.

1:30 Trey Elliott

Crisom Dragon is now being shown off. Dragons and such.

1:29 Justin North

You can also run two different apps full screen on each display which is a game changer for some people.

1:29 Trey Elliott

Just say Xbox Broadcast and Twitch live broadcasts your game. Lets people comment in real time while watching.

1:28 Josh Barnett

Killer Instinct fight ends with them showing off the DVR feature, cut a very quick but awesome looking replay of the victory.

1:28 Justin North

AirPlay over Apple TV will now act as an external monitor. Pretty awesome.

1:27 Trey Elliott

You are able to set up a multiplayer match in Killer Instinct, while playing Ryse. Awesome.

1:26 Justin North

Aaand we have already reached the Demo. The name, Finder Tabs, Tagging, and Display fixes may be the only things we see today.

1:25 Trey Elliott

Showing of features in Ryse: Son of Rome. See friends statuses, start multiplayer matches, and watch friends uploaded videos.

1:24 Justin North

Finder Tabs and Tagging. Looks like they are also finally fixing the full screen issue we have had since 10.7.

1:24 Josh Barnett

Mark Whitten on stage to talk about Smart Glass.

1:23 Josh Barnett

Project Spark works with Windows 8 and Project Spark, on-the-fly world creation in the middle of a battle.  Game is very similar to the ideas behind Little Big Planet.

1:23 Justin North

OS X Mavericks.

1:22 Justin North

Craig Federighi is making a joke about the fact that Apple is running out of big cat names for OS X.

1:21 Trey Elliott

Project Spark is using some great Kinect and SmartGlass intergration

1:20 Justin North

28 million copies of 10.8 shipped since it’s announcement. Compared to Windows 8 which hasnt seen 5 million.

1:20 Josh Barnett

Project Spark works with Smart Glass and Kinect, real-time world building that features voice and touch commands to create Mountains, Rivers, change time of day or weather effects.  Drop in and out of the game world with your character at any time.

1:19 Justin North

Talking about the Mac and how it has outpaced the PC business. Mac has grown 15 percent vs PC 3 percent growth.

1:18 Justin North

Tim is back and talking about how powerful a combination of developers great apps and iOS are.

1:18 Trey Elliott

D4, combining art, science, and magic.

1:18 Josh Barnett

Scene focused heavily on the Bullet-time aspect of the game, with Jack being able to bring additional people into his frozen world by holding onto them.

1:17 Justin North

Being called a video game in the real world. Kind of cool, but definitely going to be a niche type of product.

1:16 Justin North

And now they’ve got it working. Boris is explaining how iOS is the brain of the cars running around the track and telling them what to do.

1:15 Trey Elliott

Real time scene with new character, Jack, from Quantum Break. Also confirmed to work with the TV series.

1:15 Justin North

And it glitched.

1:14 Justin North

ANKI DRIVE is being shown. They are placing a mat on the floor with a track and robotic cars and they are running laps on the track and it’s all being run from iOS.

1:14 Josh Barnett

Phil Harrison is now talking about Xbox One exclusive from Remedy Games, Quantum Break.

1:13 Trey Elliott

Minecraft is now coming to Xbox One!

1:13 Justin North

Boris  Sofman of anki is taking the stage.

1:12 Justin North

Apple has paid over 5 Billion dollars to devs in the past year. That’s 3/4 of all money paid out to devs on any platform.

1:11 Josh Barnett

Forza 5 will be out at Launch for Xbox One.

1:11 Josh Barnett

Trailer for Forza using in-game footage, graphics are, as expected, stunning.

1:10 Justin North

Transitioning smoothly into talking about how great the Apple online stores are, specifically the 50 Billion apps sold in the App Store.

1:10 Trey Elliott

Drivatar learns how you drive, using the cloud, delivers realtime feedback from other races

1:08 Trey Elliott

Forza spokesperson is…. INTENSE

1:08 Justin North

Tim is talking about how great Apple Stores are and about the newest that was recently built in Berlin.

1:07 Josh Barnett

Maclaren coming to Forza 5 for Xbox One, a Maclaren P1 rises onto stage as Turn 10 comes on stage to talk about the game.

1:07 Justin North

WWDC 2013 sold out in 71 seconds… Incredible.

1:06 Justin North

Tim is welcoming everyone to a great week with some exciting labs to get their hands on what they’ll see today.

1:05 Trey Elliott

Trailer now, surf on lunch trays and then shoot monsters in the face!

1:04 Justin North

Tim Cook is in the house!

1:04 Trey Elliott

Sunset Overdrive, newexclusive  from Insomniac, is a new open world shooter thats constantly changing

1:04 Justin North

Getting things started with a video talking about Apple and their desire to create great products with intention that bring joy.

1:02 Josh Barnett

Killer Instinct returns to Xbox One!  I am a happy camper!

1:02 Justin North

Here we go….

1:01 Justin North

The audience is being asked to silence their electronic devices. Nothing more embarrassing than being the dude who interrupted Tim Cook in the middle of a keynote presentation.

1:00 Josh Barnett

On the fly commands can be given to your troops, such as “capture the catapult”.

1:00 Trey Elliott

This trailer is brutal!

12:58 Josh Barnett

Awesome sequence with you taking part of a marching formation, forming shield walls as you storm a fort.  Very impressive so far.

12:57 Josh Barnett

Gameplay looks beautiful, very counter heavy with quicktime events a-plenty.

12:55 Josh Barnett

First game shown is one of the Xbox One’s exclusive titles, set in ancient Rome.   It’s Ryse, first shown 3 years ago for Xbox 360 and Kinect.  Gameplay demo being shown.

12:53 Josh Barnett

Dark Souls II looks awesome, Phil Spencer on stage and tells us that the rest of the show will be for Xbox One.

12:52 Trey Elliott

Dark Souls II!

12:51 Trey Elliott

From Software now showing a new title

12:51 Justin North

Live stream of video of WWDC has started. Right now we are just seeing video of people milling around and talking to colleagues. Nine more minutes till the keynote starts.

12:51 Josh Barnett

Denmark Studio Press Play details Max the Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox 360.Fun looking 2D platforming title.

12:50 Trey Elliott

World of Tank: Xbox 360 Edition will be free to play for Xbox Gold members. Cool.

12:47 Josh Barnett

Showing 3 new titles coming to Xbox 360, starting with World of Tanks: Xbox 360 edition, a game never seen on consoles before.

12:46 Josh Barnett

Xbox Live gold members will now be getting two free games per month, starting with Assassin’s Creed II and Halo 3.  A nice counter to Playstation Plus.

12:45 Trey Elliott

New Xbox 360 is now available starting today. Smaller and sleeker.

12:44 Josh Barnett

Mattrick now talking about the next 90 minutes being all about the games, with 13 exclusive Xbox One titles being shown.

12:44 Trey Elliott

Yusuf Mhedi is now stage

12:43 Josh Barnett

Trailer shows stunning visuals and new characters, Hideo Kojima and Don Mattrick on stage to show off MGS V on Xbox One.

12:39 Josh Barnett

And we are under way.  Konami showing off a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Snake on a Horse!

12:32 Trey Elliott

Stage is set, we’re about to begin

12:22 Josh Barnett

T-Minus Ten minutes.

12:15 Trey Elliott

Fifteen minutes out folks!

11:58 Josh Barnett

Getting ready for E3 to start, about 30 minutes until Microsoft gives us our full look at the Xbox One.  Josh and Trey will be keeping the live blog updated throughout the 90 minute presentation.  Keep it here at

11:54 Justin North

We’re just about an hour away from Apple’s WWDC Keynote kicking off.


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