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Family Guy’s Shocking Story…?

For those of you who are big Family Guy fans, there was a very shocking turn this past Sunday. But is the verdict of the final variety (hence the “?”…full circle)? Read on for more. FYI, if you don’t care read on…but there are spoilers!


There were hints in the recent months that Family Guy show creator, Seth McFarlane, was going to kill of a major character from the show. Now, at first it would seem like someone close to the family (i.e. Quagmire or Joe…or would anyone really miss Meg?) would get offed…but a principle? Well, this past Sunday the family’s dog, Brian, was killed.


The caption says it all...

The caption says it all…


Now, I can’t tell you the last time that I consistently watched a season of Family Guy, but it’s been at least two seasons. I have a feeling that a lot of America could say the same, which is why this shocking twist probably happened in the first place. However, Brian was probably my favorite character on the show from the beginning. I mean, who wouldn’t love a talking, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, Sinatra lovin’ dog, huh? Well, I guess I’m not alone because the internets and the cyberwebs have been all a-twitter (see what I did there?) about how audacious and unnecessary this “murder” was. Well, maybe…

Today, a website called briansannouncement.com has a message that says “A Special Announcement From Brian Griffin” and a countdown timer set for 12pm on Thursday, December 5th. What could this possibly mean? Brian’s not really dead? Was it a dream? An omen? Could Stewie make another time machine? My guess is that Brian is coming out with his own TV show and this has all been a (successful) ruse in order for us to care. If it is, I really don’t blame them since the overall failure of The Cleveland Show probably still leaves a bad taste in McFarlane’s mouth. I’ll make you a deal though: check back here in 10 days and I’ll fill you in on more. ‘K, pumpkin?

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