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Family Guy/Simpsons Crossover Airing This September

It was announced last year that two of FOX network stalwarts, Family Guy and The Simpsons, would be crossing paths. At a recent Upfront event hosted by FOX, Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly gave an update on the episode entitled The Simpsons Guy.

Some very cool scenes were divulged at the event including Stewie and Bart skating together and, most notably, an all out brawl between show patriarchs Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson…who have both been in their fair share of scuffles.

Being a fan of both shows, I am extremely excited to watch this momentous television event. Having just come off of the Lego episode of The Simpsons (which you can read here) this sounds like either the next evolution in cross marketing OR a desperate attempt to get more viewers to both shows (even though this will air during the course of Family Guys season). Either way, I’m sure that I will be doing a tasty little review on it, so keep it here for more animated crossover madness! Check for it this September on FOX.




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