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Get Hyped for the Final X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer

The X-Men universe has so much potential.  The series has some of the most recognizable faces in Comics as well as on the silver screen.  Many grew up reading their stories or watching them play out on Fox with the grossly popular 90’s cartoon.  However, when it comes to movies, while the recognition is there, it’s possible that no group of heroes has a more checkered past.

Marvel’s mutant powerhouse has always been credited with starting the comics boom of the new millennium, and rightly so.  When Bryan Singer’s X-Men debuted in 2000, the film wasn’t expected to be any good, nor was it expected to make any money, which is evident by the fact that Fox has famously admitted to releasing the film despite it being unfinished, and hoping for the best.  The best is what they got, with record ticket sales and a gross of $54 million in it’s opening weekend, a paltry number compared to today’s monstrous opening numbers, but at the time it was good enough for the sixth best opening weekend of all-time.  To quote boxofficemojo.com in their story recapping the opening:

X-Men launched into action with an uncanny $54.5 million weekend from 3,025 theaters, averaging a stunning $18,007. Though it’s $3 million less than the studio estimate, it’s still quite a marvel given the more down to earth box office track record of superheroes besides Batman and Superman.

From there, the series has gone on to gross just over $1 billion spread over 6 films, but it’s hard to argue the quality has been all over the place.  Featuring some of the most revered and reviled bows in the comic book genre.  Films like X2: X-Men United and X-Men First Class (Films released 8 years apart) are seen as some of the absolute best in the genre, while others, like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: The Last Stand are remembered with far more disdain.  That trend will likely continue this year, however, as the series original director, Bryan Singer, fresh off of a few confidence-shattering turns in Jack The Giant Slayer and the oft-hated Superman Returns, has come back to the franchise and seems to be working his mutant magic all over again.

Days of Future Past is a rare thing in comic book films these days, a direct adaptation of an actual story-line ripped from the pages of Marvel’s history, and combines many of the elements of the most popular movies in the franchise.  Reuniting Singer with plenty of his X1 and X2 characters in an alternate future timeline, and blending them with the popular youthful versions last seen in Matthew Vaughn’s First Class.  The May film has been generating plenty of buzz off of this premise alone, and added with things like post-credit stingers in previous movies, viral marketing and now, this latest and final trailer, X-Men: Days of Future Past seems to be on the right course for a smash success when it releases in just a few short weeks.

Check out the final trailer for yourself below for all of the insane mutant mash-ups and action set-pieces, and I’ll forgive you for making the sad Godzilla ’98 reference I made when Led Zeppelin’s epic opus Kashmir starts playing.


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