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Final Episode of Tell Tale’s Walking Dead: Season 2 Date Announced

The fifth and final chapter of Tell Tale Games’¬†excellent The Walking Dead: Season 2 is finally upon us! For anyone who has been lucky enough to have played season 1 of the adventure classic and the astounding follow up that just wrapped up episode 4, then you’re more than excited for the assuredly climactic conclusion, entitled “No Going Back”, to the already stellar season. Playstation owners can rejoice in the fact that they will get to complete the season on Tuesday, August 26th a full two days before the Xbox users (August 28th…don’t spoil the ending, PS owners!) will get a chance to complete the masterpiece. The game will cost a measly $5 unless you have the season pass (in that case it’s free). Rest assured though that whatever befalls Clem, Kenny and the rest of the gang will be epic and more than a little tragic. Check out the video below, but be warned that there may be some serious spoilers…so only watch if you don’t care about that kind of thing. Stay tuned for the official Free for All review!




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