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First Aquaman Image Revealed!!!

Ever since Jason Mamoa (Conan, Game of Thrones) was cast as Aquaman late last year, fans of the series and skeptics alike, were more than a little confused at the casting. How can a gigantic, muscle-headed, dark haired Hawaiian pull off the lithe, blonde King of the Sea? Mix this in with all of the general Aquaman hate (“What’s he gonna do in Arizona, huh?!?) and you’ve got a potential formula for disaster. Well, Zack Snyder decided to tease us with the first official picture of Jason Mamoa this week in full Aquaman garb…and it’s fantastic. Check it out here:




Now, this pick will still get some hate…everything does on the internet…but I, for one, think it’s glorious. I love the gritty feel of the pic as well as the mix between the tribal tattoos and war armor. I think seeing this visage kickin’ some serious butt in water and on land will be very cool indeed. Buuuuut, who cares about what I think? Post a comment below and tell us if this picture has changed your mind at all or has even increased your excitement for his first appearance!

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