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First Impressions – Chozen

If you have ever wondered what would happen if someone made an animated television show about a white rapper who happens to be gay, well Chozen should be your jam! If not, maybe you should read on to see if you would enjoy spending time with Chozen and his crew.


Chozen and his crew (Crisco and Ricky)

Chozen and his posse (Crisco and Ricky)


The show starts off like any other show: a wholesome young boy has big aspirations of making it big through hard work and dedication. Ok, so maybe that is a bit of a stretch but the underlying story is there. Chozen is an up and coming gangsta rapper who just happens to be very flamboyantly homosexual. One of the people on his crew, Phantasm (voiced by Method Man), is jealous of all of the attention that Chozen is getting so he frames him and gets him sent to prison. While in prison, Phantasm becomes the hottest rapper in the biz and his crew split and rap at children’s birthday parties for money. Once out of prison, Chozen seeks his revenge on Phantasm by rising up the ranks of gangsta rap with his fresh beats. And yes, I realize how silly this sounds.

Chozen, just being freshly released from prison, is having problems getting quality gigs. Performing at an open mic night at the college cafeteria is just an example of where Chozen begins his rise to stardom. Chozen finds himself daydreaming of what might be; these scenes are set up like a rap video and by far my favorite part of the show. For example, Chozen leaves from a fair with a couple of stuffed teddy bears (and of course drunk/stoned out of his mind) and proceeds to rap about sex and murder while dancing with oiled dudes with bear masks on. Cut back to what’s really happening and Chozen is basically having…uhh, “relations” with the bears in a fountain.


Chozen and his bear buddies

Chozen and his bear buddies


The art style of the show is very much like that of Archer, another raunchy animated comedy on FX. It’s very smooth animation well done overall. The voice acting is also very solid and the situations are so bizarre that you can’t help but chuckle. The over-the-top gay references will either offend you or make you laugh out loud…there are no in betweens. For instance, there are flashbacks of Chozen being raped in a prison shower; after two or three minutes, he has become the raper. Also, there is a five minute conversation about a prison fellatio contest where Chozen was the apparatus. Again, if you are offended by things like this, then don’t watch.

There are some other problems besides overly offensive material as well. The script seems fairly limited and revolves 100% about Chozen being gay. That’s not necessarily part of the problem…not all of it anyway. I personally hate white rappers and the gangsta persona and Chozen doesn’t back down off of that at all. It’s a part of his character makeup and can’t be changed; It’s annoying and my least favorite part of the show. As Chozen says to a couple of men having an affair in the bathroom, “you’re doin’ it wrong”.


Chozen shows dem kids how skiball's dun!

Chozen shows dem kids how skiball’s dun!



Overall, the show is okay up to this point. I will have to wait and see where it goes from here, but I won’t whole heartedly recommend it to everyone. If you are a fan of Archer or EastBound and Down, then you’ll like the humor. If not, check out something else. I am not positive that this show will continue through the rest of the season, but I can’t see it having the same kind of staying power that Archer has. I’ll write up a review for the end of the season, but heed my advise: don’t get too attached.

Here’s an example of the rap videos you’ll see. It is very “M” rated…YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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