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Flash vs Arrow Trailer Is Here!

With the huge success of Arrow on the CW, another show tying the universe together seemed not only inevitable but fitting. Just a few short weeks ago, The Flash debuted to huge viewer numbers. Critical praise has been overall positive, but the prospect of having two superhero shows sharing a universe (along with its heroes and villains) was exciting indeed. Seeing as how Barry Allen, the Flash, was introduced in Arrow and Oliver Queen has even served as a mentor of sorts to the budding hero. With that being said, this week’s episode being titled “The Flash vs Arrow” is intriguing to say the least. What could cause such a falling out? I guess we’ll have to wait until this Tuesday on The Flash. In any case, all your faves from both these hits will be involved in this two part event (airing on Tuesday and concluding on Wednesday) including Diggle, Felicity, Cisco and Detective West. ¬†While you wait for this momentous occasion, check out this fantastic trailer!


Special thanks to the CWs Youtube channel!


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