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Fox Begins Renewals for 2014-2015

Fox began renewing shows for its 2014-2015 season last week. On March 7, The Following, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Mindy Project were all confirmed to be renewed. The Following and New Girl were not really too much of a shock, nor was Brooklyn Nine-Nine after its Golden Globe win last year. The Mindy Project however, was quite shocking, as its ratings were not the best, and most sources had it predicted to be canceled.

This also shores up Fox’s next season, at least as it relates to its existing lineup. Newcomer Rake, and The X-Factor, have already been canceled, and DadsEnlisted, and Raising Hope are almost certain to see the same fate. American Dad will move to TBS next season. And, the previously mentioned shows not withstanding,  Fox has also renewed Glee, Sleepy Hollow, Bob’s Burgers, Bones, and of course The Simpsons. This only leaves the almost inevitable renewal of Family Guy, and the precarious fate of Almost Human

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