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178 – Video Games – Limbo in Fallujah


Ah, games…how I love thee!  We talk some serious New 2 U this week with The Fall (yeah, we know it’s been out for two years…we don’t care!), the fourth installment of Hitman and the new, Portal inspired The Turing Test! (Note: we lost a bit of audio in our New 2 U section, so please forgive our lack of Deus Ex talk)  We also talk some mobile games: Ketchup Stoney Road and the incredibly short, but incredibly good Lilya and the Shadows of War.  Oh and an all new Josh Hate Scale!  Check it out!

About Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett
Josh is a professional Nintendo apologist and self-loathing Carolina Panthers fan. He does NOT like long walks on the beach, rather he prefers strolls through the snow. You can catch him every week on the Free For All Podcast.