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180 – Video Games – She Got Unity’d


Ahh Arnold Palmer…the man was a drink mogul.  It’s time for more video games!  The guys come up with a unique new toast, one which will get all of their families to disown them, as well!  But who cares, let’s raise a glass to the man, the myth the legend, Mr. Palmer!  Josh, Evan, Chuck and Trey also break down the latest in video games news (Playstation be screwing’ up, yo), what the hell HDR even is (you don’t know either!) and all of the games they’ve been playing!  Check it out!

About Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett
Josh is a professional Nintendo apologist and self-loathing Carolina Panthers fan. He does NOT like long walks on the beach, rather he prefers strolls through the snow. You can catch him every week on the Free For All Podcast.