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36: Movies/TV: That’s the Name of the Show!


It’s Wednesday and this week that means two things! First, and new to us here at Free For All, is a contest! Listen to this episode for the Bastion trivia question– Hint: It’s in the second part of the show — and then check out the contest post  to learn how to submit your answer and win a free copy of Bastion on Steam! Second, you get a sweet new episode of Free For All! It’s TV mania this week as we talk Emmys and the Geek Sheet™  — Top 5 shows from the last year!

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Trey Elliott
Trey is a video game enthusiast, movie junkie, and cultivator of one fantastic beard. He loves to write original Gregorian chants, play the spoon harp, and speak of whatever comes to mind on the Free For All podcast.