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47 – Games – Game of the Year Awards 2013


It’s that magical time of year when chestnuts are roasting, eggnog is poured, and Game of the Year lists are made! We discuss categories such as Best Story, Best Soundtrack, Best Character, Best Co-op Multiplayer, Best Competitive Multiplayer, and Best Downloadable Game. Then we yell, scream, make up, and scream some more as we hash out the Free For All 2013 Game of the Year! Stay tuned to the site for a written version as well, coming later this week!

About Trey Elliott

Trey Elliott
Trey is a video game enthusiast, movie junkie, and cultivator of one fantastic beard. He loves to write original Gregorian chants, play the spoon harp, and speak of whatever comes to mind on the Free For All podcast.
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