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52 – Games – 2Xtreme


Sorry we’re a couple of days late guys, but weather screwed us this week! This week we talk Evolve, Titanfall, and Candy Crush Saga (don’t sue us!!!!). There’s also some talk of Shadow of Mordor and its unique gameplay, and not so unique gameplay. Then it’s on to Broken Age, Hearthfire, NBA 2k14, and LOTR Online as we discuss what we’ve played in the past couple of weeks. And on this week’s Geek Sheet we talk all about the Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, and Sony PlayStation.

About Trey Elliott

Trey Elliott
Trey is a video game enthusiast, movie junkie, and cultivator of one fantastic beard. He loves to write original Gregorian chants, play the spoon harp, and speak of whatever comes to mind on the Free For All podcast.