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FXXs New Simpsons Plans Revealed

The Simpsons is coming to FXX and in a big, big way. Even though The Simpsons have been on the air for over 25 years (it gets more and more impressive every time that I say it), it had never been to syndication on a cable network before. FXXs announcement that they will not only have the longest running show in TV history coming to their network, but every episode from 1989 until last season will be available to the budding network. As a matter of fact, on August 21st, FXX will air all 552 (stunning isn’t it?) episodes in a row. That’s the definition of a marathon watch! The marathon will begin at 10:00am on the 21st of August and won’t end until September the 1st at 1am. And if you were wondering, The Simpsons Movie will also be a part of the mammothon (I made that up. Just now. Pretty good, huh?) in between of seasons 18 and 19.

Then, in something that sounds completely amazing, The Simpsons World app will launch in October. The Simpsons World will have all the full episodes, clips, behind the scenes stuff and much, much more. The app will also provide detailed episode guides and thorough character pages (such as a listing of Sideshow Bob’s attempted murders). There will also be hidden secrets and collectibles as well as an episode tracker to tally how many of the massive catelog you’ve watched. You can also share clips with people that don’t even have the app! The only drawback is that the app will only be available to people who actively have FXX…which is only about 60% of cable providers. Look for more of me raving about The Simpsons and all it’s related paraphernalia here on and the Free for All Podcast!


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